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Amo Amas Amat

Grammar schools are the last caucasian laugh at foreignors.
“God luck with the buks” shouts dyslexic Dave on his jailbroken iphone 100 that he acquired from that bloke whose bird he met in that club where he scored and they talked Chelsea and booze n tits and xbox and….iphones.
Cuz that geezer got a load from his uncle Harry who spent few years in Oman and Valencia before doing some time and acquiring some connections and tying up loose ends in Ibiza and packing up for a nice quiet spot on the Algarve.

“Dont forget yer £100 quid fee and …errr…wahtwver other money you got.”

The chosen 10% or so can stay in that little world if they like it so much while the rest can move on to the next selective cash till

Another grammar school minting it thanks to those flippin lemmings and hosted by non other than Dave’s brother…or mate…or just, like-skinned compatriot.

The fallacy of education as the emancipation from the middle class sanitarium of a foreign mind

Trying too hard is the tell tale sign of the unwelcome.

The politics of life do not heed for those who show their hand.

And this lot come with their caps upturned…like lambs begging for slaughter…”take my child”,they bleat,”show him the white walker’s ways”

And the house accepts,it moulds ,it churns,and it enslaves those open yolks.

Takes every bit of anger and rebellion and unadulterated ambition and translates it into ancient greek and directs them to the Whitehall of life
Forever to be proficient in the art of sitting and reading for the pleasure of the Dyslexicon Gods of the Universe who ,alone understand that power is gained not by being good at instructions but telling others to be good at it while they carry about the business of being God.

God of course,should not need to read

If you learn something…you will probably have to do it,so why the bloody hell waste your time learning to be a slave for Gods sake?

As Kim Jong Un might have said to Kim Ung Yong (but didn’t):

“klever peeple solv problums.Wise peple avoids dem.”

Wasting My Young Years

The Enlightened Punk

Hope was Kants failing

The categorical imperative good will for its own sake has been stretched in this world.

He was a blind guide after the world war,thrust into prominence for his ideas of universal rationalism – an honour I am not sure he would actually have relished responsibility for.

Morality,in the meantime,and by its corollary – individual good will can be fabricated to justify anything on a personal level but every decision leads to a conflict i.e. a winner and a loser (lazy me vs get fit me)  but this is particularly obvious in direct human interactions and self gain can often be justified as the best options for your children and by extrapolation-for your species’s future over and above an individual transgression.

self sacrifice is the ultimate implied requirement and judgement one has to make

That the means being more important than the ends will ultimately achieve the best end anyway?

Dealing with no prospect of self gain or how well you can construct an abstract sense of gain in some less tangible sense is the leap of imagination that seems to be required and yet paradoxically easier to see amongst more primitive life forms.

Are we just rationally exhibiting the same extent of cooperation and competition that is actually a successful strategy throughout the natural world.

Is success of a species a valid end gain or survival of life itself given the insurmountable odds against the latter on the grand scale…

the most persuasive of the abstract concepts ,that of immortality ,is maybe the driver for the more benevolent advances but not necessarily for the sake of advance but because it allows potential for more  longer term “progress” (or survivability) despite no immediate gain within an individual lifespan.

Is personal failure the key to maintain that momentum of a larger world view in the absence of personal success?

children are the visceral fleshy reality of that.

the majority therefore constitute Gods brain.Cells die but they replenish.Overrall populations plasticise and the brain becomes more self aware.

The Earth is then the universes mind.Its only moral compass.With no  concept of why or how it found itself in this position.

We are her organelles

We owe it to the Brain to communicate like nerves to understand ourselves as the greater whole and achieve the ultimate victory of immortality over the individual.

The overall anonymity of the majority is what allows this artificial construct to remain a seductive justification for morality,humanity,survival or whatever you want to call it.

Friction and immorality get marginalised over time in this construct but are necessary to strive through trial and error

So like a sequence of reductions atrocities may never be completely eliminated but can be reduced to insignificance by the overwhelming attractiveness of the meme for the anonymous majority.

So does too much potential for individual gain erode that goal of species wide progress or is it just a marginal byproduct that there seems to be so much instant and readily available fame for so many more.

Or does that constant exposure to individual success reduce the attractiveness of individual fame as being of much value and enable the rest of us to buckle down for what we see as the long game.

Or is this the final descent into self extinguishing Anarchy.

Fuck knows.

Of that,Mr Kant, I am 100% sure.


If I was my Doppelgänger

The only true freedom a free society can offer to its law abiding citizens is the freedom to make their own mistakes.
Clear answers are artificial constructs which is how Penrose, Godel,Turing and Bertrand Russell could show that logic can be easily undone…and yet we depend on it for sense.
SO whats the truth?
Or is there even such thing
And if there it nonsense?
Is everything a shade of something else.
No other way.

Blue Rose


My monad and my meme ,butt Y?

At the heart of the celebrity and five minutes of fame culture pervading our social media driven times is the deep rooted tradition of the personality cult

That there is no right or wrong way ,only ideas of how to live a life.

Here is one way,there is another, here is mine…

As Jim Morrison said (maybe) “what kind of idea are you?”

And the question and your answer never come under more scrutiny than when trying to espouse your idea to your children…not necessarily thru some formal and articulated sermonising but by exposing your life to these open minded blank canvas sponges called your children…who -whether they ask it aloud or not- are always wondering …


Double bind theory of the Schizlamophrenic

Blue lights flashing
Cops frantic
People screaming
Building and cities shutting down
Champs-elysees in melt down
Declarations of war
A day of reckoning beckons
As battle cries demand for penitence

Elsewhere a schizlamophrenic has shot someone and said something.

And other news…scientists have found a way to make a circle fit in a square…just down a box of trazadone and utter “allah hu akbar” and several non connected regions will suddenly fit.

Trumpton town has denied that this can be done…shortly after having been the first to release this story…on Twitter…although they deny this too, preferring to highlight leaks in intelligence about demented rats mysteriously stealing the world supply of trazadone…which they are considering to deny or not #twitteringratstakingover

Smoking,Easter and the Afterlife

Clouds of gunpowder, heroine fumes and goat hair gently rocked him from pothole to pothole.

Clouds in the sky seem to be falling down like feathers

Plaited Snakes stretch out their frayed sinews in front of him beckoning him to rise before falling back in a tangled heap on his lifeless head all in a deafening second that lasts a lifetime.

Blue getting blacker the harder he stared and less sure that his eyes were open.

Lisac,hitherto unaware of the developments of the last 40 years had taken a field trip to the mountain tribes in Afghanistan to survey changing attitudes towards women.

“I feel therefore I am and must be.

“This must be the posterior non REM sleep where I see and forget everything

(He reaches for his dictophone,a token from his days in the asylum,to help talk over the Voices)

“As I lie I see the yolk trickle down my eyes and focus my vision

“I see new beginnings, a razor and my kebab enmeshed hair fall from chin to ground as my mouth gapes open and I see it spit the guttural  meme one last time.

“Allah hu Akbar”

Stoned by the walls of the caves in which he had dwelt,now raized from that underworld and up to the effervescent surface ,amongst the 36 smoking cinders of the Mother of all Bongs he lay

5/10 for revealing IS’s promotional video


On Elms

So what is mental illness?
When you suddenly discover the dual identity disorder is real and delve into a 20 page rant from a manic..or watch This Is It about Michael Jackson..and realise maybe people are just born a certain way.

Ok.Maybe not straight from the womb..but not far off.

Actually ,Who isn’t mad?…probably a wierdo

To be in an industry where you constantly need to reinvent yourself.”Here today,gone later today” is a phrase I heard the other day.
Now thats not a recipe for bipolar disorder is it?

Music and movies is something for the older generation anyway…the kids dont even know what we’re talking about anymore…other than the fact that we look as bewildered by present reality as our parents did by rave music.

But its so normal now that the concept of conservatism has been cornered into an extremely dubious backwater of Brexitville,something almost elevated to the mystical heights of eccentric nostalgia.

Now the madness is plain to see everywhere.You can look at footage of Michael Jackson and see the innocence of that age about TV and fame.
With social media the quest fro originality has become an end to itself.The desperation to stand out in order to mean something.

So there you go..why not the latest -ism in town…Islamosadomasochisticism—or something

Something to feed that voice –and the beard

So maybe originality is overrated?Certainly the uber cool element of it has only taken off since it became something that pays…and with that it has brought about its own demise as fast as its own rise….The post world war disinhibition has been short lasting cuz theres only so far you can go with reality until reality starts parodying itself.Money has a habit of bringing the end of something.

So you have self declared heroes on Youtube responding to that desperate need to eek something out of their lives because to be no one is now so much worse than death itself

Never before have so many people sought so desperately for immortality and had so many ways of getting it

Same but deferent

U know u belong here when u dont feel u should curtsey for the queen.
Because dissent is a characteristically english trait
And subservience with the hope of being accepted is the litmus test for seeming like an outsider.

And once you have corporate enforced policies of multiculturalism and respect for other “faiths” embedded in the workplace to substitute that individual responsibility and unwritten common sense social contract of respect between 2 adults you r committing that difference to be maintained rather than to be a human and naturally evolving relationship between individuals and paradoxically disagreeing with a policy becomes more acceptable irrespective of the underlying “politically correct” motive.
And all the education in the world only makes the difference stand out more if elitism differentiates the soul less “anywhere” people from the more heart on sleeve “somewhere” people especially given that in the 5th richest country on the world we are 29th on education-because a defining feature of the current culture is to make sonething of yourself without-or even,in spite of,your education and maximise your benefit from a tax system designed to encourage craftiness,or to put it another way, dissent.
Hence the u turn on national insurance that would have hit a disproportionately large group of self entitled self employed tax return specialists.
Seems to me the rest of Europe has a different relationship with employers and authority in general…although they are looking with ever greater interest

Valerian Footrot

Love,Time and Death
Like Will Smith shouting down your ear that he’s a serious actor and in case you didn’t notice – make the title of the movie so hubristic that the only way to follow it up is to state as clearly and as soon as poss that there is a dead kid in it – just in case you’re thinking ..Will Smith?surely a comedy…no?

No…i think…just a movie version of what the X Factors and ‘(whoever’s) Got Talent’ shows have perfected.i see it more clearly now for its gratuity.

That slippery slope from tacky to cheesy to kitsch to outright cynical.

When its become less about the naked parading of the hopefuls be they singers or actors but the shallowness of the message itself – that your personal tribulations are only worth something if you can make them sound genuine…

And if you can hold back the tears yet make everyone around you cry…if you can suffer pain and loss…or make it seem so when you haven’t….if you can gag for fame and fortune ,yet convince all around you that you’re somehow different,if you can absorb all the insults and judgements and continue to play for the camera.If you can take your own soul,wrap it up in a ribbon and remarket it as “real”. If you can do all these things and not breathe a word about others except about what matters to you and yet convince others to love you just the same…then yours is the telly…and whats more…youll be a celeb,my child.