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forgotten the amount of groove that oozes from Prince’s spindles.
Old skool but most definitely not old fashioned
We know the famous ones purple rain ,sign of the times, love sexy, but bat dance and the symbol album were also really adventurous new ways for him to express his unrelenting funk.
Thought I heard he’d had bilateral hip replacements and was a shell of his former self…and looking at the triumvirate of Madonna and Michael Jackson such a demise seemed entirely plausible…
And then he turns up at the billboard icon awards and blows the place away with a true performance of a pop/rock icon.
Must be a covert op by Sony to discredit troublesome misfits messers George Michael and co

The guitar just purred in his fingers ,effortlessly brutal and all the time most definitely and uniquely him
Bit like photek…

The Ox in Oxytocin

Gaviscon is women’s big secret.oh yeah pregnancy must be pretty damn uncomfortable but having  seen a seemingly rational member of the human race transform into a ravenous hyper acute sensing semi nocturnal canine beast feeding off nothing but dried nuts and permanent bottle of gaviscon in one hand shunning even the thought of almost any other food or flavour sounds to me like more than  the result of a few bad nuts and oestrogen…

nope…I blame gaviscon.has any man actually ever tried it?…oh yes they have…u know who?…those fit and well 40 something’s who were suddenly found stone cold in their own beds with “you know what” on the bedside table…yup…gaviscon.

doctors  blame it on heart attacks but some of these guys had fairly good night of innocent indigestion,swig of Gaviscon and KA-POW BADA-BOOM. …fucking dead!

women on the other hand have got the very thing that protects them from this hit that men think is the cause for their metamorphosis.their hormones.

its the ability to absorb almost limitless expansion that renders them impervious to the more occlusive effects and enables them to almost unify with the white gooey stuff pretty much pouring in and out of every orifice…

post natal psychosis?

sham…think gaviscon withdrawal…

Trails of fire

You are evil when you lose your best PR agent

Tony Blair learnt one thing from Thatcher.Legacy comes from believing your own bullshit
Management is the art of obfuscation.A board of directors perfects self perpetuating obfuscation.

New England Journal’s study by Chesnut et al in December confirmed ICP is clinically equiefficacious to pretty intensive regimes of assessment and likely to be more applicable to different subgroups than 4 hourly mannitol.
Ie ICP is less aggressive and at least as good as intensive therapy for TBI.Why is this a shock.It’s a monitor not a treatment at the end of the day so you can’t assume it will result in superior outcomes when we don’t even fully understand the pathophysiology of severe head injuries.
Just cuz you can examine and treat for cyanosis doesnt mean you should ditch the plethysmograph.
Sense of smell does not render a fire alarm useless but neither is perfect and what’s more..neither puts out fires!

ups and downs

Another one for the sunrise.before all the for floating arms outstretched and a mouthful of Dead Sea sloshing in and sun blazing down enveloping one within a golden crib.and one gets the sensation of gently rising up with the waters and staring at the cloudless sky one loses sense of ones weight ,breathing slow and rhythmic and sky body somewhere in between.the release of ones essence and the unification of ones body with the NOW dissolves in the eternal sunshine of a TIMEless and immortal mind.
Then up against your back rises the salty gravel of the lake plundered by irrigation and parted by two worlds and you find yourself most very HERE at the very bottom of a dying lake bed just when you were feelin phaeleh

To Sonny and his family

Whether egg yolk or oil , genius will be manifest in any form so thank god our race can be graced with people like these who ignore convention and dedicate their lives to greater understanding -for that and the desire to better the lives of others are the two noblest traits of humanity and regardless of how they be abused by others they are inspiration to those of us who stumble along in uncertainty and doubt that there is indeed a nobility in this pursuit that often won’t be rewarded in life but may give contentment at death and even though paint fades so the pure spirit will gain immortality thereafter through the sheer power of its idea.

The idea of seeking truth and knowing who we are is the closest we can ever get to divinity.

La Scapigliata
La Scapigliata

A Musing Illusion

Accidentally stumbled across the author of this tune that is so yearning for a matthew bellamy (from muse) bellow special.
When I first heard it in the opening scene of 28 weeks later and 28 weeks later I was still trawling thru Muse’s back catalogue trying desperately to find it and of course never did,having sworn I could hear his vocals in the backdrop,now I realise I was hearing things.And whats interesting for me about this one is the flat note at the start of the recurring arpeggio that seems to reset the escalating notes without relaxing the emotional momentum thus creating the illusion of an ever escalating tension towards some truly cataclysmic finale.

M C Escher's Perpetual Ascent

Mercurially Hot

Totally cool that PJ Harvey won the Mercury Music Prize.A female “rock” artist that genuinely gives credibility to an otherwise dangerously untrendy genre and all the more cooler for never giving much of a hoot about trend anyway (the magic formula to coolness of course).

Evolving since her grunge days,I havent yet bought Let England Shake but love that shes singing about something other than herself which is a habit most in the industry are too up their colons to realise or even care about.

Maybe the subject matter wont connect with the under-20s or even under 30s but this is how music can really transcend into something serious thats reaching out and trying to make us think.

At the end of the day music is music and if it doesnt have a lick or a riff then all the seriousness in the world can fade away in a media thats been bludgeoned to death for commercially instant gratification.

I hope people wont find it pretentious but if I know PJ (I dont of course) shes anything but pretentious in her expression and the speech was simply put and unadorned unlike most of the verbal foliage emanating from one said blogger.








So since you can already find Good Fortune elsewhere lets do a knights move and leave you with another brutally pained woman from across yonder ye pond with grunge flowing viscous in her blood and God when screams she bleeds with open wounds,purges her ragged scars,expunges the sins unrepentant in guilt and defiant in the face of perdition…holy moly its courtney….

Oh and chew this ….creep

Drifting In Between Stars and the Underworld

 We all need some constants right?
Underworld are my little constant,when dubstep seems to be giving me a weird reverberating deja vu of a previous reverberating deja vu here is one deja vu that I have no problem with.
Maybe these guys are stuck in 1996,maybe they just have their own sound,err progressive house??Some hybrid of house and Joy Division/New Order-y thingy with the odd digression into..well…stoned ramblings I suppose.
Second Toughest set the high standard,in variety,intensity,in mood,ambition,all that stuff.
Since Darren Emerson left weve tentatively watched with bated breath as theyve held their own.A Hundred Days Off was a great post Emerson success reassuring us that they can still pull it off.but over time maybe theres a tad less intensity,maybe theyre just older,I dunno,maybe its us whove grown older and wearier and they are the real constant and the Halleys comet of trendiness might cross their path again at some point.And if not then SFW.
But you know you can rely on them for a spattering of winners in every album.At some point in life you stop caring about new new new and just want good good good.and thats fine by me.
Cheers for the good times fellas.


Tried & Trusted


Start the Beat

Carrying on the nostalgic tip with another opportunity to plug Emeli Sande who I hadnt heard of until a few weeks ago. This time the old skool break comes courtesy of Shy FX who has actually paid some attention to giving this remix the right feel without overdoing the whole mainstream drum n bass excursion thing which he has tended to lapse into in the past with his other equally talented but guilty buddy T Power aka of Shake Your Body fame.

So heres an old skool junglist who has earned his credentials in his craft and Im glad it all comes together quite nicely in this simple example of good sampled riffs.
With 16000 policeman on the beat we could all do with a bit of simplicity and reflection tonight.Heres a little message for y’all…