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Ill Manors is art – discuss

To James O’ Brien on LBC

For wondering whether by conditionally reacting to discuss on the radio about the Manchester Art Gallery’s stunt to remove Waterhouse’s Hylas and Nymphs Victorian porno painting to generate a discussion about art ,might not actually be evidence that the media cannot help but flock like mindless lemmings to publicise stunts by the very virtue that stunts attract attention and therefore become news worthy for that very reason – as judged by someone from within the lemmings trying to figure out what is considered newsworthy to non lemmings (aka the common people) whom he/she has nothing to do with.

The ultimate navel gazing soul staring at itself staring at itself (yes ,ad infinitum) and talking about talking about it and expecting everyone else to care.

In the UK we’ve learnt to turn shit into a commodity because we’ve got so much of it we’ve turned it into a virtue and learnt to sell it to the rest of the world…to survive….but I digress.

Welcome to Plan B : that frightening “other” in the beyond where the rest of us inhabit ,where we dare to think that media deserves less trust than it thinks and when it howls flabbergasted at the supposed stupidity of the people who question it’s purpose…not consciously acknowledged by most of its proponents…and similarly ,the common people,unable to express why they choose not to get swept up by headline after headline..but they are disempowered and voiceless after all other than thru their supposed spokesmen,the media themselves…see where this is going.

One big circle and lots of little circles inside it,some overlapping ,some completely separate,all giving their own version of reality of what ,within their own frame,is perfectly obvious but equally oblivious as each other.

Just different metrics for different spaces.

So well done James O’Brien for taking your first tentative little baby steps into the complement of your closed little ball and please bring your friends too.

In the mirror theres a hero




Smoking,Easter and the Afterlife

Clouds of gunpowder, heroine fumes and goat hair gently rocked him from pothole to pothole.

Clouds in the sky seem to be falling down like feathers

Plaited Snakes stretch out their frayed sinews in front of him beckoning him to rise before falling back in a tangled heap on his lifeless head all in a deafening second that lasts a lifetime.

Blue getting blacker the harder he stared and less sure that his eyes were open.

Lisac,hitherto unaware of the developments of the last 40 years had taken a field trip to the mountain tribes in Afghanistan to survey changing attitudes towards women.

“I feel therefore I am and must be.

“This must be the posterior non REM sleep where I see and forget everything

(He reaches for his dictophone,a token from his days in the asylum,to help talk over the Voices)

“As I lie I see the yolk trickle down my eyes and focus my vision

“I see new beginnings, a razor and my kebab enmeshed hair fall from chin to ground as my mouth gapes open and I see it spit the guttural  meme one last time.

“Allah hu Akbar”

Stoned by the walls of the caves in which he had dwelt,now raized from that underworld and up to the effervescent surface ,amongst the 36 smoking cinders of the Mother of all Bongs he lay

5/10 for revealing IS’s promotional video


ETA billion AD give or take

The rocks merged with the sulphurous horizon.
The blazing red giant,his sole companion, witness to the fireworks
Collision on M31
The air rising with the dust
If he could shed a tear it would have dispersed like the final rain scattered for all the time
That was left
As he looked thru those dry and weathered eyes
Lit by the spiralling purple glow
Of an atmosphere consumed
In a whirlwind of ablution.
So lay Lisac
The last mortal speck of humanity on spaceship Earth falling into Andromeda’s glittering oceans.



The Misogynaryanist

“So you are the c**t?”
“i am He”
“But I am she, and s before m during S&M”
“you are too clinical,too steely,too precise …you shall never deliver your cause”
“My cause is only me and that is mine to cause because I am the cause”
“Precisely..too male for a female”
“And you are too brown to play the male”
“We are both singular in our portrayals…our identities being the crux of our identities”
“You can never be whole..because I have the hole and that makes me complete…
You on the other hand have a hole that can never be filled”
I will fill it with my identity…I will let it consume me…I will be greater than one…I will be many…and the portrayal of me will be the portrayal of the many,no longer burdened by my own image”

Was Denken SIe?
Was Denken Sie?

Verite (or the existential crisis of being a second generation migrant)

The dark empty holes stare back at me
“You are my friend,brother”
Come join me beyond this silver lining
Reflecting on your facade
Home in disconsolation
Warm in the radiance of my ambience
As budding arms reach out from that surface
wiry and infantile then organic and fragile
But soon turn to stone
Locked in and critique proof
But still i look to my Zion for answers
With tears that might yet soften those bonds
As I whisper the only truths that I believe
“I am your only friend”
Let go so we may live as one in our new home!

There is no truth.only people who agree with you.
We have reached a collective recognition in our own society where we are perhaps ready to face the ambiguity of truth so much that even the conjecture that 1+1=2 can become a argument about self fulfilling definition vs solution to a question or equation.
In mathematics the ambiguity of such a conjecture is disguised as an “identity”.

When all logical extrapolations are self fulfilling closed loops and thus all robust conclusions that follow effectively become axioms in their own right and we remain none the wiser about the truth of their actual origin.

So the term “identity” is is what it is if you choose to believe the premise.

And who I am is anybody’s guess but ultimately all that matters is that I feel

Am I real?
Am I real?


Imitation game
All the emotion that makes Turing’s machine intelligence a plausible human reality.
Sometimes it’s the people you imagine least of that can do the most unimaginable

Reminds me of an Alistair Reynolds novel.interesting idea.not an action movie in any sense at all and probably does not need the space distraction at all.apparently book was not quite so focussed on the relationship aspect but you get the point.
Life is not about answers ,it’s about choices.


2001 meets Contact meets Gravity meets Inception.

Just saw DarkKnight the other day as well.

I mean Chris Nolan really minimises the dumbing down to pretty much the finer details of quantum gravity.

He gives 4-5 dimensions a 3D stab.

He has a stab at worm holes and black holes.

And he keeps it real and human.

So respect.No space for light humour in pretty much any of his movies but he takes concepts as far as they can physically go on the silver screen at the moment.

The only bit that risks losing credibility is when these highly trained scientists suddenly have an epiphany and decided that love transcends dimensions – err,what?oh yeah i forgot this is hollywood for a moment – well at that moment its almost Bollywood but anyhows it was serious entertainment and when I look back i dont think it even tried that hard with the otherworldly stuff – other than the graphics for the actual space travel and the 5 dimensional tesseract thingumajig but there werent any big bad aliens or particularlt unfamiliar looking landscapes or images.Most of the movies was really around the austerity of the backward looking future world with its return to agrarian ways of living.

Personally I think that was partly just to accentuate the sense of contrast with the subsequent spacey bits.

Anyway ..a good romp and best space movie Ive seen since Contact.thank God it didnt have “Mars” in the title…

Lets wait for Star Wars.

Looking inward
Looking inward



Interesting movie.

Favourite line : The past is a story we tell ourselves

How true.It can be a folk tale to give you strength like the Iliad to Alexander the Great,or it can be a Freudian noose around your neck giving you excuses for your predicament.

Its as relevant to your life as the history of the world,do what you want with it.

But if your story is something you have trouble letting go of then the present must be something you fear, even though it is the only reality that you can ever be in control of.

So no point getting sentimental about the way things were or how you think they should be.
Like Lenny Bruce said “There is no ‘what should be’,there is only ‘what is'”

and our inability to let go of some tangled undergrowth that we call “roots” is just some rotting weeds that should never have been there in the first place…

Your own ideas of what makes you special needs to be let go.Identity is a burden.Patriotism is a lie.Nationality is division.Religion is a conch passed from one hand to another.And power is exerted by keeping everyone tied to the above.

Unshackling those roots means you can fly away.

Peshawar – the day after

the Fountain

The Fountain,for me, is what has been just beyond the reach of Terry Gilliam and what The Tree of Life was maybe trying to achieve.

The parallel plot even reminds me of the dream sequences in Iain Banks’s Bridge…and like the dawn that slowly materialises throughout that novel this movie actually accomplishes what so so many directors duck these days,or worse, try to excuse themselves of on the grounds of some lofty and sophisticated message….closure.

yes…an actual ending that gives the viewer some sense of not having wasted a couple of hours of their life with what is an ever earlier and earlier feeling of dread that starts to creep up on me whenever I watch an “art movie” these days.

yes…it is poignant…it is melancholy… is a journey and it does a laudable job of bringing you to some sense of peace in the face of powerlessness.

this guy did pi so next stop must surely be eternal wisdom!

even though some background between the main protagonists had to be forfeited for a relatively simple almost naive notion of love,nevertheless,the movie proves that through metaphor it is possible to generalise a message in a way that makes you forgive the simplifications and appreciate the well meaning intentions.

Lots of symbolism and star gazing but always managed to keep its feet touchingly to the ground.