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forgotten the amount of groove that oozes from Prince’s spindles.
Old skool but most definitely not old fashioned
We know the famous ones purple rain ,sign of the times, love sexy, but bat dance and the symbol album were also really adventurous new ways for him to express his unrelenting funk.
Thought I heard he’d had bilateral hip replacements and was a shell of his former self…and looking at the triumvirate of Madonna and Michael Jackson such a demise seemed entirely plausible…
And then he turns up at the billboard icon awards and blows the place away with a true performance of a pop/rock icon.
Must be a covert op by Sony to discredit troublesome misfits messers George Michael and co

The guitar just purred in his fingers ,effortlessly brutal and all the time most definitely and uniquely him
Bit like photek…

ups and downs

Another one for the sunrise.before all the for floating arms outstretched and a mouthful of Dead Sea sloshing in and sun blazing down enveloping one within a golden crib.and one gets the sensation of gently rising up with the waters and staring at the cloudless sky one loses sense of ones weight ,breathing slow and rhythmic and sky body somewhere in between.the release of ones essence and the unification of ones body with the NOW dissolves in the eternal sunshine of a TIMEless and immortal mind.
Then up against your back rises the salty gravel of the lake plundered by irrigation and parted by two worlds and you find yourself most very HERE at the very bottom of a dying lake bed just when you were feelin phaeleh

BT Landline

Know Im carrying on about the BT thing at the moment but its my blog and it has at least one enthusiatic follower (which makes it all worthwhile!) and as wi-fi exposure related memory problems ensue one is sure that the audience will continue to be a bilaterally endless source of amusement to itself.And this is just where im at at the moment.
Its quite hard to find that indistinct tightrope labelled good background music( which in itself might sound insulting to an artist who has sweated blood into some ethereal concept behind it) but lets be honest we all need some good background music ,arguably it is far and away the most in demand genre after all how often do most organisms find time to sit and contemplate in some kind of meditative trance transfixed in entirety by the music that is playing,other than at a live gig when theyve paid most of their weeks wage on it in which case youll listen to it no matter how wrong it turns out.Exactly.
Gigs,car radios and maybe for the deranged insomniacs gouging their eyes out at bedtime.
But for the rest of the time its background music please.Openly sold as “soundtracks” to your life .Not sure most lyrical artists would agree with the term but thats the nature of any profession where the deliverer will generally have to put 110% into a product to make it stand out when the craved for attention one finally receives turns out to be as fleetingly anticlimactic as everything else thats generally sweated over ,like a painting in a gallery.
So in fact searching for the holy grail of good background music that can truly run in the background,feel like a soundtrack as subtle as the music in a movie but complementary to your circumstances without taking over you to the point of distraction-which is why I find it hard to listen to music with lyrics – and yet also not just fade into the distance petering out into dullness ,is pretty tough and should be recognised as such.
So such an album is never going to hit you is it?It would probably be a slow grower.You would never think to play it because its too subtle to make its presence openly felt and yet in the right circumstances ,usually involving rainy grey days,you suddenly realise what it is.its not ambient in the sense that there is conventional musical rhythm and instrumentation but its been spliced and re edited and re spliced and re pasted.And just as everything is melting pleasantly the ground shudders and the music pats you on the shoulder and tells you its next to you the whole time.
So here I am facing a week of minicramming and this album actually enhances my work rate like a cup of coffee without the gastric convulsions.
A mentally invigorating brain massage called Binary Universe by Brian Transeau rediscovered after accumulating dust linearly and second order recurrently in the corner of my shelf for a few years.Thats what happens when you buy a BT album tha turns out not to be a BT album…
Every tune on this album is a humble giant.And more than ten years on BT still has the missionary zeal of a believer proselytizing the everlasting wonder of the irrational positive golden ratio 1.61803…I totally get it.Much appreciated Mister Transeau…

Goldie – Timeless

Goldie - Timeless

 Its hard to separate Timeless from the almost legendary reputation of its creator.
Already deserving credit for pioneering his distinctive chopped beat and timestretching Rufige Kru sound under the wing of 4 Hero’s forward thinking Reinforced label he had been producing music that had been at the forefront of the rave scene
But then he grabbed the mantle and took things to the next level.
So this album deserves the accolade for being maybe the first jungle album that reached out to the mainstream masses without compromising on its roots or its ambition
Inner City Life was the sound of rave turned sour by Thatcherism.
Hard,pissed off,sticking its chest out and spewing out gut wrenched blood spattered unadulterated soul.One of the first (maybe only) jungle tunes you could watch on MTV but despite that it did not try to soften its vision or message.
So maybe it was natural that Goldie would continue his ambassadorial tendencies and make his own persona more accessible to the masses.
But like his metalheadz label which has remained uncompromising to the day this album was the perfect fusion of hard but accessible.
It was not the most innovative album of its time and maybe its not an album for the beats purists.But thats not the point.Tracks like the title cut,Jah the Seventh Seal snd Kemistry encapsulated the dark machine at the heart of Goldie’s soul.Still Life,A Sea of Tears and You and Me showed a more reflective emotional side.This album is all about feeling.
To understand the rise and fall of Jungle you have to have to centre yourself on this pivotal album