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Double bind theory of the Schizlamophrenic

Blue lights flashing
Cops frantic
People screaming
Building and cities shutting down
Champs-elysees in melt down
Declarations of war
A day of reckoning beckons
As battle cries demand for penitence

Elsewhere a schizlamophrenic has shot someone and said something.

And other news…scientists have found a way to make a circle fit in a square…just down a box of trazadone and utter “allah hu akbar” and several non connected regions will suddenly fit.

Trumpton town has denied that this can be done…shortly after having been the first to release this story…on Twitter…although they deny this too, preferring to highlight leaks in intelligence about demented rats mysteriously stealing the world supply of trazadone…which they are considering to deny or not #twitteringratstakingover

Majorca to Manchester (via Existential Angst)

a metal shudder
the cloudy veil of manchester
to remind its freshly tanned re entrants
about their own fragility.

barely perceptible
until wife whispers to me :
“i think this pilot must be a learner…”

the earnest expression ( and several years of training) resolves the matter of how best to respond:
“it’ll be fine” i say in my vocal equivalent of an emergency stop

to lie or deceive
fake or believe?

am i a willing participant in this buffoonery?
or the calm bestower of a ruthlessly logical statistical certainty

to join in the madness of my own uniqueness
or to fall back on my trust in my own insignificance??

which way to go?
the lesser maddening?

“thanks for the existential crisis darling” (quotation marks only for the privacy of my own demasculated manhood)

and then to shatter the internal clamour
the juddering landing
followed by a smattering of applause and a few polite humorous euphemisms….

what just happened there?

the wordless acknowledgement of a shared experience of contemplating our own mortality in a form of a digestibly light aperitif…
ahhh..back to real life.

can there be anything more real?

is life really just a load of kitsch
until the only thing that is and always will be the one real thing in our life…
our own death.

and this constant skirting around the realness of things

now so replicated and mass produced in all perceptible forms for the senses to consume

this fleeting experience of something inside us
so hungrily sought after
but to remain at arms length

turning us into multicoloured lava lamps continuously emitting emotional radiation in response to the barrage of pulses from the “cynics” who dont worry about the value of the feeling so much as the price.

because maybe for the majority of us kitsch may be as much reality as we would like to have

before the mask goes on
and the anaesthetic seeps in
and you can only let yourself be at your most vulnerable
by suspending belief
and trusting in the ephemeral fluidity of your own impermanence
to tunnel through that insurmountable absurdity of your existence

what could more real than that?

The Barrier of Belief
The Barrier of Belief


Corbyn is a metaphor for the EU.
The political class of media,journalists,public experts and politicians is being completely rejected whenever the the mass has a say in it.
And that proves that all the political class are ever doing is pretending to know what the public will do.
And as much as they make their intentions and expectations known ,so do the mass even more try to counter the experts.

Its an expert rejectionism.
And for the behavioural sciences of politics and economics that mood is fast exposing the thin veil of stability for what it is ,that politicians spend their life espousing and warning about (whether they believe in it themselves or not)

And the news pundits and journalists who enjoy the verbal spats as much as the politicians ,speculators and exerts now spend as much time analysing their own failure.
Navel gazing extremis.

Its like watching a fish in a bowl going round and round and round clueless about whats outside.
There are parallel narratives which fleetingly rub shoulders.

The TV news narrative and your life.

And the two are drifting apart very fast and national broadcasting has essentially morphed into the same blinded institution that it attempts to be reporting on.

The blind reporting to the blind about what we ,the visually bestowed ,are up to.

So the more everyone gangs up on Corbyn the more popular he will be amongst those who wish to dissociate themselves with the Westminster commentators -which,given,Brexit, is probably 52% of the population,a bizarre alliance brought together despite diametrically opposing positions on the traditional political spectrum (racists and liberalists)

The open house climate for racially inciteful and emboldened confrontation is now directed at white people as much as dark skinned who have been hearing this all their lives.

The anarchy and madness that follows progressive liberalisation before complete self combustion?

Maybe not..maybe just the final death cry of the nascent racism that is now being lanced and exposed for the foul smelling pus that it is – is the necessary exposure that the institutionalised state of affairs needed – to bring it out for what it is – not to help us non Anglo Saxons – but to bring home to those amongst us who walk about oblivious to the reality of this tension in this country and complaining about having to be “PC” which had become the growing undertone for expressing the uncomfortable friction of differences in culture,language,appearance and heritage ,now coming to the fore.

So now tell me we are in a new age of “openness”.How its all gone mad and “politically correct”.How foreigners get all the special treatment and you “cant say anything in your own country”

And maybe the hate crimes and acts directed against a whole racial group not coming from islamic terrorists might actually be an eye opener for those who were wavering about whether hate and irrational terror is the province of “foreign cultures” when now there is open “white against white” hatred as well as the usual …

welcome to our world…the real one

Institutionalised Luvvies

so Addenbrooks is in special measures

and predictably the interviewer asks : “could it be….could it just be…..that….maybe,just maybeeeeee the WHOLE system of judging the quality of an institution/hospital …is actually at fault here….

after all…it cannot possibly be the case that one of the most prestigious institutions in the UK could possibly fail a hospital quality inspection process??

cant it just be that …its because of freakishly abnormal ageing population in the Cambridge area…or the cost (which is of course the reason it failed) of expensive agency recruitment fees to make up for staff shortages and long waiting times ….?

“lets not forget” pleads CEO draped in mandatory hair shirt “the outcomes from the hospital are head and shoulders above most of Europe”…so no no…its a flaw in the system…and a flaw in the inspection process to be looking at financial robustness…

Unlike the rest of us…some of whom have actually emerged out of special measures…and could offer a tip or two to help Cambridge out…Salford Royal,maybe??

Oh no! says the Professor CQC inspector (rubbing his bloodied hands together and wiping the sliver of red from his lips,the taste of it still teasing his tongue)… “there are no issues that single out Cambridge as a special case….”

the government paradigm that the CQC inquisition enforces….the paradigm that problems are same everywhere…only difference is the way people try to solve them….management…that great panacea.

for every great problem there is a ….. great manager

somebody who says ..we can fix that..we just need to change…people!

but lets not adopt any universal working solutions because deep down ….(sssshhhh!)

we know they don’t actually work everywhere…

thats why we don’t stipulate any nationally coordinated solution…we treat each Trust as sheriff of the town left on his own to come up with the solution and let the problem bury him if necessary….

we just dish out trite banalities reminding people that the solution must involve a partnership between hospitals and the communities they serve……….



government didn’t vouch that their thug would go and take out the darling of the institutions….Oxbridge.

Remember when John Radcliffe was in the spotlight for similar failures.

The government is employing a social experiment to create doctors that are libertarian universally benevolent super beings who are oiled annually  through an appraisal and revalidation process that requires self reflection so vast and introspective it would make Socrates look like an impulsive,temperamental brute….

We need to reflect on how every breath we take makes us better,kinder,pastoral mentors…guiding their universal children by the hand when necessary,mopping their brow,massaging their pain whilst whispering soft comforting words,being firm when necessary,gentle when they are weak,strong but able to guide their babies to learn to stand on their own two feet….

the nanny state needs doctors to be godparents………..

but when some nasty disembodied agency corrupts a broken soul and tempts one innocent prof to the darker side of truth,recognises the genocidal tendencies in him/her then lets him/her loose to kill his own brethren then those career politicians can sit back and say “well..its your own guys criticising you….so we can hardly intervene can we???”

but who is the CQC serving…the government ,the public, the doctors….or itself???

amidst Staffordshirian scandals one might see an opportunity to let an expensive,demanding monster destroy itself….blame CQC for the inspection failures that let the “public” down,impose impossible targets in the name of “quality” and then sit back and let the entire NHS self implode in a frenzy of fanatical sadomasochism…after all we,the government speak for the people…don’t we?

Ok…say CQC…you wanna know the truth?

you want these unsustainable demands enforced on all want 1000s and 1000s of pages of paperwork drawn up by every hospital without pre trained people dedicated to the sole process of drafting reams of reports about every blurry second of data in the life of a want to audit every word uttered in a meeting and guidelines to scrutinise every thought that comes to the mind of these super benevolent love machines when your own process of deliberating democracy has been through ephemerally wispy remnants of conversations  uttered secretively in halls and corridors of Westminister for hundreds of years.

you didn’t bank on the very institutions that produce the self proclaiming experts to come under fire did you??

because when the public suddenly realise that their perception has nothing to do with what the government is doing then this whole process might backfire…

you can fail any other hospital but if you fail Addenbrooks then youve shot yourself in the foot and the CQC will continue its bloodlust and massacre across the country,leaving those Etonians scratching their heads wondering how to reinstitute their covert subversion of a hard and adamantly fickle population who they thought they were just beginning to bring onside against a nationalised health service.

It might even be trendy to start failing CQC inspections …such is the power of the Oxbridge illusion that the media and the public believe.

And when Addenbrooks takes its cue from Great Ormond Street’s strategy and generates that necessary extra cash (that the government say is not necessary) through populist appeals for sympathetic charity and gets out of the red again,the rest of us plebs will reminisce fondly and accept that the established order cannot be allowed to fail for the sake of prole obsessions such as fairness and consistency….

How often did your mommy tell you….



The Hour Cometh

How strange that the idealism of youth should come spouting out of aged establishment.

Can you be mainstream fringe?

Sound like a haircut from the 90s….no no wait,it’s……..

Jeremy Corbyn!!

every dishevelled, protest marching, monarchist hating, tree and extremist hugging, non anthem singing, baby killing, England bashing ,nanny state loving, tax hiking,anti business ,refugee loving, defence hating,IRA condoning,pragmatic son of the devil bit of him…..

Phew!….Didn’t realise how anti democracy I was until Daily Mail,Telegraph,Times,Sun and rest of Fleet Street convinced me that Ive always loved Fascism…..

Please accept my application for Media Mogul..I promise to continue the fight for (y)our cause….us.

eye can see now

Everything becomes dust
Everything becomes dust






Is it sufficient to define consciousness as the ability to multi task in order to achieve multiple mutually beneficial effects?
More specifically the ability to respond virtually instantaneously to several afferent inputs in a coordinated way to the achieve a gain both in immediate and medium terms (though not always in the long term – which may be why we often consider ourselves to be to some extent deterministically driven over longer periods of time)

So it is effectively becomes awareness as opposed to a linear/binary response that feels too mechanistic and less representative of us.

If transmission is electrical in all directions rather than along a nerve axon,e.g. by transduction of arterial pulsatility into a net outward current ,would that dramatically increase capacity to respond to things “instinctively”.

Isn’t instinct counter to the idea of consciousness or is it a necessary facilitator for freeing up consciousness to performing more cognitively reflective tasks.

Maybe there are already enough cross connections for further networking to be an unnecessary complication…but consciousness is complicated and there is no point avoiding that fact.

Right through to the CSF pulsations in the spinal subarachnoid space there is a medium for transduction of messages through more than just simple axoplasmic flow.

Maybe consciousness is defined as the point at which the predominant direction of current flow becomes uncertain,i.e. it is all happening at once.

So it is practically independent of time

And it encompasses thoughts that are based on the means that the entity has at its disposal which is therefore proportional to the ratio of afferents to mass.

Not unlike the 2D being that can only therefore think in 2D

If you are a tree you can only think tree thoughts….

Being less constrained by position frees the brain to cope with more possibilities…but it is a potential that is maybe there in all coordinated networks and is only constrained by your physical constraints.

A couch potato rapidly becomes vegetative but he has the capacity to break that cycle and reignite his potential as long as the impediments (e.g. obesity,arthritis,social isolation) to breaking the cycle can be avoided.

As long as the cape is not too tight even Madonna can still strike the pose




Interesting movie.

Favourite line : The past is a story we tell ourselves

How true.It can be a folk tale to give you strength like the Iliad to Alexander the Great,or it can be a Freudian noose around your neck giving you excuses for your predicament.

Its as relevant to your life as the history of the world,do what you want with it.

But if your story is something you have trouble letting go of then the present must be something you fear, even though it is the only reality that you can ever be in control of.

So no point getting sentimental about the way things were or how you think they should be.
Like Lenny Bruce said “There is no ‘what should be’,there is only ‘what is'”

and our inability to let go of some tangled undergrowth that we call “roots” is just some rotting weeds that should never have been there in the first place…

Your own ideas of what makes you special needs to be let go.Identity is a burden.Patriotism is a lie.Nationality is division.Religion is a conch passed from one hand to another.And power is exerted by keeping everyone tied to the above.

Unshackling those roots means you can fly away.

Peshawar – the day after