Fanu – Daylightless

Fanu - Daylightless

 Utterly brilliant.some may consider this a dark me this album hits like a swirling hurricane of  twisting filtered breaks,haunting nordic vocals and strings echoing to the backdrop of rain,thunder and lightning – you can almost see the silhouette of awesome fjords through the repetitive 2 step here,every track and every break has been worked on and just carries you along like a tidal wave swirling in your head.and the downtempo side is no less track here is a filler.every track asks something from you and in return it gives you food for your brain.
testimony to the great paradox,seba,klute,photek,metalheadz genre.artists whose beats are cerebral.
these beats are where the anarchy of jungle music came from.a classic that is out of unrecognised masterpiece.maybe most people like meat and veg.this is caviar.
breaks for your brain.