T.Power – The Self Evident Truth Of An Intuitive Mind

T Power - The Self Evident Truth of an Intuituve Mind

Did DnB reach a pinnacle with this album?
Mos def!
As early as 1995 this album did just about everything that DnB can possibly do.
Neither head nor hips are spared and progess in technology in the last 15 years has not enabled the genre to reach any higher than this.
The schizophrenic illegitimate bastard half son half mutant begat by the winstons’ amen brother.
As looney as anything by Squarepusher and co but still retaining some semblance of structure that todays beat freaks have forfeited…that thing called a tune.

Somewhat sad that nothing has surpassed it since but maybe inevitable that when you get this high the only way is down.
And by its relative lack of recognition both commercally and amongst its peers at the time it only serves to demonstrate that this industry does not reward talent on its own merit.
But what an ace in the pack for the hungry trainspotter!
So like Gerald Simpson and his seminal Black Secret Technology in the same year (what a f***ing year) maybe thats why Marc Royal moved onto other pastures.
Such is the fate of free and slightly insane thinkers.
So whatever you are doing with your life Mr Sofalumpkins keep growing your head in that plant pot you weirdo.
Utterly perfect.

Blue Six – Beautiful Tomorrow

Deep,emotional,mature house.
listen to the words and feel the warmth.
from start to finish this is electronic soul music about hopes,dreams,love and loves lost.
pure and at times bittersweet
this is an album to take you through your journey in life
an album to grow old to…
wherever you are sit down and enjoy this one.

Blue Six - Beautiful Tomorrow



Goldie – Timeless

Goldie - Timeless

 Its hard to separate Timeless from the almost legendary reputation of its creator.
Already deserving credit for pioneering his distinctive chopped beat and timestretching Rufige Kru sound under the wing of 4 Hero’s forward thinking Reinforced label he had been producing music that had been at the forefront of the rave scene
But then he grabbed the mantle and took things to the next level.
So this album deserves the accolade for being maybe the first jungle album that reached out to the mainstream masses without compromising on its roots or its ambition
Inner City Life was the sound of rave turned sour by Thatcherism.
Hard,pissed off,sticking its chest out and spewing out gut wrenched blood spattered unadulterated soul.One of the first (maybe only) jungle tunes you could watch on MTV but despite that it did not try to soften its vision or message.
So maybe it was natural that Goldie would continue his ambassadorial tendencies and make his own persona more accessible to the masses.
But like his metalheadz label which has remained uncompromising to the day this album was the perfect fusion of hard but accessible.
It was not the most innovative album of its time and maybe its not an album for the beats purists.But thats not the point.Tracks like the title cut,Jah the Seventh Seal snd Kemistry encapsulated the dark machine at the heart of Goldie’s soul.Still Life,A Sea of Tears and You and Me showed a more reflective emotional side.This album is all about feeling.
To understand the rise and fall of Jungle you have to have to centre yourself on this pivotal album

Patrick Moore morphs into Marlon Brando and the universe gently rolls on

 The statistical odds against your existence make you a living breathing miracle

whatever and wherever you came from is where you will go back to and that is your home

the energy that culminated in your body has existed since the birth of the universe and materialised from the heart of a dying star to reach you.

you are infinitely embedded and you will forever be part of the cosmos

that energy has coalesced over 13 billion years and like the most spectacular aligning of the stars these constituents merged and became you.

and the you of now grows,suckles and replenishes itself from  the earth which gave you its own carbon seeds.

you might have come from a rock,a tree,a leaf.that drop of sunshine.that heat in space.that electromagnetism.

like a god sacrificing his flesh to give you life.

you grow He withers.but He will call you back


so wherever you are if you have found the time to read this then stop and listen to the sound of your existence

"I prefer to squeeze my butter from sunflowers"



 for those of us spending late nights in a small darkly lit room with a computer.

add the weight of burdensome thoughts and you will feel this heavy heavy heavy on your shoulders.

do not add pakistani black.

its heavy enough

night night kiddies.don't let the bed bugs bite...


A Guy Called Gerald – Black Secret Technology

Black Secret Technology

 Gerald Simpson is well and truly his own genre.
This album is called a drum n bass or a jungle album and hence gets cast in the shadow of Goldie’s Timeless released in the same year.
This album is not a drum n bass album.Ditch the labels.
This album has barely got a single snare drum in it.
This is that weird paranoid in-between world you occupy in your twilight state.
Beats sound like insects.
Disembodied time stretched vocals drift in and out of some ether.
Theres a tribal thing going on.
Everything is hazy.Did he mean it to sound like this?
Jungle’s answer to U F Orb if you must.Does that help?
Some might moan about the low-fi production but all you gotta do is crank up the volume and you will swear you can hear things youre not supposed to.
Like echoes materialising eeriely from the mist hinting at some life form just beyond
This album stands on its own like a lone cactus on the Skeleton Coast.
It is the sound of Gerald Simpson silently f***ing your mind.