Sabotaging the Anarchists

 21st century

UK– a battleground tested and retested with surveillance cameras the length and breadth of a country unique for its applicability to experimentation for US public surveillance policies.

Take a highly urbanised population,very retail and service industry orientated.Flood it with overpriced hi tech goods and watch the results.

Enter the internet-saturated.satellite TV saturated..Broadband-Saturated.Mobile phones-saturated.CCTV phones -saturated.Facebook-saturated.Twitter-saturated.

Every passer by is now a cameraman.every member of this society is now a default on looker.language is now tailored to defensive arguments based on virtual video evidence.Your actions are as much governed by the camera as they are documented by it..The propaganda war is now waged between virtual individuals.Is this the anarchy that follows a flourishing of freedom only to be quelled and subordinated by a more uniform order?Greek ingenuity smothered by ordered Roman might.Czechoslovakian ground pounded by Nazi marching.

How are you?

-Whos asking?

Are you free?


Who now runs the show?The spectator,the protagonists or Twitter?

Answer:The one who is all three.The camera/smartphone-one’s light saber

Motion : The idea of public political protest is an outmoded 60s concept.Due to the ultra enhanced communicability between individuals the potential for minorities to disrupt is now far greater than the capacity for the peace to be maintained.The riot is just the necessary preliminary to the public propaganda battle that is waged amidst 1000s of hours of amateur cameraphone footage.

Result:TheTrafalgar Squareprotest was the most anticipateable event of the riot calendar and there is nothing the police can legally do to prevent it .

Behold – “the virtual riot” that unfolds in front of you and with you in it.Play along!Follow it on Twitter.Suggest some new locations.Try and direct the gangs.Point out a bank.

The only chance for the authorities now is that most people genuinely dont have the appetite for civil unrest.Things have actually not got that desperate yet and there is the reminder that that is all that holds the feeble thread of order through the unsettled heart of society.

So ironically the only hope for the government to fall back on is that democracy might prevail.If the “troublemakers” are on their own then TV pictures will be full of twentysomethings that nobody gives a toss about.Or even worse just a load of hooded masked figures dressed all in black.Not the kind to engender much public passion.Thats the lot for twentysomethings.We were all there once.Deal with it.

Look a bit older,maybe look like u got some kids,dont have a tattoo or piercings,nor wear doc martins nor have pink hair and protest about your real grievance.Hell-just be a real anarchist and you might actually be able to change the world

In the UK Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame has now transmogrified into a nightmare world of 24/7 blogging spies in plain clothes whose preoccupying objective is with method not with substance.

Highly organised disruption.Alienating stuff to most of us when all the rioters look like members of Altern-8. It aint no Brixton and it aint the Bronx.This was a Twitter Riot

Stay at home.Stay online.Log in and join in and slap on the Vicks.Trust no one.Everyone is the enemy.You have been warned!!!

Watching Me Watching You



 Out of the blackness of  stagnation,all blinged out and rattling in golden sparkle,like a stubble-less 16 year old with a swagger in his gait.

Here was the UK’s definitive recession busting  “Who the f*** are you?!”  moment of the 21st century club scene.


I am Invincible


Fly High Zone

Don’t know where we’re headed but we may have been here before.Feels the same wherever you go.Soaring at a million billion quadrapedillian miles an hour.World below.Time blurred slow.Earth revolving.Head spinning.Here we go again….

Deep sigh, roll up (the eyes),lean back and head for the painted skies….!

Earth to Cameron : "Come Down,Icarus!"


High School Reunion

With the weight of memories comes a mercifully leaky forgetfulness about the past ,things youve said and done become hazy and some of the bodily functions start to go.Before you know it youre soiling over everyones hard work and oblivious to the promises severed and oaths broken along the way.Let old age unshackle you from your past and die like a martyr with your conscience blissfully clean…

whoopsy!Someones done a poop...


Music For Hoovering

 Youngest half brother to his slightly more grown up relation Elevator Music.

They had a band going with their more arty second cousin twice removed before Hotel Lobby Music went off and did her own thing after discovering jungle.Rumour has it she’s doing it in all types of waiting rooms now…

So now that they’re missing their avant garde frontwoman they’ve stripped their sound down and gone back to their roots with the old jazzy feel and just a hint of their more experimental tendencies.

Like this l’il number

Hmmm I see...most interesting!



Nirvana – In Utero

You should already know whether you like Nirvana or not.Im just writing this because in my opinion its too significant an album for me not to mention.
Maybe the greatest post-metal guitar band ever and In Utero is arguably not definable in any category let alone “grunge”.
In Utero represented the end of the line for nihilism.Through his own success Cobain ultimately parodied a complete rejection of everything that came his way.And in the end he rejected himself.
He would do wouldn’t he,right?He was a junkie after all….no that’s not why he tapped into so many people.
Regardless of your moral stance on his suicide people connected with him not because of that but because he chose to reject convention.

Older listeners might moan that he borrowed sounds from many sources:the Beatles-esque sensibility in his basic tune composition,the raw anarchic feedback reminiscent of many sonic youth/sub pop digressions,the distinctive stop-start melody structure of the pixies. But ultimately this very insistence of the critics proves that this was a relevant band.

He rebelled against everything and he didnt seem to know why,whatever,nevermind.Something about that helplessness seemed to pervade thru to the MTV generation of the day

No complicated hi tech scale tapping or fretboard work.No long concept based over indulgent solos.No leather spandex.No ridiculous codpieces.No pretentiousness.He rejected the accolade.Not just rock n roll bad behaviour.This was the noisy ugly way of saying what Morrissey crooned about this side of the pond.
But Mozza wasnt immune to vanity.No,this was complete anti stardom ambivalence.
Cobain would walk off stage to standing ovations while the backing track was still playing.He clapped back sarcastically at his fans.He mocked their enthusiasm.He would crumble to the floor like a crippled shivering wreck ,have a nervous breakdown on stage and let the demise of his wreckage be photographed and spread over the album sleeves for all to see.

Milk It

He played up the mundaness of his life,rejecting the glamour and glittery overcoats for unkempt dandruff infested cardigans ,imparting the trite and daily anguish of his chronic stomach pains,the prosaic and unresolved hurts of his childhood and just about anything else that pained him.

We thought the heroine was recreational and then realised he was going to self destruct.
And then in In Utero he let us watch his health deteriorate until he could barely stand anymore,screams reduced to a dying wheeze,his own dysfunctional solos at risk of petering into self destruction but right to the very end he squeezed out every grain of his agony into each tuneless,dischordant and isolated string until it left him battered,wasted and empty and then he would reach deep inside himself and vomit the last shred of his soul so he could finally lie down and bleed to death on tape so you could gaze at the raw ugly beauty of his innards and then see the nothingness left behind.

Maybe he was a very weak guy,almost pathetic.He left behind a daughter that he supposedly loved,was unable to break his drug addiction for his loved ones and ultimately took an exit clause from life cuz it obviously didnt give him enough reason to keep going.

But we’re interested because of the gargantuan and hulking anger that came spewing out of that frail and acopic soul.The pop culture wants its artists to live and die with their hearts on their sleeves and damaged dysfunctional people are fished out for the kill in this business more than others maybe.
After so many repeated exorcisms of the soul maybe there was nothing left of him to blow away …only the body left waiting to be reunited.

Don't you All Just LOVE Me!



From Japan to New Zealand and Pakistan to Pompeii

 Our stone age brains are built for 50-100.

we now have 6 billion voices to sift thru.

different languages and accents,strange faces and customs

but a human cry and a child laughing can transcend all intellect and keep the glue of humanity on the side of progress.

the age of the mobile phone and the internet has suddenly obliterated our six traditional degrees of separation and made our global Family much bigger…

Mother and Child -


Is Noam Chomsky an evolving meme?

 a possible eulogy for his self contained viewpoint?

dawkins thinks that an idea can have its own natural history and as thus can be regarded as a self serving entity in its own right,safeguarding its existence through its “passive hosts”- us,we humans simply providing a means of vector transferral to other hosts and through associated adaptations to lifestyle,culture and religion this idea or “meme” continues to multiply through reinforcement of conditions conducive to its success.

Like the survival of any species , the survival of the discrete gene is aided by simply banding itself together with a mutually useful set of other genes as a collection and through the host that they constitute,and similarly these memes will ultimately ensure its hosts survival until that host can pass this set of genes and memes onto its offspring.

sounds like a suspicious argument for rights to non human entities.does a commensal bacteria have rights.well kind of .as long as it helps us we try to maintain it thru eg judicious antibiotic use to prevent resistance of more nasty bugs.

so can a meme be part of the construct of the genes themselves and so actually constitute a real entity as much as any living constituent of a human organism (or any species that thinks) or is it just semantics for what is traditionally considered a “good idea”.

well if you think it is as real as any species with survival instinct then its sort of like saying that if you believe in something then through you it actually and truly exists although it may not be observable or measureable with present technology but is arguably the intangible soul in the heart of the genes.

that quantum wobble that maybe is not entirely even working at brain level but at the quaternary level of the DNA and subatomic interactions within the chain present in all our cells and may be responsible for what we call our “nature”

so…a schizophrenic who sees a cloud sending coded messages is absolutely seeing that and it is measurably demonstrable within HIS frame of if red to me was green to you (and vice versa) and i never knew otherwise then i could quite happily live my entire life and there never be any logical way to show an inconsistency because in fact there is frame of reference is entirely self sufficient.

whether we call it a disease or not depends (like all “pathology”) anthropologically only on whether it impairs the organism’s ability to survive to the point of producing offspring,sociologically on the slightly woollier issue of whether he/she feels compelled to cause harm to his/her neighbours (or in the subtle cases,psychologically, where the condition is essentially perceived as distracting the sufferer from “normal” activities )

beyond that its peculiar perceptions are as valid as anyone elses.its mere persuasiveness now being used to validate its existence as much as any other organism whose survival is based on co-dependence on another species (in the case of the meme that other species being us).most of the time we call this manifestation a “point of view”.ghosts,the afterlife and my grannie are all in the picture.and if i feel guilt then it is that guilt that retrospectively crystallises events into confirming that i deserve to reap the consequences of a self fulfilling prophecy.and arguably it is unredeemed guilt that disturbs that state of mind when the body is trying to part with the soul and can cause a troubled death which procures further spiritual instability both to the sufferer and loved ones.

ie poltergeists

remember those spirits are as real as anything else.Richard dawkin’s theory would suggest so.

so if i really believe in something then its true.descartes might have agreed.hume might have said it doesnt make any difference and spinoza would have said its all for the good.but either way…im right.simple as that.tho i have trouble explaining that to the missus…

How might Enoch Powell put it?


The Nights (au Stromboli)

After the Fury,the Apocalypse ,and the Night that lasted Forever,in the feeble yellow light those wretched souls are seen left behind scattered forsaken across the parched and arid wasteland :BEWARE the ice man cometh to sigh his frosty death on the last smoking cinders of life –

but lo and hark yonder! for we were not forgotten!

behold ’tis a miracle for from the fiery bowels of Armageddon riseth up Thee mighty Torchbearer

Behold and watch the sun rise to bring forth another day!!

The Night
The Day