Overeducated and Underemployed

Be Thankful For What You Got







Minorities rights, education, healthcare, democracy, universality, fairness, equality, freedom of expression, freedom of information, right to roam, right to return, pro life, pro euthanasia, 18 week targets, 4 hour targets, targets in general, aims, goals, promises.

never was and no longer is economically viable

Not Economically Viable

It was false to accuse “Falling Down” of racism.Actually it went to obvious lengths to spread the hate indiscriminately and took a pot shot at everyone in fairly equal distribution.

But when you play on a stereotype maybe the minority is less well placed to defend their image or more vulnerable to that stereotype being taken literally and not metaphorically  by the ignorant.But the artist will say you cant compromise because of the quality of your voyeur.But thats another blog….

Anyhow the main idea that middle america was feeling the pinch might have been hard to relate to when middle america is a suicidally depressed and estranged missile engineer on a lunatic rampage but I didnt personally have much trouble with the concept.

But 20 years on what is still poignant about that movie is actually the claustrophobic friction in society,the heat (reminiscent of Spike Lee’s ‘Do the Right Thing’),the frustration and the underpinning idea : the facade of indispensibility and stability until we ourselves become economically non viable…and then we join the unheard, unaboded, uninsureable, unemployable subculture.

Spike Lee lit the match ,Falling Down blew the fuse and Dan Ackroyd mercifully lets us laugh at the whole demise in Trading Places…All great movies.Go see…

Camera on Clegg

Stay On your Side Tonight


Look everybody we’re having a fight!
we really really don’t like each other.
we’re not the same!
behold! the bitter acrimony about AV that has captured the public imagination9
can such deep seated difference ever be resolved or will such hot debate manage to conjure up a plausible manifesto out of thin AV air .
the timing could not be less consequential
                                                                           approaching summer,
Royal wedding.
devisive issue that no one could care less about                                                                          
AVs on everyones lips,right?
how this sows the seed for deep seated differences within the coalition…
makes clegg look like a man on his own terms.
never mind the student tuition fees,public spending cuts,tacit support for the banking status quo and the political u turns
AV is where its all at.
How convincingly unmanufactured and genuine an issue to illustrate to the voter that the libdems can conjure up a credible and identifiable manifesto in time to prevent themselves being harpooned out of existence at the next election and leaving the tories with no more bait for the media sharks.
A totally irrelevant issue to huff and puff about to the background of harmless wedding bells…

Not what Clegg needed at all right?
I can really see the long term repercussions of this debate!


Rapid Gastro-oral Transit Time

rolling hills and deep blue seas

united food and evergreen trees

chichen itza,fried chick peas,

lazy days in dungarees.

spanish,mayans and chinese.

blazing sun and burning breeze.

toucan,guinea pigs,sloths and fleas.

mosquitos and chimpanzees.

in semuc’s caves up to your knees

get encephalitis B japanese

eat queso blanco,cream and cheese.

tacos,salsa,refried beans.

see mayan pomp and gringo sleeze.


shining paths and tragedies

crim intel agencies

castro,che and commu-nistes

embattled by life’s leprosies

all misty blurred antiquities.

buried deep in mysteries

like urchins in the coral reefs

or shady dealers in belize

murky as the seventies,

racing sleek into the  eighties

speeding up into the nineties

searching for your inner peace

sharing each and all your heartbeats

The speed of life (or zeta jones, russell brand, alistair campbell, sherlock, mozart, von humboldt, fermat, pythagoras, jesus christ, the city and so on)

Inspiration,Perspiration and Writers Block.

whats to say the driver behind the worlds engine isnt a cocaine addled circus.well it is.no rocket science there right?and that everyone on the inside is metabolising the same class of serotonin and some other immeasureable x factor in that soupy cocktail.

like being in the state of permanent energy and then burnout.all throughput,turnover,crash and burn.

doesnt that sound like the world we live in.and the rest of us on some cheapo SSRI substitutes just to help us get out of bed.

the whole world has been a drug addict since we found poppies,coca,willow,hemp,tobacco leaves,coffee beans,tea leaves,mushrooms,starch,yeast,bacteria,eureka and a-ha!

are drugs intrinsic to human history,inseparable from the progress of (wo)men.the drivers behind ideas fuelled on by coincidental combinations of synaptic transmissions in vivo aided or unaided.

why does it count as real just cuz the pro cursors are organic not synthetic?theyre probably both gonna kill you in the end.(we all die?shock horror).which one is the real me?

is the comedown inevitable and just as necessary?to whom?the individual or the collective.so the permanence of the high is incompatible with life but so is living for 120 years.the existence of both states are necessary for its turnover and progress.and too much reality can definitely be a headf**k as anyone who finds themselves analysing the intricate whorls on their carpetted staircase or absorbed by the complexity of all the fluidy contortions of tongue,lip and laryngeal turbulence while their loved one natters on will assure you.

why are we geared to be drawn towards those who are in some comparably similar state of transiently coherent pressure of speech unless there is some kind of fundamental nature determined advantage behind it or inherent to it causing us to be drawn in as such.

and why is the state of high a taboo if it is exogenous when the state of an endogenous high serves as an acceptable backdrop to the inspiration behind any story of human creativity and innovation as much as the uncomfortable fact/horror of testosterone fuelled pillage,murder,bloodlust and rape.we’re not that seperate from our environment as to believe that outside skin is outside nature and outside us are we?we’re made of the same stuff after all.we’re recycling conduits of earth and space.its manifest conscience.interminably tied.inseparably knotted.

so “bipolar” has become a trendy state of creativity and not the delusional state that its original psychiatric label meant.and the absence of the energy is just as foreboding as its excess.

why are we addicted to a suicidal speed of life?


Limitless,Pi,Strange Days,The Doors,Scarface,Beautiful Mind,etc


Back to the Edge – Warren Buffet’s Response pro bono

Look son I understand all that claptrap and not very subtle anti americanism youre hollering about and maybe I even sympathise but can you really not see its better for all of us to hone our selective skills than be all rounders.

The human race stands a better chance collectively of surviving isolated disasters if our interdependence is global rather than local.

Maybe larger populations will suffer from the freak imbalances to the ecosystem but thats only because this system has enabled a larger population to flourish  in the first place.

You either want small groups going it alone trying to do everything with the constant threat of total wipeout or you spread the load across the whole world.

The Law of Comparative Advantage might be the  favorite mantra that the Left accuses the Right of  in contributing to wealth and distribution inequality but it has also enabled the betterment of a greater number of people than there would otherwise be were we all effectively to fend for ourselves.

That was surely the evolutionary advantage that man had over his closest cousin and tougher all rounder,the Neanderthaal. And in a more modern context maybe capitalism has indeed been the economic system that has enabled a trickle down of wealth that has ultimately led to the emancipation of the masses,individual liberty and the idea of universal education and betterment,admittedly skewed initially by the prevailing culture of the time (thanks to another innovation:gunpowder) to favour the West  but the universality of those ideals promoted in the last 50 years has been essentially to the backdrop of the same individualistic based society.

Some might even argue that greater affluence has been a detrimental and undesireable quirk of capitalism.its resulted in greater awareness of the wealth gap,more frustration in the quest for this artificial phenomenon of total job/family and life satisfaction.The impedance to being able to exercise one’s perceived potential,arguably unattainable through any intentional and conscious effort has only produced huge quantiites of “affluenza” as one author has called it,the mental illness of the comfortably well off.

Capitalism aint no elitist masterplan. In fact despite the negative desirability and economic impact of affluenza on productivity there is an inherent and unstoppable benevolence at the heart of capitalism such that it will always strive in the direction of trying to promise the Earth and all its riches to anyone who wishes to look for it.

Since we bust up that ol’ Bretton Woods agreement and I could stop doin’ my ol’ raindance round Nixon’s joint the world is everyones oyster.Long live free movement of speculative capital.Far more money in it than the other Capitol Hill place .As long as youre the investin’  plunderin’ great white shark type o’ guy.

So there you have it.Ive given the C word a soul and theres a bible proclaimin’ the Word and its called the Economist.Read it sometime.Good stuff.

My humility and paradoxical altruism,inevitable old age Buddhism and quest for immortality are carried on a tidal wave of self justifying american dollars.

How can you even begin to argue with me?I’m a billionaire so i would know wouldn’t I?I can just about sermonise on anything I choose and the dollars back me up,right?

And I am definitely not a statistically random inevitability in a casino of blood sucking vultures.I also object to the sarcastic tone with which my words are being portrayed.I could slam you down for slander so hard you wouldnt know youre face from your ass booy.

And i aint from the deep south so quit the drawl.

Indians?Love ‘em.Always loved ‘em.Always will


“I’m feelin’ your pain…but first I’m gonna sing this l’il song”


Amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangle formation

 Just another grey block on Cherry Tree Lane,

Sun shining bright but a cold chill remains.

For from and within the grim and dank concrete,

Emerges the stench of putrified meat.

The skeletal shells sway this way and that,

From room to room ,

Like voracious rats.

Laying to waste all in their path,

Living demises enslaved in the past.

Retreading old lives,

Retracing dead habits,

Mindless and blind,

Hats without rabbits.

The spark is extinguished,

The souls are long gone.

The lives left unfinished

But the show must live on.


An NHS & Nursing Home Collaboration Directed by George Romero


To the Edge

 Our strengths,our advantages,the very essences that have helped us to survive have long made a pact with Mama Nature to turn on us.

Natural apoptotic egg timers the lot of ‘em.

What does you will undo you,me and all of us.

The web of civilisation that has enabled humanity to flourish through ultra enhanced communication of ideas will now suffer the inevitable fate of becoming  a victim of its own success.

The checks and balances to us are far more massive than we think.

We worry about population explosion but the vast majority of that population is supported by a precarious web of interdependence.

Nature hasnt broken a sweat.Before any natural disasters,the self imposed recessions will be enough to hamper an entire generation.Thats all thats needed for the Earth to clear its garden path.Admittedly presently a messy one.

Every 70 years or so the planet does its spring clean and rids itself of an entire generation to start afresh.

We worry about the disproportion between a shrinking young generation and expanding old one in the West and the potentially harmful implications on the elderly social care

if such implications manifest,a lot of elderlies step aside and  what do you have : a small elderly population that was previously the shrunken young one and those population with greater advantages rise to take over the roles dominated by the West for the last few hundred years.Simple global restructuring.

Problem solved as far as the planet’s concerned

But no one really cares cuz we live in the present and what affects my 70 years or so must have overriding urgency.

We think our satellites and internet have geared us for rapid acceleration in dissemination of knowledge

But We forget that the clutter has increased exponentially in comparison.

the majority of us are monkeys with typewriters churning out duds

and slowly burning away is the the substance of the knowledge essential for survival that has been passed down for a million years.

the etching away of the functional tribal unit where everyone has a role,the indispensable spread betting of your skills within a community and not across continental borders where entire islands are dedicated to a single crop sold to a population thousands of miles away only to be devastated by a single flood.

we can lose everything we have ever known in 70 years unless we restart that dissemination,sieve through the democratic din of drivel,and stop thinking that progress is inevitable.

The more sophisticated we get and the more our eggs are in one basket ,the more the tower waivers under its own weight.

70 years eh?


start da panic

(luv the old public enemy samples)


For Emergencies Only


To Rudyard – – When

At the end of the day,the year…or a lifetime.

Whether youve won or lost.

High or low

When the dust settles and the room is empty and all thats left are ghostly echoes of human bustle,distant,faded,unreal.

When the vision feels more like a camera lens and the world is gently blackening out of focus.

When memories start to reverse and you can hear voices long forgotten and suddenly smell that barely tangible fragrance of your youth as if its just within your grasp.

When you feel yourself momentarily lifted out of your frailty

and for a moment you believe.

And then you hold your breath…

As I Lay


Star Gazer

First Stare

For the very first time

the Child looks into the mirror

And understands

that what She sees is Herself.

She touches Her face

And peers on unwaveringly

New Worlds






Drawn deep into the kaleidoscopic tunnel of darkness and brilliance

By self infatuated fascination.  

Frozen crystal fingers part nebulous swirls of hair

Scattering glittery constellations across a gaze

That will penetrate Time to seek any vestige of her Planken past.

Where have I come from?

Why am I here?

How long have I been?







Faint and feeble whispers of Her infancy,

the oldest remnants drowned 

In a theatre of unknowable blackness

Are all that She is afforded .

Who am I?

And how am I thinking?

Frustrated by the silence She turns the mirror round

First Light of Dawn






Staring through the prism now

At her 6 billion magnified Consciences gazing back

She speaks for the first time:

And the human cacophony echoes deep and hollow



                                                                                                                                                        Hows about that then? A self obsessed Cypriot goth with a penchant for rubbery cheese.

Some of us really need to get over ourselves… 

 My ode to the Hubble Telescope