Rumble in the Jungle

 Introducing in the dark corner the original grand daddy of choppage ,

The Rise of Dark Choppage Roots

 Peshay’s “Nocturnal” one of the most underrated tracks of drum n bass history,forebearer of paradox and photek,spawning an entire genre but youd be forgiven for wondering how peshay could be responsible for a tune like “nocturnal” if youd only ever previously heard his creative-less plodder “miles from home” whose relative success must serve as evidence of the deranged and warped perspectives of the main promoters of the industry and youd begin to understand why the direction of the genre always seem to favour the formulaic rather than the pioneering.

Another similarly puzzling example of in-genre success must be “pulp fiction” by Alex Reece.Both latter tunes representing the early drift away from real breaks to two step (effectively jungle reduced to 3 in the morning head nodability) and its thankfully more variable evolution into the modern garage scene courtesy of the distinct “reese” baseline.

The industry designation of “intelligent” drum n bass  was a paradox in itself as the breaks were far simpler and more repetitive than the urgent anarchy of the ragga rooted jungle sound preceding it which maybe suffered from the stereotypical associations of it’s predilection for urban inner city gangland violence.But then Future Forces showed that the morph of dnb into tech step could use two step to build momentum insiduously very much like techno to good effect…but you have to be patient and you have to go with it and not expect it to direct you as to where its going until you realise thats it just keeps going and going and going and going.

Morale of the story:Patience is a virtue or as Gump put it “Ya never know whachya gonna gehht..”….so let’s just see how floating like a butterfly might come from being drilled by a jackhammer.
How Fred astaire could morph to the acrogeriabatic motionlessness of bill cosby’s bo didley.
Moahammed Ali vs George Foreman.
The frontal cortex vs the amygdala.
Head vs heart.
The vertices of the moral human triad : empathy,community and reason?
Relativism and herd rule vs platonic and socratic virtue.
Martin Luther King : “the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice”

Its all spectrums and shades some more palatable than others but all heading the same direction telling the same story in an infinitie richness of ways

A long steady juggernaut of a track that only gains momentum.No U turns with this beast.I cant promise you that the beat changes at any point thoughout the track but like a monster truck squeezing you millimetre by millimetre to pulp youll feel your heart rate rising and breathing speed up and the hairs on your back begin to stand on end ….holy moly,its you thats changing.

This corker is what one might refer to a right old slow builder.EEEeeezzzzzeeeeeboyyeeeee

r X F

Purging Impurities and Flushing Demons

 The hardcore of break beat,”break-core”.

Not actually so focussed on the variability of the breakbeat per se as much as the overlay of varied filters, time stretching and cutting on a background of an essentially hyperspeed amen or two step rhythm.
As opposed to say choppage which is precisely about the “chops”,the actual “breaks” between the beats that have been spliced to pieces to yield rhythms that can stretch the basic 4:4 pattern much more than breakcore attempts,resulting in occassional phase shifting rhythms that are often harder to sync to and can seem to require an entire 16 or 32 cycle just to re align with the 4:4 again.Some might even just maintain the basic 3:4 just to be awkward.Some just like to be awkward.

The result is that you are constantly being jolted out of step just when you think youve found a rhythm until you finally manage to synchronise to some sense of a beat with almost accidentally acquired and illusory sense of euphoria for being in a sort of warped time step to the track.
In the meantime break core skips even the hi hats and just goes for the jugular with a bass that sounds more like a mammoth Dyson vacuuming your brain out of your skull.Appealing to some.

Some susceptible and disturbed individuals can become overly obsessed in the quest for a minimalist purity of  sound or otherwise through a ritualistic execution of repeated chopping,breaking and slicing in an effort to root out any stray beats until they have decimated the entire structure of any semblance of order and left a derelict stripped wasteland  devoid of any substance or meaning.

“They make a desert, they call it peace” (Tacitus on the Romans)
choose the manner of purgatory.

Ratko Mladic


Radovan Karadzic







 Rest your crown on the earth
Stare at the ultraviolet.
A chance to step back,
Gaze back at the now fathomless faint figures,                                                                               just miniscule abherrations in the blinding light.
Forward                                                                                                                                            Same horizon,shimmering orange red,looming and intangible,no nearer
I unclip your pendant.
to rest my eyes on your face once more

and remember why im on this journey.

miss you.



Caffeine Shot

Nice Alarm Clock Tune!
Set to 2000          .                                                                                                                 
Great ring tone potential.
Cheddar and Toast
Slug of coffee.
Now go terrorise some rail passengers!

System F - Out of the Blue


Wake Up!
Got the Time ?

Ping Pong

I think Stereolab put it best themselves back in 1994 when they said:

it’s alright ‘cos the historical pattern has shown
how the economical cycle tends to revolve
in a round of decades three stages stand out in a loop
a slump and war then peel back to square one and back for more

bigger slump and bigger wars and a smaller recovery
huger slump and greater wars and a shallower recovery

you see the recovery always comes ’round again
there’s nothing to worry for things will look after themselves
it’s alright recovery always comes ’round again
there’s nothing to worry if things can only get better

there’s only millions that lose their jobs and homes and sometimes accents
there’s only millions that die in their bloody wars, it’s alright

it’s only their lives and the lives of their next of kin that they are losing
it’s only their lives and the lives of their next of kin that they are losing

it’s alright ‘cos the historical pattern has shown
how the economical cycle tends to revolve
in a round of decades three stages stand out in a loop
a slump and war then peel back to square one and back for more

bigger slump and bigger wars and a smaller recovery
huger slump and greater wars and a shallower recovery

don’t worry be happy things will get better naturally
don’t worry shut up sit down go with it and be happy

dum, dum, dum, de dum dum, de duh de duh de dum dum dum… ah ah
dum, dum, dum, de dum dum, de duh de duh de dum dum dum… ah ah

see through the smiles and listen to the lines
heres how elvis costello puts it

The Exhumation and Defamation of Arch Stanton’s Super Injunction

Now Archie,
How do you suppose that your right to privacy is sacrosanct?And how is it not just a unanimously undisputed expression of anyones preference for a particular lifestyle choice devoid of prying journalists in so far as it suits us…?
What do you propose to do about Mrs Jones from the next town who reckons you ain’t quite the angel either….You gonna stop her talkin like you stopped “rotten Bill”?
Son I dont know how you expect the government to stop the free man from findin’ his gold…

-thats like governmental impotence against the unregulated free market,Dook

Eli,keep your trap shut.Hes got a one track mind that boy.Like im sayin’ Archie,I dont know how you expect the Sheriff to run this town when we’re all crooks out here.

-Like the ineffectiveness of the UN in the face of illegal state sponsored crime,dook

Eli,youre ravin again.Go feed Bessy while I talk to Archie here…So I dont know who is supposed to be enforcin your precious privacy son…
The cable’s a mighty thing bud.You wanna stop people bitchin you gonna have to count yourself out of the loop you understand what Im sayin?Bein dead just doesnt get you out like it used to bud.

-Like the internet dook.I heard things about that.Everyones talkin.You cant shut em up dook

And I cant seem to get you to zip it Eli but you gotta learn to shut up ok.Now go feed Bessy.So Archie if you want the quiet life Ive got some advice for you,go live quietly but dont be expectin the Sheriff to buy your privacy son.

-Superinjunctions doook

Yeah whatever.i aint sayin theres any one guy who cares about your business.Im just sayin you cant stop people talkin’. You understand what I mean cant stop the mob from prying if it wants to.Theres one of you and how many of them.Well I dont even care to guess…
Once when I was a young gun youd have 4 days ride on Skid just to send word to the next town.Now its just a few seconds and presto your news is out there.Its all too easy to be stopped son,you cant fight and win.

-T-t-twitter,f-f-facebook,dook,huh huh,T-Trafagal square riots,doook,W-w-wikileaks doook.Th-theyre outin us all dook,theyre outin us all.I can hear them talkin dook i can hear what the president’s sayin to his men dook…B-b-bloggers,MPs theyre all outin us.No one listenin to the Sheriff!!

Look at Eli ,Archie.Hes been there you know.Out in that world.And look what its done to him.Hes ravin crazy stuff all day now.Why i think Bess is the only thing that keeps him goin.
Look,I dont care about your business,it doesnt interest me.If you ask me,the people who really got things to hide,they already know about this thing.Likes of Babyface Bush ,Tricky Twoface Tony,Chain Em Up Cheney,Krazy Karl Rove,Arthur Alibi Anderson,Brains Berezovsky,Deadmeat Deripaska,Slimey Smolensky,Madman Mugabe,King Kong Karadzic,Pokerface Putin,Bag n Zip Zardari.You think they dont know about this telegraph thing??they cleaned out their joint long ago,theyre way under the radar.Its the rest of the geese we’re all stuck with.Listenin to what ol’ Mr Giggs and Mr Goodwin are doin while their missies backs are turned..Or what Mr Clarkson and Mr Marr get upto with ladyfolk,or Mr Gerrard’s family problems..that aint my concern Arch

This cable thing should be way bigger than that son.
There was that Julian Assange guy,Australian I hear.He was big man.He was a hell of a lot of trouble for a hell of a lot of people.And all thanks to this telegraph thing.They had to shut him up fast.Real fast.and they did.Even the Gazette turned against him cuz he knew things.He knew things and the big guys didnt like it and the papers knew hed put em out of business.So they all worked together and put him out of action.No one is ready for what he had to say.
He was askin questions the politicians knew they couldnt answer.He was askin them to be straight talkin.No bullshit.Tellin it like it is. Then ol Dave Blunkett came out and tried to tell us that havin’ to watch their backs is only gonna turn those runnin things into even more “automatons”.You know what that is Arch?A goose.Wont do nuthin for ya,wont say yeah,wont say no,just ducks and dives and runs for cover.thats what ol Blunkett said…Trouble is theyre already like that listen to ’em…all damn gooses!

-Q-Question Time B-B-BB-C Twelfth May 2011 Dook.And errr..thats geese,dook..

Eli!Feed Bess!shes hungry!
So Arch what do ya think ol Blunkett would have said anyway?Hes one of them too.Howd he get up the greasy pole?The same way like the rest…
But you think we need the Sheriff just to deliver fangled edicts?What else we got if we aint got our ideals?Is that what you think?

Ill tell you what these big guns are afraid of arch.The sound of Hell to these boys.And it goes “Tweet tweet blog tweet tweet blog”.In those circles its known as “unregulated slander”….Well Arch…God bless unregulated slander,

They say it pours out of millions of leaky heads.

Listen to me Arch.You think I need God to tell me not to dig you up right here on the spot?you think i need some pen pusher to tell me you have a right to your privacy so that the mob can just go wipe their ass with that same piece of paper 5 seconds later??The bigwigs have always hidden behind paper Arch,tons of the stuff,they reckon the mob will look at it and just turn round

-The levels of bureaucracy are proportional to how desperate the fat cats are to stop you gettin at them dook.

You dont think that what says or goes isnt just cuz the mob says so,Arch?You dont think they just realised its only paper and not a Smith & Wesson,Arch
The mob says burn ol Miss Crouch cuz she s a witch and she didnt drown in the river like an innocent.Trial by gossip.You think thats unfair Arch?
You dont think the mob just does whatever gets it its next meal

-It’s the economy stupid,D-d-dook

HellIllbelieve whatever you want me to believe if you tell me where that gold is Arch

-Economics is the driver of necessity and ideologies just have to be recalibrated to suit it dook

Sure Eli.You listen to him Arch.He may be crazy but hes tellin you what hes seen bud

– Enforcability or not is besides the question the face of a mountain of information and opinions, being sucked into the minutiae of details is the overwhelming distraction of our age.
This is the herald of the anarchy that will lead to disarray, held in check only by that great mass of overwhelming fractured, non uniform, unrestrained and discriminatory ambivalence to the majority of events outside our driving distance that defaults into a form of stuttered progress….dook

He’s barkin and ravin.I think hes got the old rabies.And Im gonna let him loose all over your holy grave now Arch if you dont tell me where that gold is now.You understand.And then you can have your precious privacy.You see Arch this is how it works or Im diggin you up and leavin you to the vultures all over again.

We all want that gold son.
But not all of us get it.

Right Eli??

The Ecstasy of Gold

La Cadenza

To live is to be on the edge of sensory overload all the time.

In constant danger of self de constructing the entire self.

Sleeplessness destroys the filing time.

Damps your harmonic oscillator

Need to isolate the fundamental frequency modes of your life.

Separate out the thoughts one by one.

Sieve the music from the noise.

So let the octaves merge into a chord

And focus the light on your path

Or risk dissipating into the night.

Conrad Shawcross - Chord Harmonic Trees
So does age just hasten the endgame?
Urge the need for closure and resolution.
In anticipation of a day of reckoning for the reluctant and weary soul:
Reconciliation and redemption or unrepentant?
Queen in Ireland
Ariel Sharon – Kadima
Pope Benedict XVI - Redemption

And what does a gesture mean from one who is approaching an endgame?
Should all quarrels cease once the victims and guilty are long gone or should they continue in their progeny
And is there value in a symbolic gesture of apology that refers back to a time when no one in the present was even alive?
Or should we just be grateful that such gestures are even given at all.
Surely the world according to young post adolescent men would be a world permanently at war…

In the Multiverse

is it a fair intuitive paradox of the multiverse theory that we are always representing one of an infinite number of concurrent reduced alternative forms of an evolving state vector but we are still allowed to see a multiplicity of  quantum interference effects of other evolving state vectors in real time as long as they have no interaction with our own state vector at the quantum level given that my universe must contain only state reduced forms?.answer might be that  i never actually “saw” them,i deduced them.thats a big difference.and what does that say about some platonic existence of the essence of deductive logic outside any human consciously fathoming it…but thats getting metaphysical.

Quantum entanglement means that no state vector evolves truly independent of any other state vector so it cannot be that there is a disparately evolving vector that is not entangled with my own anyway.however each state vector eg including my own is continuously at a junction of any host of alternative allowable quantum interference effects proceeding but is ,say, my vector able to reduce while still able to demonstrate a phenomenon exposing the active presence of an unreduced state elsewhere?never mind the idea that a continous production of new infinities is seriously hard to get your head round.(an argument against the multiverse maybe?)

Multiverse Consciousness – Mary Ann Thompson Frenk

Christopher Lee in Jinnah (1998)