Mercurially Hot

Totally cool that PJ Harvey won the Mercury Music Prize.A female “rock” artist that genuinely gives credibility to an otherwise dangerously untrendy genre and all the more cooler for never giving much of a hoot about trend anyway (the magic formula to coolness of course).

Evolving since her grunge days,I havent yet bought Let England Shake but love that shes singing about something other than herself which is a habit most in the industry are too up their colons to realise or even care about.

Maybe the subject matter wont connect with the under-20s or even under 30s but this is how music can really transcend into something serious thats reaching out and trying to make us think.

At the end of the day music is music and if it doesnt have a lick or a riff then all the seriousness in the world can fade away in a media thats been bludgeoned to death for commercially instant gratification.

I hope people wont find it pretentious but if I know PJ (I dont of course) shes anything but pretentious in her expression and the speech was simply put and unadorned unlike most of the verbal foliage emanating from one said blogger.








So since you can already find Good Fortune elsewhere lets do a knights move and leave you with another brutally pained woman from across yonder ye pond with grunge flowing viscous in her blood and God when screams she bleeds with open wounds,purges her ragged scars,expunges the sins unrepentant in guilt and defiant in the face of perdition…holy moly its courtney….

Oh and chew this ….creep

The End of 24

 The figure 8.

Turning on itself ad infinitum.

Infinity Flipped on its side.Wha…?

In the end you have to be the one to sever the knot.

Despite the inelegance,the presumptiveness,the implausibilities,the incredulities you cant help but be drawn in by its hypnotic alllure as it loops ceaslessly 24 hours a day 8 days a series blindly focussed and desperately seeking for retribution, vindication, redemption – closure.

But when the credits are closing and the light is about to be turned off forever the final judge,jury and executioner can only ever be you.

The Horror (Apocalypse Now)

Drifting In Between Stars and the Underworld

 We all need some constants right?
Underworld are my little constant,when dubstep seems to be giving me a weird reverberating deja vu of a previous reverberating deja vu here is one deja vu that I have no problem with.
Maybe these guys are stuck in 1996,maybe they just have their own sound,err progressive house??Some hybrid of house and Joy Division/New Order-y thingy with the odd digression into..well…stoned ramblings I suppose.
Second Toughest set the high standard,in variety,intensity,in mood,ambition,all that stuff.
Since Darren Emerson left weve tentatively watched with bated breath as theyve held their own.A Hundred Days Off was a great post Emerson success reassuring us that they can still pull it off.but over time maybe theres a tad less intensity,maybe theyre just older,I dunno,maybe its us whove grown older and wearier and they are the real constant and the Halleys comet of trendiness might cross their path again at some point.And if not then SFW.
But you know you can rely on them for a spattering of winners in every album.At some point in life you stop caring about new new new and just want good good good.and thats fine by me.
Cheers for the good times fellas.


Tried & Trusted


Start the Beat

Carrying on the nostalgic tip with another opportunity to plug Emeli Sande who I hadnt heard of until a few weeks ago. This time the old skool break comes courtesy of Shy FX who has actually paid some attention to giving this remix the right feel without overdoing the whole mainstream drum n bass excursion thing which he has tended to lapse into in the past with his other equally talented but guilty buddy T Power aka of Shake Your Body fame.

So heres an old skool junglist who has earned his credentials in his craft and Im glad it all comes together quite nicely in this simple example of good sampled riffs.
With 16000 policeman on the beat we could all do with a bit of simplicity and reflection tonight.Heres a little message for y’all…

Just doin’ the do

C’est Le Vent Betty

Hate is indiscriminate and blinding.Love is a far more prejudiced and precise meme.It bides its time with restless patience.Counting the seconds with obsessive intensity.Ferociously single minded.Paying no heed to itself other than in its quest to be exonerated.Like only a French movie could ever convey.A timeless classic about the unrestrained escapism of mutually self gratified love and the madness that must surely follow.Taking its captives to the edge of reason and beyond.And in a single breath it absolves its victim forever to be martyred in the mind of the object of its desire.
Take it from Betty Blue.Poop poop pee do

Jakatta – Feelin’ Blue

A Dn’B Ditty

To that illusion called nostalgia,
Thanks for the amnesia
and the passage of time.
For drying up the tears
Sweetening memories to wine.
For dulling the cries
And brightening the smiles,
For focussing the tenderness
And blurring all the messy rest.
So remember your roots,
They’re one place you know,
Because try as you might,
You just Cant Let Go.

The London Plague

London is an Olympic sewer.The buildings are the burning cinders of a rotting delusion.
Rats outnumber and outmanoeuvre humans.Every corner is near a rat.
Rats twitter.Rats are a plague.The Rats are out of control.
And as alluded to in Sabotaging the Anarchists and Post WW2 Britain Feminism blogs:
Its actually up to us not the police how this is going to go.
This is Karachi level of mindless self destructive opportunism.
So are the reasons the same as a Karachi riot?
Can this be the anticipated result of disproportionately distributed austerity measures?
Driven by the same malice compared to previous historical riots but with a speed,hysteria and evasiveness amplified by the internet and the mobile phone networks’ power of unpredictabilty to thwart and in fact completely render useless any organised policing effort which is reduced to a post riot analysis role.
And of course the police presence is contentious enough to be the catalyst for strife in areas where there is a historical lack of trust and respect between the public and law enforcement.
History tells us the police are not alien to the same mindset themselves and crimes have been committed in the name of the law too.
The rats are only too happy for the police to get involved.And its shop windows until then.
But in the thick of it this is an expression of disrespect and disregard.Anger could rarely be so widely distributed and maintained across the country without having a political face to it.
As misdirected as it is inexpressible and doubtlessly fuelled chemically and culturally and not entirely dissimilar to themes you might encounter in grand theft auto or grimestep.
The match is set alight and mayhem and disruption allowed to unfold for the sake of itself.
In a phase of an increasingly stark wealth gap in the west maybe this is confirmation of a virally contagious and connected network of a disenfranchised subprime subculture.
Regardless of the perpetrators individual circumstances and the naked opportunism on show this is an expression of a group that does not believe it has anything to lose.
Or it is a freakishly coincidental collection of all the insane people acting in bizarre unanimity.
Detached from social responsibility,rendered numb to empathy,ambivalent to cohesion,facing prospective mainstream financial,educational and state isolation and drowned by cultural adulation of outlandish wealth in the media.Dulled by repeated exposure to the extravagances of the ugliest kind amongst the wealthiest echelons and witness to scandal upon scandal amongst the rich and powerful but disarmed to the point of impotent onlookers for 51 weeks of the year all that is possible in such a warped and dissociated mind is brainless self and outward destruction.Temptation of easy riches may have been motivation for the established criminals but they were just piggybacking on the sheer number of casual looters and vandals who had no articulated agenda otherwise they would be more organised and baby clothes and charity shops would not have been targets.
The analysis of socialists will be unpopular.So throw all the police you like at it.Invoke anti terrorist legislation and draconian detention measures.You cannot proscribe envy.You cannot legislate Thoughtcrime.The weeds always grow quickest and spread the fastest.This is the system.And its stability depends on those who don’t riot not those who do.
If we’ve accepted the unashamedly consumerist society we’re in,where economic growth depends on the amassing of material goods and wealth is paraded as the measure of a person, then we must accept that those who don’t have will want that 42″ plasma TV,that iPhone and those £100 nikes.
And in a selfishly protracted suicide by proxy they will destroy everything in their wake, blindly guaranteeing a self fulfilled destiny of criminality but falling shy of ending it with themselves thereby promising destruction again and again until there is no future and nothing left to destroy.

Inequality is the cancer.Broken familes are the seed.Envy is the fuel.And on this occassion gunshots were the trigger.And lovelessness leads to an indiscriminate plague that destroys everything and itself and the poorest remain trapped in the cycle of poverty.The New Black?
Big Society?If you are there step up..and listen for the Thieves in the Night…

Maybe self love,self respect,empowerment and knowledge of self determination are crazy dreams.
But theyve been dreamt of for some time.You can’t condone mindlessness but why is it embedded within society.
And Mos Def and Talib Kweli have been there before.They know a thing or two and whilst gangster hip hop postured and gesticulated,the Black Star shone the brightest

The Tree of Life

This life shit is beginning to do my head in.
Maybe ive just seen too many movies do it better and more subtly but if youve never seen 2001 Space Odyssey and want to see how it could be done really really badly then see this film.
The grandness of the subject is almost pounded at you while no thought can be thought without images of supernovae and nebulae constantly shoving into view to remind you of their omnipresence.
You can get the same genuinely beautiful imagery from a combination of science and nature documentaries without seeing brad pitt looking like michael douglas in falling down outfit walking about in some state of transcendence,and without someone telling you this stuff is to do with life and smallness and other miscellaneous heavy shit as if these thoughts cant enter your head by natural inquisitiveness.
Subtlety goes a long way in movies and art is supposed to leave things open to interpretation but this is neither and it just bulldozes you with its magnanimity.
And ultimately i think its trying to give you an overstretched message about the cyclical nature of all things which is really a tragedy because that fact really is quite profound but is lost in the infernally rhetorical whispering going on amidst images of smoke and jellyfish.
Shame cuz i generally can see the merit in watching paint dry and if i had to leave this movie after 20 minutes then this movie is in serious trouble.
Maybe some schmuck whos never stopped for a second to realise one day he will die and the only shallow consolation is that every feeling of good or bad (or nature and grace as the film refers for those phenomena which lack any evident consciousness) in this universe is felt alone and together.
But that schmuck wouldnt go to see this movie anyway and if he does hell walk out or kill himself.
It doesnt even manage to put it in those words,that would be alright: Life is a headf**k man.job done, go home.No,this just goes from dinosaurs to hammerhead whales,mitochondria ,cytoskeletons and galaxies again while sean penn stumbles around in a claustrophobic spiral of navel gazing.
The big questions??
Hitchhikers did it more funnily,Synedoche did it with original but uncomfortable nihilism.this movie just lectures you at snails pace without the benefit of Richard Strauss’s musical score and without Kubrick’s optimism and wonder.
It belongs in the Tate with 10 seats ,no fee and an easily accessible entry and exit.
So here to top it all im gonna spare you the lecturing and show you how its already been done and done with oodles of subtlety and grandeur,humour and seriousness,bigness and smallness in Kubrick’s original masterpiece to a backing track by Alaska and Seba.
the all encompassing,multiplicating and supremely innocent embodiment of the universe’s consciousness.
play it again stan…

6x9 is 42?I don't get it Hal 🙁


On the Winehouse

cant get too worked up about the winehouse death.
tony bennet reckons most natural jazz voice in a contemporary artist that hed collaborated with.
never actually loved any song by her though,I said NO NO NO.
suppose she did have a distinctive style and look.but thats the name of the game isnt it?
so another death of a 27 year old pop icon alongside consumers jim,jimi and kurt.
so head downstairs where the smoke is a thick and silent white haze and the lights flicker in a fluorescent daze .have a drink on the Winehouse,fill the air with moroccan red and let Miles play the blues while the colours of the union jack are smudged into purple hues…


Miles Davis - Feeling Kind of Blue


Emeli Sande – Heaven

Would never ever have guessed that this tune is now and not 1992! A real nod to tracks like Unfinished Sympathy,Let me Be your Fantasy,Where Love Lives,Sweet Harmony and all the other old skool classic breakbeat anthems.If it had been released back then it would probably now be called a classic but instead its a (gulp) ”retro” tune which some have described as (yikes) trip hop??!*$!!
But its true that period is instantly recognisable cuz it tends to fuse different influences that now tend to keep very separate.Betrayed by a naive optimism about disregarding differences and emphasising the positivity and soulfulness of the tunes which are now pigeon holed to death…
So…yeah.Good tune