Bucket List

Put effort into everything that comes from you

Make it yours.

Experiment with it.

Push it to its limits.

A breakbeat shouldnt just be a breakbeat.

It may not always work.

But you tried.

Distort it

Stretch it.

Warp it.Bend it.

Turn it inside out.

Dehumanise it.

Then give it a voice.

And say something totally human.

After all,as Chubby Checker would say,we all love a twist.

A mobius in the conveyer belt of life to tip us upside down and right way up again.

So we can all go “eh yup..that was weird” before we kark it.

And the first brit to spontaneously combust makes it to the hall of infamy in the wake of an illustrious line of Spinal Tap drummers.

And the Palestinian Authority finally throws the can of human rights in the bucket and resorts to the minutiae of Capone-esque legalities of profit and economics to make its case to its european sympathisers in a language they can finally comprehend

So before you kick the bucket make sure that the least thing youve done is to take Ed Coleman’s advice:

“Piece of advice for ya”






                                                                                                                                                               Dont be a sleepwalker my vacuous sunblock of a friend.

Be a somnambulist

Heterogeneity in the Penumbra


All different colours,shapes and sizes.

But at the end of the day.

Theyre all full of s**t.

Ahh yon metaphor of life once again.

Preconditioned cells on the edge of a necrotic zone.

“Should I stay or should I go” they wonder in their perky pesky little eukaryotic nuclei while ol’ mighty Mitch Mitochondria twiddles away at Russian Roulette.

Who knows.

And who knows what comes out of the mouths of men and mice

Other than recycled manure.

If only we could just let the shit fly and walk on by

Vickers’ World

The ones in power make the rules.Obviously…                                                                            So who has that power?
The one whose decisions affect the most and yet answers to the least
Immune from the consequences of their decisions…naturally
or to put it another way: the biggest hypocrites
Then its left to the rest of us to unite in our consent or our dissent.

Rule no 1: Effective suppression can manufacture consent
Rule no 2: Ineffective suppression procures dissent
Rule no 3: For an oligarchy there is no other option

Vickers chippin' with his clippers

The history of commerce is the history of the middle man only now it seems the middle man has leaked into every facet of life and culture.  

When did it become a boast simply to have met someone?

When the X factor judges are more famous than the pop stars.

When a reality show is more significant than all its contestants put together.

When the actors are more privileged than the real people they portray.

When the NHS pays more for the legals costs than for the compensation.

When the managers generically detached approach is valued more than the clinicians individualistic view.

When the banker earns more in interest than the business can afford.When the lender is more respected than the inventor.

Thats the world in which the dealer always wins

Uks position has been inflated ever since the deregulation of the financial market in the City ofLondon.

If we cant afford to keep the middle man “talent” then let it go,we dont need that kind of fricking talent thanks.If we get downgraded we get downgraded.Simple rebalancing.Whats the big deal?

We will keep the thinkers,the do-ers and the innovators and you can be sure another middle man will pop up amongst that real talent and nominate itself as its epicentre.thats the thing about middle men,theres an endless reserve of them.they utilise the one talent found disproportionately amongst the talentless.the talent for greed and the lust for money.And the self justification that follows.the one group where you get declared a talented genius after you win a lottery and the lackeys that follow suit are perplexed as to why regurgitating the same numbers doesnt yield the same fortune again and again.

What Brain Drain?

The Race against your Faculty – Love in the TIme of Cholera

Patience is that lingering scent that envelopes you like a python just for long enough that you might savour the aroma of promise before its squeezed right out of your fingers and dissolved into the air and youre left staring at the withered creases in your hands.

The art of seduction.

European Unity.the UBS rogue trader.Libya.Syria.Israel.Palestine.

Patience for change.Patience for results.Promises,Promises Galore.

A hundred years of solitude or more

To reach the end of the well travelled road

And seek the path well trodden for sure

That leads to your front door.

Going Round and Round yields 2 sided Pointlessness

A boat is not a concrete tower block
200 lives,hopes,dreams,beliefs dissolved
stuff doesnt make sense
if it made sense there would be a point
a point is not what the grand scheme concerns itself with
so stuff doesnt make sense
makes sense?
Nothing figures cuz if we figured stuff out there would be nothing left to figure and we would cease to matter.There would be no point left
so there is no point. That way nothing figures and continues to not figure so we can carry on trying to figure stuff and that is the point.
our ontologically paradoxical raison d’etre
applying the logic of infinites to the finite
making sense out of the nonsensical
constructing stories and morales from chaos and insignificance.                                                                                                                                                     trying to understand what we are not constructed of.
trying to understand the anti-us.mutually exclusive to us.and yet an image of us nevertheless.instantaneously communicating but beyond the bounds of our matter.
and so left only with trying to understand each other because it is only through that unfathomable unknowable other that we can find the embodiment of everything that matters to us and it is only through our own mysteriously veiled prisms that each one of us can individually perceive the mystery without that might afford us a hint of the mystery within.
the tainted misty mirror into our souls

the ol’ dirty method of raekwon the ironman

da mystery of chessboxin