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Special Relativity depends on 2 precepts: the constant speed of light and the laws of physics being the same in all directions.
the second can be taken to mean that the laws of the universe are symmetrical in all time and spatial directions and orientations ie it has no directionality
But we need to explain why relativity holds so well when we also know it is not complete and there is evidence of assymetry in parity/chirality and the dubbed axis of evil of assymetrically rotating galaxies 10 degrees either side off our dipole.
Start from our methods of measurement
we can take the measureable dimension of the universe to be a function of light since light defines the measureable boundary so if light is emitted in all directions from the start of the big bang then the universe is a sort of expanding 4D sphere although our domain may only be the surface of that sphere
i suggest the key to the incompleteness is in recognising the importance of the term “sort of”
because the universe consists of matter, antimatter, dark energy etc these energies must alter the speed of light by different amounts in different directions (assuming general relativity to be absolutely correct in this measureable locality)
So arguably the radius of the universe from the centre (which is not connected to the spacetime plane as it is not on the surface) in all directions is not equal ie the surface of the universe is slightly rippled.
this means that the assumption of uniform speed of light like everything else mathematical is a platonic assumption and it this discrepancy that hides the secrets.
Halfway there Schroedinger!

this discrepancy means that a non uniformly expanding n-dimensional universe at its outer limit ie point of origin of big bang stretched out over a finite n-1 dimensional “edge” confers a a non zero curl function giving a net angular/tangential differential that varyies as the speed of light varies in different directions ,hence there might be a supradimensionally analagous equivalent to net angular momentum and torque for the universe.it is only when you take the average speed to be equal in all directions that you end up ironing out the extra dimensions with a uniform relativistic but inevitably incomplete picture.the discrepancies give rise to directional dependency that unmasks the hidden dimesions and multiverses beyond.
the consistency of relativity is based on finite measurements in any finite direction and do not take account of the event horizon of the universe where the non uniformity actually is and hence never shows flaws.
it is only at the time reversed border of the expanded singularity of the universe where time is static and the universe is timeless and ageless and still instantaneously connected to the big bang (and all other “time” points)where the supradimensional non uniformity confers all subsequent assymetry in the expanding domain and that gives rise to consequences from non conservation of parity,matter/antimatter/dark matter imbalance and even unidirectionality of entropy.
The imbalance/directionality of these entities may essentially be consequences of energies arising from the cosmic ripples of a supradimensional rotation.
at this unreachable extra dimensional interface there is an abrupt theoretically discontinuous change in number of dimensions and hence relativity would not apply and arguably quantum discreteness (of a sort) abruptly takes over.
however I have needed to imply the existence of non symmetrical distribution of energy for non uniform light speed over the full 4-D radius of the universe in order to explain the non symmetrical distribution of energy.
Is there embedded within this flawed logic a Godelian demonstration that each axiom is the corollary of the other and so is ultimately unproveable and but though its very existence (ie that of the universe) is therefore proof of a supradimensional universe?
and so ultimately is this the theoretical foundation for the limit of applicability of general relativity from which one must deduce it’s incompleteness which arose only from Einsteins intra-axiomatic and aesthetically guided sense of a self consistent,contained and continuous universe which is why the theory breaks down at the unmeasureable end.it is also why we have a more empathic admiration for Einsteins sense of beauty than for Planks calculably demonstrable discontinuities of nature.
so it only remains to show how quantum processes can be extended to account for the force of gravity on larger scales and not the other way round.
Glad I got that off my chest.Now…will it be a kitty korma or pussy pizza tonight…!!!! .ahh choices choices….

Fractal Ripples

Wacky Races

just saw an episode of louis theroux after many years.
the thing about him is that very same thing that made me stop watching him some time ago.
the fact that people who like his programmes find his dry deadpan demeanour in the face of the bizarre,very funny.
i agree he chooses his subjects well,they tend to do the work for him.
but after 20 years or so of doing this im not sure if hes ever really said anything that funny.
after all that time of seeing the strangest and the most eccentric face of america you think he might tire of the traits that tend to run amongst those who have chosen alternative attitudes to life.
after doing anything for so long surely there must be times when you feel youve seen it all before…like any job i guess.
so what drives him,not the humour in these things as he has still managed to carry that same puzzled look on his face all this time.so no there is something a bit deeper.
like anyone who finds the drive to keep doing something for a reason other than practical necessity i think he is genuinely fascinated by people.and hes almost studying them with the eye of an anthropologist who has nothing in common with them.
but after this much time of spending time amongst these people doesnt some of it rub off on you so you start to become as strange as your subjects?
especially in a self obsessed industry like the media,all that immersion could well make you a bit loopy quite fast.
nevertheless it cant be an act after all this time.we’re just not that good liars as has been pointed out by some,it is evolutionarily more economical to employ willful self deception for the purposes of achieving some end than to be an intentional liar..that would be far too complicated and elaborate.much easier to let yourself believe your own lie and ignore that (usually) quiet voice in the back of your mind than to calculate and try to procure an outcome.the most successful,or lets say,the most single minded people in life are maybe the ones best at ignoring all the other little voices clamouring around in their heads.believe your own lie and even the law will sympathise.
that applies from the biggest decisions (right Mr Blair?) to the most mundane day to day domestic disagreements using arguments of higher moral grounds to win…
so i guess its quite humanisitic and endearing that Louis Theroux continues to be bewildered by the humans after a lifetime of being a member of that same wacky race.Sort of reminds me of how I felt when I first saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show..
weird…and a bit cringy ….but kinda cool…
like this tune…

Fancy a Waffle

Yeah yeah.Fatigue and sleeplessness moshin in the pit again ,bad shit hanging with floods and the like kicking off their impetuous tantrum like they do once every butterfly flap or so .And so the zombie rises to automatise in front of shiny screen at ungodly hour for absolutely no reason and against all sense once again to mention one worthy note of the day courtesy of that stealth bombing bastion of hush puppy splattered loafering music :chill fm.
nice number to do an eyebrow bop
jiving thru my nuclear arsenal of tried and tested responses to anything stephen pinker can come up with,like ,whoa there is no god.
controversial boy that one,raisin a few eyebrows some end of some algae infested pond but my stare ends with peering up his turbinates.for some reason his head is tilted at that angle whenever he talks.maybe too much time talking to the egocentricised “platysmae a la rouge” end of the world.
and,hold your horses,personality is a multifactorial combination of genes and environment but most importantly:genes ,because there are studies that show that in a group of lobotomised p53 knockout bisexually castrated giant eunuch rats apathy is an epidemic by sunday but self terminated by tuesday because the number 45 bus killed a USF 2 heavyweight hyperadrenalised mutant mouse and this shows that witches and wizards exist however this was not powered and had no intention to treat analysis demonstrating a non significant trend of  numbers needed to treat the Mann Whitney test before Carl Friedrich Gauss starts splittin his sides while the monkeys keep typing.He knows theyre all talkin crap but he also knows that amongst all that nonsense there is a mean, a variance and a standard interval and a truth embedded within the substance of living drivel..
Enchantress,entice moi….

Steven Pinker : "Hey I was born this way"

1-2-3 No Gravity

 Is the apparently paradoxical nature of the digitally unquantifiable but platonically evident exactness of irrational numbers proof of a quantum state vector process at the heart of number theory which could help address problems not amenable to the domain of classical mathematical logic (ie the breakdown of applying discrete variable logic to continuous phenomena) .that is could a number have a dual or multiply probabilistic nature determined by the method of measurement but when calculated algorithmically,seems to be infinitely incalculable.hence the randomness of quantum phenomena results in a breakdown of classical logic at the extremes of reality at the smallest quantum scales and largest singularities in the universe such as black holes where cantor’s intuitively inexplicable mathematical proof of infinitely different sizes of infinity reveals an even stranger multiplicity,ie that of ideas themselves.and does that show as previously blogged the proof of non absolute and probabilistic multiplicity of number logic itself in the absence of the measurer?maybe a number or in fact any linear unit entity including part of a logical network (eg of reasoning) is actually just a projection onto a 3 dimensional plane of what is actually a multidimensional stem that can be transformed orthogonally yielding different probablilistic projections of which the one that we perceive is just one particular collapsed wavefunction of that state vector and hence a reason for the limit of a brain that uses this very same creative flexibility to formulate ideas that will conform to a more macroscopic and determinable scale.in other words it takes a hell of a lot of unstructured non deterministic human imagination and creativity to convince yourself that the universe is deterministic.
Gods little joke I think.
Ha bloody ha.

Enquiry into Humean Understanding

This one by joshua Collins is bizarrely called “Frodo”.what exactly motivates a producer to take a trippy tech house number and christen it after the nephew of the fussiest hobbit in the Shire god only knows.But I never thought something titled Frodo could be spooky until I heard this but then come to think of it he was never quite himself after dabbling with that invisibilty business and prancing about in that half world where only bad stuff seemed to go on.Nothing but trouble if you ask me.I mean,packing his bags and disappearing off with a bunch of elves on some mysterious boat heading off for some loosely implied self extinction tells me his head was not where a hobbits head should be.
but then again He just sounds a bit like the rest of us.And he seemed such a quiet boy….so maybe I get it josh.
Nothing and nobody is quite what they seem.and no amount of inherently untrustworthy non empirical introspection can be assured of giving us any fundamental truth and all our insights are intrinsically bounded and self contained inductive extrapolations…as David Hume might have said…

In my dreams...am I The One?

BT Landline

Know Im carrying on about the BT thing at the moment but its my blog and it has at least one enthusiatic follower (which makes it all worthwhile!) and as wi-fi exposure related memory problems ensue one is sure that the audience will continue to be a bilaterally endless source of amusement to itself.And this is just where im at at the moment.
Its quite hard to find that indistinct tightrope labelled good background music( which in itself might sound insulting to an artist who has sweated blood into some ethereal concept behind it) but lets be honest we all need some good background music ,arguably it is far and away the most in demand genre after all how often do most organisms find time to sit and contemplate in some kind of meditative trance transfixed in entirety by the music that is playing,other than at a live gig when theyve paid most of their weeks wage on it in which case youll listen to it no matter how wrong it turns out.Exactly.
Gigs,car radios and maybe for the deranged insomniacs gouging their eyes out at bedtime.
But for the rest of the time its background music please.Openly sold as “soundtracks” to your life .Not sure most lyrical artists would agree with the term but thats the nature of any profession where the deliverer will generally have to put 110% into a product to make it stand out when the craved for attention one finally receives turns out to be as fleetingly anticlimactic as everything else thats generally sweated over ,like a painting in a gallery.
So in fact searching for the holy grail of good background music that can truly run in the background,feel like a soundtrack as subtle as the music in a movie but complementary to your circumstances without taking over you to the point of distraction-which is why I find it hard to listen to music with lyrics – and yet also not just fade into the distance petering out into dullness ,is pretty tough and should be recognised as such.
So such an album is never going to hit you is it?It would probably be a slow grower.You would never think to play it because its too subtle to make its presence openly felt and yet in the right circumstances ,usually involving rainy grey days,you suddenly realise what it is.its not ambient in the sense that there is conventional musical rhythm and instrumentation but its been spliced and re edited and re spliced and re pasted.And just as everything is melting pleasantly the ground shudders and the music pats you on the shoulder and tells you its next to you the whole time.
So here I am facing a week of minicramming and this album actually enhances my work rate like a cup of coffee without the gastric convulsions.
A mentally invigorating brain massage called Binary Universe by Brian Transeau rediscovered after accumulating dust linearly and second order recurrently in the corner of my shelf for a few years.Thats what happens when you buy a BT album tha turns out not to be a BT album…
Every tune on this album is a humble giant.And more than ten years on BT still has the missionary zeal of a believer proselytizing the everlasting wonder of the irrational positive golden ratio 1.61803…I totally get it.Much appreciated Mister Transeau…

From H G Wells,Isaac Asimov,Jules Verne and Phil Dick to Douglas Adams

In the future we will have the answers

Because we have always had the answers

Like Deep Thought in Hitchikers,

Douglas Adams got it absolutley right.

The answer has always been all around us.

We are the answer because we are the only ones that can ask the questions.

The only thing is extracting that answer that is embedded within our very essence.

And the only way to perceive it is from the outside.

All the future can provide is greater interconnectivity for this vast neural network of human answers.

For it is only by connecting the 6 billlion ( and I mean all 6 billion) or so minds instantaneously that we can replicate the quantum fuzz of ingenuity at a predictable enough odds beating rate.

It is the variety that gives us the creativity.The cultures,the histories and the languages converging and diverging in a criss crossed tangle of chaotic beauty.The similarites and the differences feeding the inspiration and the impetus to reach a common goal individualistic and yet for the good of all our genetic progeny

The internet and gaming has given us a glimpse.Satellites and electromagnetic have given us the medium.Microchips and nanotechnology now have the potential to connect everyone.Brain computer interfaces might circumvent the robot.We could become unified with each other and with our material world in a telepathic virtual world.

And in all likelihood we will continue to gossip about the prosaic day to day ups and downs of our daily existences: did you see this program;did you watch that game;can you believe he did this or so and so’s doing that;theyve bought this;she’s moving out or just announcing to the universe that youve had a crap day.

Because the day that stops is the day we no longer recognise ourselves.

For better or for worse that day would be the next step in our evolution

As we all begin to tune in it gets easier and easier to tune out.

So while we still can lets close our eyes and tune in to this enchanting piece of Sanskrit raga.
Take a scale and turn it into a story of praise and devotion.Witness the human alchemy….

Mysore Vasudevacharya


 Dis iz for dissin meh,in da club,wid me homies

a bin well miffed innit cuz dat is disrespek to ma face see?

for dat a hav ta be well messin yoo up good an propah  wid me li’l piece.

Na yoo hav ta be lickin da grass n graaam in da bass ment while a be gettin all herbiverous on your aaasss!

Stickya hedz in ma man Ian Neale’s massive welsh swede turnip waal a roll da beeetrootzzzzz…..

Survival of da fittest veggie

Where u iz Formation or Formalin

DJ SS gardenin in da dnb ghetto

Diggin aat da weed from da chavs

Chek it

Piece aat muhfuuhrrr 2 da influx u kay

Satiate my Sativas Bro!

The Necessarily Intangible

 Variable cosmological constants.the neutrino dimension beyond light speed singularity.an ever accelerating universe.White holes.dark matter.holographic reality projected from the infinitisimal edge of a black hole.quantum anti classical logic state vector thought process and probability defying electron tunnelling.prethought and predestiny.the mental physic and subconscious platonic.Limits,illusions,mirages.the murky and elusive pre axiomatic soup.the evolutionary necessity,foolproof robustness and enticing allure of committed self deception.

Just another Tory conference.

Comrades!Let me show you where the sun always shines!