Scanner Darkly

one persons blue is anothers green and the world isnt any different for it.similarly one persons expressed view can never be conveyed exactly but there may never be any apparent ambiguity between the intended message and its interpretation by another.
the multiple ways in which a single word can mean anything ranging between total opposites and yet communication be effectively facilitated.which is why language works despite its relativity.
but in considerations of the absolute there is no sufficiently semantic certainty.
these conclusions could only ever come from the wandering mind of one who has the privileges of wealth without having had to work to get it.
hence essentially a gloriously elaborate exercise in searching for the absolute value of ones identity.
the one in question being one Ludwig Wittgenstein.
And for that I sympathise with his plight but short of having studied him the direction and focus of his philosophy seem only to be a study of a deeply frustrated man thrust with high expectations and a lot of time to think.
it is definitely not an evolutionarily desireable situation to give man too much time to think and most of the time life still cleverly steamrollers over such esoteric avenues of enquiry with much more effective basic instincts and needs but now and then in a population of billions there are bound to be a few who through a combination of circumstances manage to bypass the onslaught of those daily impulses and not only glimpse but stare at their own reflection in the giant mirror of human civilisation and look where it takes them…
depression,plain and simple and as confusingly contradixtory as that.
then take philip k dick,as iatrogenically schizophrenic as is possible to get but positively bursting with paranoid imagination that is arguably very easy to relate to in our modern world.
no less a philosopher for being tormented by the possiblity of a double duped twin existence and essentially dedicating his life to posing psychological twists that question our values and estimation of our worth and daring to offer some unappetising answers,he lived and died in parallel tumult.
and if you ask me i reckon roger hargreaves was snorting dick’s residues when he came up with the hippy pig smoking a cigar and going “moo” in the fantastic mr men series.
all for kids eh?love ‘em!
if you cant live and die by your philosophy then it isnt credible.but if you manage it then the words meld with the man and the life itself becomes an example.
taken to its limit you get religion.

Woof Woof Moo