something old,something new

The accepted mystery of the placebo effect proves there is more to health and in fact any type of subjectively judged intervention than present objective indicators can tell us.
The mind and psychology are key ingredients.referring to demonstrable evidence of neuroplasticity this is the best structural basis for a holistic explanation of our physiological adaptability to illness.
Respiratory illness and chest infections dominate medical causes for hospital admission.I would argue the pathophysiology is especially connected with the psychological state.insular infarcts may alter mood and autonomics and are connected with sudden cardiac death and there is plenty of lab evidence demonstrating immunological derangement and psychological stress.
The difficulty in targetting specific immunotherapy demonstrates that these mediators are not so much causal as much as indicators of status and that once again the brain in all its totality both as homeostatic regulator of autonomic function and mood is where the problem begins.
All multicellular organisms have been tuning their response to infection since life itself spawned.this is not a new battle.and respect should be given to inbuilt and evolutionarily dictated developments in our response to sepsis.
A 200 year period of growth in our armament to combatting infection should still recognise the limitations of this relatively recent Victorian mechanistically simplistic pathogen targetted approach.
The holistic psychological approach is not a panacea.and such talk only serves to polarise a counterproductive should be seen as equal to the other more conventional aspects of modern medicine
But modern medicine has certainly overestimated its ability to test and appropriately interpret trials for evidence of benefit.otherwise there ought to be complete subjective and objective concordance about the response to say treatment for chronic pain or depression.
We have to recognise our inability to currently sieve out isolated features of a complex multisystem process and the expectation of finding a solution through such an approach.
Does gene therapy negate my argument.
If gene therapy can demonstrate total cure then maybe.but 1)that has so far not been the case (see cystic fibrosis),and 2)how do you demonstrate the absence of a significant psychological adjunct as part of the reason for success? ( not the placebo effect but a psychological predisposition to better outcomes) and 3)doesn’t the existence of epigenetics override the simplistic incorporation of a gene as a cure and bring in a more important multifactorial element into the gene concept that could yet again come down to traditional psychological predisposition?
Ideally if there was the equivalent of a ” pleasure” centre for psychological motivation this might be our best predictor of success of a would probably instigate a spate of trials using a new class of mood receptor targeted drugs which would subsequently fail to demonstrate convincing evidence of benefit in those who are not psych motivated in the first place and the drugs would then lose favour.
A predictable failure of our whole approach as a means of assessing the problem.
Chicken and egg is a recurring metaphor for our limitations in understanding and neuroscience while having the potential to straddle modern and alternative interpretations to healthcare is currently driven by a political dogma for a financially assessable modern approach and developments in technology eg MRI scans demonstrating cause or effect?
so for now we will have no reliable way outside our intrinsically flawed in vitro type means of assessing the impact of a psychologically integrated
uapproach to medical treatment.
But without having pure isolated auditable targets.focus on impact of good motivation,adequate refreshing sleep,mental stimulation,appropriate cultural empathy and inclusiveness will always come second in a financial and legally accountable and politically driven system driving the concept of a pathogenic causal microorganism as the basis for infectious disease.

and while I might have ranted about a circadian neuroscientists overly prejudicial bias against examples of night time creativity,I am completely au fait with idea of keeping homeostatic harmony with autonomic systems that have evolved over millions of years.
Although that argument doesn’t allow for the idea of trying to change anything at all which does not reflect our intuitive capacity to adapt to derangements of normal circadian rhythms.
I just think a greater emphasis on the symbiosis of normal routine incorporated so far as possible into a treatment strategy gives us the best chance of getting better.and in a world where an exhausted and comfortably sleeping baby is disturbed because a doctor did not consider the impact of 1-2 hourly nebulisers during the night defaulty administered on the basis of unreliable pulse oximetry means we still do not know how to apply common sense individualised tailoring to treatment and interpretation of evidence in ahealthcare system that pressurises the need for automated protocolising in order to strike the balance the needs of the one and the needs of the many.
The pendulum swings back and forth.the dawn breaks for all of us,the dusk is the twilight whose moonbeams reveal the few ,and in the dim light emerge those nightshift nuts and coked up sleep deprived clubbers who don’t mind the sound of jackhammers and nails scraping the blackboard with their Belgian hoovers blasting thru the night….

The Second Foundation,the world of the mind where one abandons discrete physicality for harmony with one surroundings,suffusing into its very fabric and blessing all matter with the hand of the Divine

Isaac Asimov - Second Foundation


A Musing Illusion

Accidentally stumbled across the author of this tune that is so yearning for a matthew bellamy (from muse) bellow special.
When I first heard it in the opening scene of 28 weeks later and 28 weeks later I was still trawling thru Muse’s back catalogue trying desperately to find it and of course never did,having sworn I could hear his vocals in the backdrop,now I realise I was hearing things.And whats interesting for me about this one is the flat note at the start of the recurring arpeggio that seems to reset the escalating notes without relaxing the emotional momentum thus creating the illusion of an ever escalating tension towards some truly cataclysmic finale.

M C Escher's Perpetual Ascent

george’s thang

An open palm offered.a teicoplanohedron ,its centrepiece.a truce proposed.but in the eyes ,aren’t they the organ of concession where rods and cones light up the path to an understanding, made or lost.
But that weight of silence should hang so heavy as to suspend those present in a glutinous ether of expectation.
” so….my fine feathered foe …what be you sayin ?”
I be a multiflagellated noneuroprokaryotic extended spectrum peoplease,I be.and these indeed be strictly austere times ‘n all ( strictly for the plebs that is o’ course).need be savin but need be spendin me see,I be a conduit,or empty vassal o’ sorts,see?blameless I am,see…
“And what multitude of arms you have!”
All the better to be keepin me fingers in lots ‘o pies,me pe’al
“And what’s that in your leathery tentacle,chancellor?”
Like,its a groove thang ge’off moi budgie…!

Position and Momentum (or where you are and where you want to get)

Confidence is to find measureable surrogates to get you from A to Z.So that you can then apply statistical modelling for an objective end point or outcome.
SNIP patterns and lactose intolerance.forensic DNA tesing.afrocaribbean patterns of hypertrophic vasculature and survival theories.south east asian hybrid hominids with distinctive anatomical skull features or isolated fossils.the black scholes equation for costing financial derivatives 
But each surrogate usually has a sensitivity and a specificity for its use as a marker.
So the moment you wander into the realm of less than 100% each surrogate adds a degree of statistical uncertainty into your judgement and conclusion.
Then you use a judgement which carries some degree of subjectivity as to which test to apply to the results and then apply a further statistical un/certainty in interpreting the results.
We don’t really know anything do we?
In fact its a miracle we ever get anything right.
Whats the long term implication of a budgetary approach where vast amounts of money are diverted everytime a trial demonstrates a relative risk of upto 1.96 standard deviations lies wholly to one side of 1.0 when the principle of a confidence interval is the idea that the result you have demonstrated is an accident and you are declaring that you don’t believe it is….?
Where is the certainty in that?
Peace and contentment is to be able to live without it.

Uncertainties,Correlations and Coincidences









What kind of idea are you?

Freedom is escape from consequences.But individually we are all inconsequential.The only lasting effect we will have is the memory of us.Often considered as legacy but Rushdie reduces it to an idea of us.
In a melting pot of humanity each life is an idea of how to live and in a mixture some ingredients have no effect,others change it….influence.To matter or to blend?
Or is that the wrong question?
What constitutes a life worth living?A good idea?
Does the influence of some of the monstrous dictators of history constitute as more value to humanity than a life that makes no difference to it.
Purely in terms of influence if an idea has any advocates then there must be some elements of it that some consider useful.Better to be useful to some and counterproductive to others than no use to anyone??
Peoples perception is not necessarily logical nor holistic.To influence just require an interested and receptive,logically imperfect audience,ie us.
And through the benefit of hindsight we might collectively and more rationally judge individual legacies and weigh them up.
Big lives,small lives…they’re all there to be judged.
Regret is necessary for others to recognise a bad idea.but nothing no point beating yourself up about mistakes.Or is there?
You are just one idea,a meme.
So better to be an idea whose corner you can defend.cuz if you can’t defend your own choices…then your choices aren’t worth advocating as a way to live.
As a source of inspiration to others our achievements and contributions arguably matter less per se than the way of life and the ideals that each of us exemplifies.Will the idea of you go when you go?

Triptrappin on Pont Alexandre III

why does the night bring on more obsessive excursions of the mind?

Does the daylight distract us from our own thoughts (obviously)

(why am i answering my own questions?)

(don’t know)

On the subject of the need for regular sleep pattern and dangers to the disturbance of that finely tuned 30000 year old eggshell one “circadian neuroscientist” betrayed his own bias by reducing the act of night time creativity (defended by one author) to being evidence of sleep disturbance induced brain dysfunction allowing neural “(dis/re)connections” that “arent meant to be there normally” (ie thinking outside the box?or insightful and original perspectives of some observation)

(all just bloody semantics again isnt it?seems to me there is no absolute way to state anything whatsoever without unintentionally swaying the very poitn towards some bias because the words uttered are being formulated unconsciously (retrospective conscious awareness again) by very deeply and fundamentally indeterminate biases in the first place)

nevertheless i return to the point about the use of the term “dysfunctional” as used by our neuroscientist.

The very easy point that Ill labour over here is to illustrate how many poor quality scientists there are out there (or is it just articulately inept at explaining what they really mean?) that dare to have the audacity to sermonise ultimately about the sanctity and precedence of a subject (sleep deprivation,shift work and its detrimental effects in this case) that ultimately beocmes a defence of their own vanity and in complete denial about the dynamic nature of all of life let alone the human brain and its ability to adapt (to a changing situation – the basis for evolution and survival,surely??)

adaptability.something short termism and vanity and ultimately a life devoted to the study of a dynamic system in static conditions (a pointless exercise,eh?)seems unable to accommodate for.or at least this one scientist.and yeah ok maybe maybe this one scientist does have the right idea but was never good at conveying ideas in words.

(well dont all ideas required to have any influence need to be expressible in words and essentially language that is laced with internal non scientific bias)

is mathematical argument missing the essential flux factor of how an idea actually is expressed and is therefore unable to calculate how a deterministic system can yield such apparent randomness as human nature.

is language and its inherently imperfect bias the ultimate basis for ideas which after all originate from some preformed inclination,suggestion or feeling (when expressed in the human domain)

(am i just abullshitartsitandnotaverygoodoneatthatahhselfdeprecationthedefenceforallselfdoubters…)

so anyway as i was saying.scientists just dont present themselves very well.(or the wrong one get picked for interview (or maybe the wrong ones are by their nature a very selectable and accessible group))

so as i was saying…midnight in paris…lovely film.

and telling us a truth or ten about nostalgia and its trickeries.appreciate the present.very laudable advice.(defeatist slant would argue that through the perpetuity and allur eof nostalgia throughour time that such an act of permanent and acute appreciation of the present is not how we got here or are meant to work…the drive to improve things (aka dissatisfaction) means nostalgia is the motivation (alexander the great and his Iliad,mussolini,the greeks to the romans,etc (ie the previous “Great” and mythological ages) the general cliche that “miracles done happen anymore”(??!!)

but anyway a very nice movie (because im in that “receptive to this genre” phase right now) but no it really deserves credit and Woody Allen gets the balance right for me this time between romanticism and real life and light hearted humour.

a material scientist really inspired me (or was he a chemist) managing to convey the miracle of stainless steel’s tastelessness and self healing properties.

materials are at the heart of the miracle of the modern age,we can all (or anyone who is old enough) step back and be amazed by the proliferation and ubiquitnessness of modern technology in all its forms and yet in the same breath experience that palpable valium of overfamiliarity that dulls us to their mysteries.

and yet the new generation might reflect on the ancient past when people had a conversation over a coffee and not via some hieroglyphical text message coded lol xxx all the time (the deleriously dysinhibited mad laughter of a muted digital age)

this particular chemist hit the nail not thru the actual point about his work but (in contrast to his astrophysicist colleague) was able to convey the sense of magic expressibly and that is what will connect with people in their current evolutionary state of cognition.

the physicist could talk about fundamentals of nature,the basis of time and life itself….but 1) they still havent fully figured it out,and especially with time still not quite sure what it actually is,just how it behaves and 2)they are no way near answering what people really want to know which is how and what the hell such fundamental phenomena have anything to do with us…it must have something to do with us cuz we’re all made of the same stuff ,right?? (well thats the premise cuz we’re physically incapable of thinking anymore outside the box than that)

(hang on does that mean the reason we cant answer these questions is because we all eventually pass our comfort zone of comprehensibility and once the analogy goes beyond that some would argue it makes no difference to either say any more bizarre is impossible or irrelevant to our purposes…which if taken to the logocal conclusion means that things get as bizaree as you can imagine..and then,like,forget it dude)


so surrealism,multiverses,many-worlds and long strolls in paris in 2010 by day and in the 20s by night,chats with hemingway,fitzgerald and gertrude stein,dali and picasso and as far back as you like…

its all fair game and its as good a call as any you can care to make.

Walking dead

The big questions on Rick’s mind?

what next?

Whats the difference if we all end up the same way?

Heres a one off.A tune that seems happy and sad at the same time.Its got the minor chords,the epic fury of raw amen and a tinkly piano even serves a sprinkling of cheese to the serving but the melodrama manages to maintain its sincerity while simultaneously wearing its heart on its sleeve and tongue in its cheek.

One for a desert island and maybe one for Rick who must have a few things on his mind having had to stab his buddy,his nemesis and his saviour only to have his son do it again a few minutes later.

And he didnt even gehtbiit.Scary and somewhat disturbing prospect for all the group to ponder over ,each very much on their own….

Hows this gonna end?


This movie deserves a mention in drum n bass halls of fame.Alongside other unexpectedly popular cults like Blade Runner,this movie probably spawned an entire line of eerie disembodied samples for consumption by the beats fraternity.Theres a spooky line in the movie “I feel…crystal clear”.

It makes the most simple lines seem laced with darkness.That a statement about clarity should resound with a fearfully expansive and hollow echoing of absence,emptiness,lifelessness.

A siphoning away of your own thoughts leaving your head a completely vacant shell.

The definitive brain exploding movie…


The Good Life

We all know that friend-lite.Like a tonic.A breath of fresh air.Apparent nonchalance towards all the heavier things in life.We need ’em and they don’t seem to need us.Living in some docile bubble of superficiality providing low maintenance company and reliably glib  and jolly one liners for all your woes.

But life is in short supply of these folk.Cuz its not easy to be like that.And I reckon theyve made a choice to be like that and to live like that rather than the passive facade they appear to have fallen into.But thats no accident.Thats the zen that ceases to be able to explain itself to those still weighed down by the pressing and the prosaic.It takes an effort to be chilled out in this world and I think these onepercenters have cracked the secret.


The Monkey Ungagged – beware da bootlegs

A Journey into da depths of Blogzilla’s file managin’ guts has metamorphosized da Monkey into a Guerrilla of burgeoningly egomaniacal pretensions.Thus self assigned wid da honorary right to refer to oneself ( and ones audience) in da third person singular (da two being essentially one ‘n da same) from here on it is clear to all ma homey erectococcus sapiens,bruvs ‘n brevren dat there has and can only ever be one true Blog and da Monkey is da prophet.U know dis 2 be true.

Im home ma babies…your luv is blood on ma FAAACCCE