From the grungy ghetto to the grimey hood

Dark Room on 101st floor

“So boys this decline in transplants courtesy of seat belts and crash helmets has an obvious alternative source.”

And so entereth the cocky hooded pedestrian who hath clearly not lived long enough to know the difference between a road and a pavement,a car and a chicken,a horn and a ringtone,a belt or underpants,a bedroom or a jail cell,a nintendo ds and a camera,image and reality.coolness and brainlessness.

A brain donor waiting for his fifteen minutes of fame in casualty.formerly just a silhouetted shadow in headlights.A slug on a road.oblivious to a million years of finely tuned danger instinct.

Clearly not worth a helmet of any description as it wouldn’t be protecting anything.What’s the point of a having a safe if you have no valuables to keep in it?
And in the final act of the human opera enters the mad conductor,channeling the remotely activated wireless defibrillators and a whole line of you do a Mexican wave saluting his futility each time he mistakes movement for death.its the most alive you and your EKG trace have ever looked.
And in the closing moments in an electro-ironic act of beneficence that salutatory wave surges thru your refractory hyperpolarised slumber to shock you into eternal sleep whilst trying to waken you.
You’d forego misunderstanding the odd R-on-T wouldn’t you?

To Sonny and his family

Whether egg yolk or oil , genius will be manifest in any form so thank god our race can be graced with people like these who ignore convention and dedicate their lives to greater understanding -for that and the desire to better the lives of others are the two noblest traits of humanity and regardless of how they be abused by others they are inspiration to those of us who stumble along in uncertainty and doubt that there is indeed a nobility in this pursuit that often won’t be rewarded in life but may give contentment at death and even though paint fades so the pure spirit will gain immortality thereafter through the sheer power of its idea.

The idea of seeking truth and knowing who we are is the closest we can ever get to divinity.

La Scapigliata
La Scapigliata

Marley & Me

To be unflinching and intransigent has often drawn admiration.but in equal measure there are those who inspire through their ability to move and reinvent themselves with the times.
to be undecided is the no mans land.not entrenched enough to perfect your art and identity.not dynamic enough to identify with and capitalise on the now.
stay at the station or get on the train but don’t walk on the tracks.
Understand where you are.
Nothing is permanent.
Unless you’re Shakespeare cliches can sound astoundingly banal.
And ferris bueller put it quite simply

Cliches for a reason

fuck minimal

Fair game – decent drama with political angle based on protagonists version of true events
In time – good substance.
Beaver – Jodie foster’s sincere effort to look at a serious subject with a quirky twist
Ides of march – George Clooney’s best effort being serious serious in this engaging and busily paced political drama with tad underwhelming message
The debt – essentially a study of 3 people with a collective secret but a historical element makes it more interesting.pretty good
Melancholia – awe evoking visuals set to pessimistic if not depressing hypothesis.nevertheless thought provoking sci fi drama.
Another earth – melancholia-lite
True grit – Jeff bridges is good.girl’s weirdness is never elaborated on.
Taken/unknown 24 meets Bourne meets Watchable thriller strictly entertainment value
Drive-…? (necessarily dated synth soundtrack for stubbleless chinstrokers)
50/50-comedy and cancer.prob avoids the trickier truths but does what it sets out to do.reminds you to live before you die.

Klute is Tom Withers and he doesn’t waste time with titles and like aphex twin he gives what you need on a dish and we probably won’t buy it cuz we’re too stupid to fuck with simplinimal miniplicity when its staring at us.(and solving puns and puzzles equals funny – another neuroscientific bOmbshell)