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Robin Williams’ John Keating in Dead Poets Society had a point about expressng passion thru poetry but I think it’s a sign of progression and not artistic dilution that society at large has moved on from separating the traditional arts and sciences. poetry may well be the best way to articulate Passion but why should it be the best form of its expression?and the movie confuses between the virtue of passion and the virtue of the medium thru which the passion is expressed(in this case poetry)
and what about the object of the passion,is there an aesthetic hierarchy of certain subjects over others to qualify as an expression of passion or is that less important than the passion that was invested in it

Passion & Fire

that again depends on the spectator’s own ability to relate to the artist.
Paintings,sculptures, and architecture all convey immense passion that is usually wordless.
And music is surely more transcendental than language
And the passion to seek beauty in the universe and to express it as elegantly as schroedingers equation surely reveals a deep longing to find truth and understand something seemingly unfathomably complex.
Ockhams razor is a principle of elegance and economy that drives many impassioned quests for answers and seems to render a great deal of aesthetic satisfaction in the myriad forms thry which it is finally expressed.
but elaborate and grandiose also has it’s merits,as much thru it’s testimony to the persistence of human endeavour (ie obsession) as much as the technical virtues of the feats themselves.
A labour of love is always always a thing of beauty no matter how it is conveyed because from the humblest garden shed to running a mile in sub 4 to the catedrale di san pietro and onwards to Mars it tells the remarkable story of human will against insurmountable existential adversity.

A Life of Obsession

Reciting your verses (Oh Me!)

Q: why should multiple complex and acutely ruptured high pressure external carotid arteriovenous fistulae result in an inordinate focus upon a home made recipe of a spicy fried cucumber sauce?
A: you know that skill learnt from years of being woken and having to sound awake on a phone whilst being told about urine outputs and temperatures which culminates in the ability to have lengthy conversations with your wife at 2am with total apparent lucidity about,well…urine outputs and temperatures,and not having the vaguest memory of any of this the next morning?
Corollary:There is a serious level of amygdala/hippocampal bypass going on in day to day existence
Lemma:Even in the wake of catastrophe,just as the brainstem keeps the body slavishly alive,so can the frontal cortex happily flog away with the social etiquettes to the point of absurdity and beyond.
proposal:to start giving a damn and making your experiences memorable is the only way to distinguish yourself from the space you occupy.


If it’s human nature to inflate ones wealth then boom and bust is inevitable because you don’t want to link your wealth to a finite resource eg question is is it human nature or do we have the ability to restrict our expectations or is there some threshold of wealth beyond which the taste for it becomes an overpowering addiction that disregards any primary communal purpose. there are some whose argument goes that once the monetary link with gold has been broken (as it has) the precedent is set and then one is subject to the usual pressure of being outcompeted by those who try to outgrow (their economy over)others.
But is that all linked with the need to keep up with the expanding economy…a kind of chicken and egg…a situation irrelevant if one is globally linking wealth with resources where such urges become unnecessary…surely an environmentally logical concept…so again does humanity’s history confirm our tendency for artificial growth based on outwitting the environment based only on the short term (in practice)..or is it a huge misrepresentation to analyse the steering actions of the economy controllers as representing the will of society – but isn’t that the democratic mandate we have imperfectly ceded to those who pursue power (no because their power is only in reactionary political responses to the undemocratically chosen wealth creators who have no primary social concerns)…or is it lack of imagination of belief in the collective human will to do something sustainable as opposed to pursuing personal riches
The world and humanity would have to be substantially different if it linked to gold or other resources but the medium term idea that the wealth of a country’s inhabitants be linked to it’s resources and export potential is something inherently fair if unpalatable to western society that would be the main short term loser in such a realignment of the global economy …but isn’t that the same medicine that was dished out far more violently in order to establish the current status quo in the first place

hmmmm.a murky casserole or a crystal cavern.1991.a lone….again

Heart vs Mind ( is it always good to talk?)

I have a lot of sympathy with the honest and earnest intent of David Malone’s heart vs mind documentary and there were very enlightening factual elements but one feels compelled to make the following observations:
the credentials of the presenter have little relation to the credentials of his subjects and while it helps to have experts in their fields,how they are edited together to suggest a message or conclusion is at the questionable behest Of the presenter

Cardiac neural cells in isolation from nerve fibres does not exclude neurohumoral dependence and so does not prove independence from the brain and even if it did ,such an example of autoregulation is neither new nor does it correlate with a secondary emotional effect in and of itself (which David seemed to need to interpret it as)

That amygdala activation correlated with the electrophysiological cardiac parameters eg heart rate demonstrates that the heart can affect the mind maybe in a similar way to how the motion of muscles during exercise activates the physiological changes before any biochemical parameters can stimulate the respiratory and cardiac receptors that are known to optimise conditions for oxygen delivery to the tissues.(is there is some priming mechanism going on)what this,however does NOT demonstrate is that the heart is the seat and source of our emotional responses,which based on the heart rate model would imply a volatility of emotions that is an almost random function of cardiac phase.

and finally why the need to demonstrate independence of the heart to prove independence of emotions from rationality when you can keep those latter two independent (a tenuous segregation) but have them occupy different locations in the brain (a further gross simplification of functional localisation but the point is the heart is not necessary in this picture just for the sake of keeping rational and irrational separate)

And finally in all his sincerity David Malone makes sweeping assumptions about how representative he is of most normal people who I daresay probably spend a lot less time trying to rationalise every emotion when in fact he is proof that the documentary as a medium draws a self selected and misrepresentative group of type A personalities ( both presenter and interviewees) who think they can speak for society at large when they chance upon insights that the type B personalities don’t even have to figure out (because by definition they don’t spend as much time trying to deconstruct and rationalise chaos)

This documentary was in fact a good demonstration of how a type A personality can revise and reconstruct a rational view of humanity that draws whatever conclusions suit it’s emotional needs.

He remains dogmatically insistent on the need to articulate rationally an inner emotional state by mechanistically reducing it to degrees of separation of constituent parts.

I think the psychiatrist put it best in response to David’s sincere frustration at not being able to rationalise his wife’s depression in a few sentences when he said that it is an unfair and almost disrespectful regard to his own emotions to expect such a simplistic summation of this most complex expression of humanity.

This documentary was ultimately an entirely personal diary and not a collection of facts meant to lead to any conclusion for the rest of us.

But I sincerely sympathise with the emotional crisis he has suffered and truly wish him well for the future.
This is for you.


He flipped the coin over the edge and watched it hurtle into the river below
To be washed away in an unceasing and replenishing purgative torrent of water and life.Constantly changing and repeating every 16 and 32 waves.
While he stood on the bridge casting a long thin shadow.
Motionless as the land on either side.That silky smooth garage sound gently undulating up and down on that bouncy rhythmic carpet of beating liquid hearts
As still as the shadow of the turrets against the restlessly morphing background of foam and broken 2 step but wavering imperfectly as if struggling to hang on to its own constancy amongst the rocks between the banks.
Caught in the middle shaking but steadfast.
That warbling bassline buried within.
Clinging to the life that threatens to consume the body at any instant.
The loud horn of the HGV inched above the din of the current just enough to remind Lisac to get back on the walkway and stop staring solely in the vertical and unidimensional fields,a consequence of the butyrophenones and sepalcure he had for breakfast.

Troubled Waters