elements of success

When you’re onto a winner you’ve reached the end.and how did you get there?
Well it took since the dawn of time….give or take a bit.but it was always going to be a winner from that moment onwards.

Because the existence of time has meant the existence of possibility.and time has already shown us…that anything is possible.
Iron Curtis re-resurrects Detroit as if it was 1987 and the sun was just rising over somebody’s farm.

Grass…one of those prosaic donkeys of the foodstuff world…plays host yet again to an altogether and increasingly bizarre dawn in the history of life.

the hypnotist

And these old skool hardcore piano samples (eg going back to my roots- Richie havens,how ironic) must really have confused the 70s generation to whom these samples must’ve sounded like a a weird vandalisation of the familiar with out and out ear grating.
That’s probably why we loved it…
Maybe soft metal will be the way our kids get sadistic kicks,valerie to a Balearic beat…I’m sure this stuff is already out there…and yes its bloody horrible.

innovator – derrick may

Neon flickering
And metal dust sparkling
Glittery flecks in the dusty grey sky
Where headlights pass fleeting
streaks of grey cloaks
lined up in labyrinthine disguise
entrapping the night as it stutters to retreat
So matches strewn may march leaden feet
To lairs of concrete,wrought iron and steel
Where from the din of rust and grime
rise Mayday’s beats in 4-4 time
Long may the windy city chime!

more mystic movie mania

Coming up to that time of the month again.round up of notsoold and new.today westophilic foreign (ish) movies.
Captivating.animation that seems to transform a topical biopic into something of a modern fairytale.bubbling with energy and an enthusiasm for life.

Absorbing microscopic and tender examination of all the subtle complexities within an immigrant French Algerian family and its struggle to come to peace with itself.a slow burner that ends with a profound metaphor for its take on some people’s lives and their endless struggles for an indefinable purpose.totally authentic and convincing as some reality documentary.

Norwegian take continuing the whole thriller genre that dragon tattoo spawned.plenty worse than this and its very watchable but can’t help thinking if it was in English its flaws would have dissected more critically and the foreign crossover factor seems to entitle it more unreserved praise than it maybe deserves.

Salmon fishing in the Yemen
Quirky charming dialogue tho despite liking macgregor for nostalgias sake not sure how being a cross between rainman and Mr bean should endear his character to the viewers (maybe I’m the one with the aspergers)
But some lovely locations for the true romantics to get caught in if you can get past the cliched oxymoron of beneficent and mystical polygamous Arab oil barons.

Old and new.
Amen to that.
And amen to this…


Enjoyed this movie

Also liked Inglorious Basterds having only seen it for the first time recently and decided both movies have probably undersold themselves cuz of their titles.

Tarnatinos just sounds like some shootem up movie version of call of duty but turns out to have all the things that Tarantino lovers would love:

ridiculously flamboyant dialogue,nazi generals with existentialist philosophising tendencies,great showdowns and wonderfuls build ups to a grand finale.

And the funniest line that turns out to be ad lib : Brad Pitts attempted “Banjuhrrnoh” and the Nazis ignorance for a crap italian accent!

Munich too sounds awfully austere but has all the Spielberg trappings to lull you into action movie mode despite the heavy material and the topical politics : it all ends up seeming like an entirely engaging assassination thriller that maybe even Tarantino would be proud of (note the fuzzy 70s cinematic look – one for the nostalgists definitely),he tries to address the serious political conflicts behind the true events it is based on but with the usual (and entirely laudable)  Hollywood liberalist stance  but it ends up like a good movie about one mans crisis of purpose and identity and that great hulking conspiracist wet dream of a pariah : The Mysterious and Murky CIA,
and it doesnt even throw up the expected final miserable ending that you almost accept as a given from the start.

But one movie has made me very wary of being too blase about seeing shooting and killing in movies for entertainment – and that was Funny Games : a truly unpleasant but transfixing lecture of a movie that practically makes you feel ashamed to ever regard such depictions of violence or murder as simply a form of entertainment but showing you murder in all its dry and empty coldness.

Not in fact all that different from The  Passion of Christ.

So watch the top two if you havent already but watch the bottom two first lest you forget what it is youre actually doing.


causes,correlates and effects

Not sure I can put my finger on it but there’s something nauseatingly x factor-y about the adulation poured at usain bolt.
Is it cuz I’m not sure what he’s done over and above running astonishingly fast and showing off about it.
It’s not as if he’s declared himself to be an exemplary hard worker.I even give David Beckham that much credit.
The guys almost 7 foot for gods sake ,when Blake is sprinting full throttle bolt looks like he’s jogging.
How has he conducted himself to have earned god like admiration.
Surely greatness comes from stepping beyond the bounds of just doing what you do and making yourself relevant to humanity.
Problem with sports heroes is they get thrust with credibility having uptil then only ever having thought about themselves and their personal ambitions and legacy.
How are they role models in any sense other than exemplifying sacrifice for the pursuit of self gain.nothing wrong with that but personally its less inspiring than sacrifice for the benefit of others.
And prancing around with gimmicky postures like tacky WWF wrestlers does not in my eyes warrant some extra level of awe over and above the remarkability of simply doing something well,which all the gold medallists deserve and especially the world record breakers,like Rushida’s 800m ,which bolt did not manage in his own events anyway

If you stand for something even if thats not your banner then winning gold can be the voice for that stance eg tommie smith and john carlos for black panther in 1968 : those guys are real heroes for their supporters,it doesnt even have to be so overt ,eg cathy freeman as the aborigine voice declaring itself on the world stage just by virtue of who she is,a spokeswoman : intentional or otherwise.

But Bolt?

Look I don’t begrudge him(honestly) .hes just lapping it up and playing up to the worship like anyone who enjoys appreciation….but its the media frenzy around him that makes him and can break him  at will.
If u ask me mo farah deserves recognition head and shoulders above bolt for what he represents,again regardless of whether that was his intention : thats the whole point ;sport becomes bigger than just sport when it is actually saying something more than just the winning

Farah clearly worked as hard as anyone else for his golds.he has an endearing humility.and most of all he represents openess.that he can clearly feel pride for a nation that adopted him politically but now maybe adopts him with the heart,that by taking pride in his adopted britishness he exposes the artificiality of borders and national identity altogether.
And for that Britain really should be proud.because that scepticism really is a quality that is a product of post modern enlightenment (and decline) and we as an under-confident nation are entitled to take ownership of that.We may not be so sure about our common ancestries or sense of shared histories as say the black american slavery roots that have evolved alongside its European counterparts in the US but this neck of the woods Id say we’re all round much more suspicious about the fallibility of extreme patriotism too-and that comes from a hard found wisdom if you ask me.

and thats why Europe is self destructing – we cant decide which way to go cuz we’re too tainted by history as a continent.
So it had to be Michael Johnson and not us who had the typically American and refreshingly self assured non discriminatory stance on the ubiquity of sprinting potential beyond the west African slave labour stereotype.
Stating quite clearly that if a nation eg Jamaica eats and breathes sprinting as a cultural heritage then nurture and not nature is the overwhelming reason for the preponderance of sprinting talent amongst afro Caribbeans.

And by the same argument all this back slapping and need for praise that we are craving both for our hosting and for our medal count is a tad contradictory because all it shows once again is that host nations always perform disproportionately well at the Olympics not because one group of inhabitants has some superior culture and work ethic but simply that if you’ve got the right facilities and resources you give yourself the best chance.that includes having the backing to send spies to preview and reproduce the BMX facilities on your home turf to get a head start.all you need then is a large enough population to be able to access the talent prevalent everywhere.
The desire to win is not culture specific but its a seductive idea when a nation is high on its gold tally.
The host by definition must have the facilities.and if they have enough heads the golds will come.
Otherwise you might as well say the kids with the best teachers are the most gifted.

Or to put it another way you might say cortical spreading depression is the mechanism for delayed ischaemic neurological deficit.

Man we’ve got our chickens and our eggs totally confused!

One Nation

ping pongs coming home

Insight of the day
Ann widdecombe made Boris Johnson possible.

Her circumstantial misfortune was that the likes of big brother and strictly come dancing came after and not before her career in politics and it was only after we had decided she was a somewhat eccentric politician that we then realised she is a fully fledged buffoon and hence quite capable of earning the public’s affection

Boris was already a qualified nut before he went for mayor …so he got the job.

Londoners have reached a point on the cycle of a nation where they might appear to have succumbed to the personality politics of the us.BUT appearances are deceptive.
London has evolved and revolved a full 360 degrees beyond America in its state of post empire decline.from a narrow vantage point ie directly above,we appear to occupy the same phase of the circle but step to the side and you see that the circle is a spiral.history does not in fact repeat itself and we are a full revolution (or two) beyond American self belief ,morality and idealism.

Our vote is now a vote purely for our amusement because for lack of anything else,at least we’ll be guaranteed a few laughs on the way down.

Boris….I didn’t get u at first but I’m voting for you everytime from now on.