Hold On

“How could this be allowed to happen?”
“An entire state is in shock”
“What went wrong?”
These arent questions in the wake of a famine or war or mass genocide.
A woman may have killed herself following a public slip up of royalty confidentiality on a matter that has not harmed anyone’s image.
If and its a big if,this matter contributed directly to a state of distress that led this woman to purportedly have committed suicide then you can’t just link blame between those who deceived her and her suicide.
there is some seriously faulty wiring connecting those two points and while its right that those in the “entertainment” industry be reprimanded for not recognising the real stress they can cause for normal disempowered people I think that mass responses to matters on the other side of the globe facilitated by instant interconnectivity risk amplifying normal personal emotional grieving into mass reactionary quasi-political movements.
It’s a side effect of a new information age conscience that effects hitherto unsurpassed levels of coordinated human action.
Curious but acceptable I suppose.
The perception and proportionality of our response to such events still depends very much on how much mainstream terrestrial airtime such events attract.
because whilst picking and choosing items for consumption via the internet is like having a favourite set menu,the actual thirst for knowledge about the world beyond our own is better satisfied when delivered by a “curator” outside ourselves and over whom we have less control and the traditional sources of media ,tv,radio and newspapers in any format for all their self regulating flaws ,by this very nature,offer that vital human unpredictability about the information we are delivered.
Getting regulation right in general is maybe one the benchmarks of a thriving system.

same pieces.different puzzles.

Maria Popova very eloquently and with scholarly erudition managed to bulk out the deeper roots behind my fears about digital music and book shopping.
That it is very easy to be drawn into searching down avenues you are already familiar.
You browse by band or genre or what other people bought.
Your path is defined for you but you cannot “discover” something truly new and random which is where the richness of breadth and useless diversity enables those moments of combinatorial creativity to occur.
Very little is arguably invented.The rest is repeatedly rediscovered either consciously or unknowingly and made relevant to the present from a different perspective.that enough is creativity.
And being conveyer belted along a preset digital music archive is not the same as happening to overhear blue six being played in the background in some music store.or chancing upon an illustrated book about curved space times in your uncle’s shelf,or that classic children’s encyclopedia that didn’t just list facts in alphabetical order but had sections labelled art or history or science- where you read a story and learnt something in the process.
Real browsing.not searching for a key word.
Relying on a human curator be it a disc Jockey,a librarian,NME,a film critic…these are the sources that give you something outside yourself ,not a self directed and self satisfying web search.
And that is the curiousity that enriches us and inspires us to perpetually upgrade past discoveries into new “inventions”.
The management of information is at risk of being overfiled and if u don’t know what you’re looking fornit seems your increasingly unlikely to find it.In evolutionary terms we continue to try.and outrun nature’s imposed limits by continuously expanding extensions of first our bodies and now through digital hardware extensions of our minds for that seems to be how we are meant to design and be designed…by continuously adapting our own faculties competitively to the ever changing environment of our making.

Holo dub de infinitum de bass

I would have thought Dr Michio Kaku’s holodeck would have employed slightly more sophisticated principles than glorified Newtonian cogwheel mechanics.
Surely scrap the fanciful cross trainer/travelator/clumsy surface simulator for a gravitationally particle collision induced conformal map of an infinite cartesian plane into a compact Riemannian sphere and there you have your tardis contained within a bounded pod that gives you an infinitely extended yet finite 3 metric space