Thoughts from within a onesie

dropped mug of hot water on floor of canteen,asked catering staff for a mop or cloth.

They gave me a yellow hazard sign and cordoned off the area.

Junior went to do bladder dynamics in ultrasound department after screening his kidneys, he sabotaged it with a determined effort of anal retention.21st century technology flummoxed by a good old fashioned turd.

But hey theyll have a stab at interpreting the miniscule residual volumes anyway and add the result to the mountain of equivocality that looms over an information choked cyberspace.

British Bureaucracy at its finest

uk premier league football is crap

i mean really
what allegiance do the players have to anything thats not got a six figure attached to it?
how do they get associated with the local “area” when they probably earn more than entire council of that municipality?
do nothing but change the name of the football clubs to some corporate plc with no clue as to a locality and see whats left for the fans to relate to
if they were called sky 1st 11 or murdoch utd
i just don’t get it
oh yeah and the fact that its the last refuge for the kind of chanting that would otherwise be offensive to many of the teams’ own foreign players.
a binding tradition that many can retreat to within the secure buxom of a mindless drivelling borg
a tool of the rich to keep drugging the worker
so much so that now the rich themselves attend these events to imbibe themselves within its intoxicating fever getting high on the visceral filth of a depraved and uncouth mob over whom they have so much power.
thats pretty much all ive got to say about it
really thats it