the ocean – nicki wells on hyperhidrosis and the prospect of a double lumen tube

When the body mimics its shell
And Cyprus is perched on a gorge.
And that faint pang of weariness fleets thru the sinew.
A moment of doubt
That glimmer of distraction
To sway those laboured bones.
Those first shed squames embalmed in oily salt
Sauntering across deep furrowed creases
To finally lay wrapped within skins wrinkled embrace
Yearning for the womb of the ocean (nicki wells)
Listening to the sound of the sea

Breathe now and drown in Gertrude Stein
All stercobilinogen and fogging the Tyne
All brownian in motion
Mine all mine
Fog on the tyne
All Mine…

Oh yes

Nicki Wells - Ocean
Nicki Wells – Ocean


nothing to fear but fear itself

What subcontinental Indians have over the rest of us is mental mobility.maybe the largest modern economic migrant subgroup
Any sense of loyalty to locality is to the local currency and where it can get you next.
A trait also known as the ability to recognise a sinking ship …or …professional
ship jumper…..or average CEO of any NHS trust…all equivalent corollaries of each other.

So when you’ve seen your cost of living ascend,education loaned out,pension age stretched,not to mention pension itself fiddled.
When disability living allowance is scrutinised for limbless war vets and people think its fair do.when the liberal democrats turn a blind eye to banks abuses and Tories tell us we’ve got to keep squeezing after losing their flagship triple AAA saving mandate .
When beef is horse with corners cut
And weather is s**t to boot.
Then follow the money and make like a tree.

A tree green and free,
the eu doing a u-e.
where enfolding branches offer haven,
Sheltered in warmth and buxom.
whilst a sway of her leaves ,
offer litany to affray.
While lightning and thunder ignite roots night and day
and she calls to the wind to carry her seed
and quietly whisk the present away.