Hunger Games and Rotten Tomatoes

Heard about people’s supposed insatiable hunger for news for the sake of itself.

reported by self admitting adrenaline junkie news journalists this confirms the worst kinds of self aggrandising reporting that consolidates a skewed perspective into a self confirmed fact.

a disproportionate overstatement of facts reported by someone who by definition is galvanised enough to make an issue of it in the first place.

the same lack of insight that movie critics have when trying to understand why the average member of the public who does not spend every waking hour watching movies doesn’t get bored of cliches as quickly as the┬áprofessional critic for whom only a foreign language is indecipherable enough to warrant hysterical hyperbole.

or why political pundits tire so quickly when they hear another opportunistic slogan embedded within rhetoric and disguised as an answer to a specific question.

and why the media fails to be able to understand its own image from the eyes of the public that it purports to represent and hence just expands inside its self reflecting bubble proving to itself only that which it looks for.

The inevitable fate of reporting bias : confirmation bias.

And as if there wasn’t enough vindication of one mans innocence we can finally believe that General Musharraf must have been one of the good guys if the Pakistani Civilian Authority want him arrested.

Circulation & Flux Free
Circulation & Flux Free


Maybe love from the right place really can conquer destructiveness.
Astrology is probably as relevant as the seasons in determining mood and personality.
And whether you’re first or second born probably has more influence on personality differences between siblings than genetic “inbuilt” personality traits.
Like most critical care trials you cannot control for multiple confounding factors no matter how hard you try.
Human creativity alone can concoct any number of imagined confounders in the face of an unwanted result ( like no benefit from ecmo) and in those cases where we get a result we like we probably fear a repeat trial negating the previous result (remember protein C).

And just as the three body problem is disproportionately more complicated than the two body problem we don’t even have measure of how more chaotic the presence of multiple contributory factors makes to a result to know if we are completely barking up the wrong tree.
All we have is the knowledge that a rigorous statistical analysis of presuppositions yields few significant results.

I wonder if doomed systems are introduced in order to procure inevitable failure and achieve ones ends through stealthy defaults.Bit like dreams…
Take clinical commissioning groups.
Or the Francis report about the Mid Staffordshire trust.
A complex system requires multiple layers of task forcing for every inch of progress.
And putting the clinicians in charge is all very well.
But medicine at the highest level is as bureaucratic even when it’s evidence priorities will vary over the smallest clinical minutiae to the most expensive restructuring of regional services.
And tasking and monitoring doesn’t address 2 factors : money and incentive – two linked entities without which nothing can work.
The NHS is the self fulfilling prophecy of bickering territoriallism, cynical disputes and mutually destructive ambitions.
But Western Europe has known for a while that whilst its infrastructure collapses under the weight of democracy and universal rights those same soundbites are crucial illusions that sustain a paperless and invisible industry of administration,arbitration and bureaucracy under the procrastinatory moniker of international law.
Europe’s future lies as the middle man of legal and administrative transactions and maybe it has the historical credibility to deliver what that entails.
And the crucial factor swinging in its favour is its socioanthropological link with America.
If the US becomes weaker then western culture,religion and the English language will cease to have the same worldwide cultural influence and soft power and Europe will feel it first.

If Chinese culture was exported worldwide,if language could be translated automatically into a universal vernacular then all local advantage would be lost and spoils would go to the biggest boots.

But that’s not the human race.because we as a race are ample proof that size alone bears very little advantage on the scale of species success and evolutionary toughness.

Putting yourself in the middle teaches you strategy.and it’s having to keep thinking that keeps you sharp.