Red Hot

the getting of wisdom or the loss of innocence?
take the failures in your stride – they are a passage to the getting of and a confirmation of a lesson learnt.
treat your successes with wariness and treat your newest plaudits with even more.
treat fem pops with epidurals and ARDS with proning.
treat RCTs with suspicion and those who cite them with 2 hours of Rainman.
find patterns in fractals then watch pi and Primer.
is it disempowerment or disconnection that makes it pointless to watch the news?
Getting hyperalgesia in an area of numbness definitely deserves the term “wind up”.
Maybe rouches theorem requires the dominant influence of a seering hot poker up ones splenic flexure in order to demonstrate that such a wind up achieves a usefulness equivalent to a zero of order one and that would be quite enough of such a zero thanks…just as well all simple zeroes are isolated…unless youre ruminating over choices for pakistani presidents.
And that includes madnen who pick and choose a nominal slogan to commit murder in the name of…so why has the media treated the madmen from Woolwich any different from a mad Norwegian (see Diary of a Madman)…simply Im afraid that one nutter was White and so the media could quickly refute him as not representative of themselves.The others were Black and picked Islam as their slogan of choice to drag thru the mud and hence the confusion about differentiating madness ftom ideology that arises from simple ignorance and unwillingness to consider all human motivations to be irrespective of race or religion.

Organised Chaos and the Complex Routes of Unity

There is a reason why “common sense” and “consensus” sound similar – which is also why one can fairly easily brush off isolated dissenters without having to employ any of either.

Not to say that Relativity and quantum hasnt taught us that what appears to be common sense isnt always so.

But maybe the incompleteness of both above theories demonstrates that missing nonsensical common sense factor.

Common sense after all says  that in theory you should be able to halve something forever but then sellotape came along and gave us the nano sheet!

Where is our thinking going wrong..or is it that its not wrong but the mystical temptation to combine common sense/experience with rationality is in itself the missing illogical ingredient…ie imagination itself is a fundamental phenomenon that arises from this knights move approach to undestanding something.

And just cuz the painting cant be expected to know its painter doenst mean the same rules dont govern both and to understand the painter it may be sufficient to understand the painting…

So take the Julia Set as an analogy for all things “real” where fixed points (of view?) can arise out of an nth iterative process (of argument and discussion?) applied to an essentially deterministic process (of human instincts and motivations?) and how and for what reason should isolated and seemingly inexplicable cocoons of consensus emerge from the cacophony of chaotic volatility that ensues no one is closer to knowing other than to know that such seemingly random phenomena can result from fundamentally basal prerequisites.  So our paths may well be determined in terms of time and future events yet at the same time seem for all pracitcal purposes to be completely unpredictable.

so the concept at least of a mathematical universe where entropy is just an error of not knowing the net energy and the law of thermodynamics is just another local effect and has no universality and where all process are entirely invertible (ie reversible but not alterable) may be consistent with a 4 dimensional universe where the time line of all energy distribution (ie matter,dark matter and radiation and otherwise) is mapped out like an open book from a 5+ dimensional Calcabi type point of view (ie a superstringed God) is possible as a straight line eventually getting to where it started from in the first place because a 3 dimensional infinity may be confined to the size of any sphere but spheres come in different sizes.

But the medical establishment (like most older people in senior positions with long apprenticeships) more than makes up in self importance what it lacks in logic and its the exceptions that are the are the insightful and dissenting gems (most are illusory fixed points in a conventional basin of attraction , a few however are fixed points at infinity and it is these that have reached the Fairie lands of wisdom and the Higher Elves…)

Their ability to skirt and procrastinate about their own disempowerment in a farce of inarticulate self important irrationality is worthy of any dysfunctionally insecure and schizophrenic government of an ex colonial  outpost confused about its constitution and mandate and obsessed with its own inferiority to its totally disinterested Hindustani neighbour…

There may be a method to the madness but just as a pilot has a whole bunch of subconscious cues that guide him (or her) to land without any foolproof protocolised flowchart way of describing the process in a textbook simulation alone is proof that you have the ingredients but youll be damned before you can get a cookbook.

Sorry but it does make me laugh
which in itself speaks a thousand unsaid words
Because words and symbols may not be the best way to understand anything