Flying high

Batman was definitely a cocaine addled rich kid gone psycho.
How else to comprehend the shannanigans of a supposedly mortal man hellbent on cleaning up all the vice thats crawling about at night?
His great masterplan to set the world right… by single handed kicking the crap out of every dude that’s stupid enough to try his luck prowling around in Gotham by darkness while our self acclaimed caped crusader’s definition of being on lookout is to hang upside down from lamposts in the dark and take on everyone like he’s bullet proof and jumping from tall buildings in an attempt to fly just cuz he’s got himself this seriously massive cape and bat outfit.
Too much money and not enough work has made Brucey just a teeny bit edgy… Not the most sociably endowed individual and not unknown to sporadically fly off the handle just a tad.Dont wanna get caught in Mr Wayne’s crossfire see , while he’s chasing another equally looney toon calling himself Joker just cuz he’s so whacked out on antidopaminergics he’s decided his chronic risus sardonicus from the flupenthixol overdose must actually be a giant teethy grin just so the two of them can spend all night grinding their teeth at each other in some kind of coked out tardively dyskinetic telepathic munching brain frenzy that the worlds depending on. Definitely needs to slow down,our Brucey

Time to straighten up bro
Time to straighten up bro