Killer Joe

To Iain Banks,

….a belated thanks for being there to fill my confused head when it had plenty of vacancies.You filled it with the stuff of Earth and Space but you never forgot where we fit in it.

And whilst the Omnipresent Psychopath may have snubbed you one last time denying you even of your precious Quarry you still managed to keep your middle finger pointed very firmly towards his Home and gave the rest of us a final wee winsome wink before the wynd bloweth ye yonwey like Esmerelda and her gaily kite that took to the skies on that blustery late autumn day…bigger than Life and True to the End you might say..


Affluenza on Cloud Atlas

No one really needs too much reality anyway.
every instance of you is unique because each instant is unique.
every you is a new you shedding the old and facing a multitude of possibilities.
only those deprived of freedom have any inkling of what freedom even is.
and for a race that possibly defines itself by its freedom,why is it then that we choose to crucify ourselves?

Same But Different
Same But Different