Young doc offered me the insight that whether patients get better or not seems predestined by factors that bear little relation to what we as doctors actually do for them.
Think that’s actually a pretty common view and I think it is a human cycle to go through phases of certainty and uncertainty in everything you do and your own biases are determined by your present sense of empowerment or otherwise which probably is consistent with the former view.
Which makes you wonder is it truth or simply disengagement that causes most normal people to often reach a fairly laissez faire attitude towards the end of ones life?
Continually varying your biases might be a useful way of constantly re evaluating your approach which is the only way any truth might ultimately be arrived at.
Life has little to do with answers and everything to do with questions…

This tune has been a long time coming.

The shining veil

think veil debate on bbc news between Yasmin alibhai-brown and Shalina litt gave some insights into something much bigger than just veils and actually became a debate about authority in Islam.

Alibhai fell into the trap of being too self assuredly secular for any other than the already converted to be swayed by her arguments.

And insisting that there be some kind of equality in any one to one adult exchange and that this should include the showing of ones face is totally invalid argument.
It is entirely one own right whether or not to reveal ones face in a conversation just as much as it is a right to refuse to talk on somebody else’s terms.

You don’t have to engage with someone if you feel that strongly about it.

And unfortunately it only got interesting when Alibhai exposed the otherwise quite diplomatic Litt on her opinion as to whether the veil was a mAtter of religion or culture at which point Litt,having conceded indirectly that there is no reference to veils in the Koran, challenged Alibhai as to whether Alibhai understood Arabic….which demostrates who/what Litt ranks as a legitimate source of authority for Islam,ie the relatively recent Wahabi influence on the Sunni majority,which was exactly Ali-Bhais point but somehow got lost as it was unfortunately at the key point of this inadvertent admission that the interviewer had to draw the conversation back to veils,missing the bigger issue of legitimacy in Islam…the Muslim Council of Great Britain….hmmmm

Alas I feel that most non Muslim pundits haven’t the insight to recognise the deeper issues and haven’t the interest to delve into them.

But the most gratifying revelation came to me today in the form of a gift from Stephen King today…openly admitting ,as he has apparently done from the outset, how much he dislikes Kubrick’s reinterpretation of The Shining.
Thereby demonstrAting to all those diehards concerned that Stephen King is rubbish and why his own books make for rubbish movies.

There is only one SK and it ain’t Stephen King.


Shit begets shit Corinthians chapter this verse that
I am seriously bored of social studies and trials on environmental influences on behaviour.
They apply only to the population they study and are not translate able to broadly similar demographic on the other side of the world.
Scandinavian kids should play till 6 cuz they have somewhere to play.
Here in the UK 6 year olds would have been mollified by 6 years of overcast skies and light f***ing drizzle 50 weeks of the year.

If you have air you can breathe everything else will follow.
Great life expectancy.Affordable childcare.Institutionalised charitable contributions.Great pensions.Good schools.Good education.Great for skiing.General contentedness and liberal mindedness…and the worlds most expensive coffee.
What is it about those darned scandinavians.
Is it the cultural homogeneity that results from an undecipherable language?
And over here on our messy hodgepodge isle reaping the consequences of its previous Imperial conquests and pretensions there is much more pragmatic and sincere acknowledgement about the challenges of tolerating differences whilst fundamentally wanting the same things.

I dont know if it works but I reckon the British have tried harder and for longer than most.

Head for the Lights
Head for the Lights


Poor job fit

hedonism or safety?
Getting lost in a maze or in the woods…fun? strongly agree?undecided?
Seeing aesthetics in a left brained black and white requirement?
Its not odds on for a firm to look for the X factor so they will play safe and use MVPI,HDS,etc….
The yachts don’t belong to the investors,they belong to the bankers,the hedge fund managers and the other 16 layers between you and your dividend.
So sure enough they will deliver their targets and address their agendas and charge you for every breath you take cuz they don’t care about the stock,they just care about the exchange of it.

Losing yourself and bringing yourself back is too enlightened and just too damn Jesus for an Agnostic….

phillip aaberg
out of the frame