Children – the evolutionary opium of life

The dulling of senses
The maintenance of the status quo.
The distraction from more collective social goals
The inherent self centredness of charity that feeds the bipartisan philosophy of a self interest and mutual cooperation driving society.
And yet without them there is no society.
This in not opinion it is fact

Save the Children over here or over there

As much as inevitable collective progress of the masses so do the peaks and troughs swing more violently until the ride becomes too rocky for expansion.

Branding an old product

Russell Brands cameo on newsnight was a good call by the bbc for a bit of serious entertainment.
But was it anything more?
Beneath the obvious self admitting vanity and inevitable excitability of a mainstream political virgin more used to speaking to an audience that’s already sold to him it now seems to be for the sake of further self proclaimed vanity and pride that he now needs to seem credible to a wider audience that he aspires to be respected by thru his argument for being spokesman for the masses
Because ultimately he appeals to the same instincts of catchphrasing and humour that is the basis of persuasiveness in an argument in any forum that does not involve physical sacrifice.
That fact that I’m writing bout him shows that his celebrity status does draw listeners and is that a good thing for its own sake and whether calculated or not justifies his conviction get on the philanthropic evangelical leftist bandwagon and do what he does best which is to make some noise but for once for it to be of mutual benefit to some deserving causes.
Dishing out jittery formulaic false flattery and trivialisations could start to reveal itself like the first cracks of conformism and habit that begin to creep In with age and weariness of inventiveness.
But there is the argument that any appeal to listen to an opinion be it that of celebrity or otherwise is justified if it engages people in debate.
He had an uncharacteristically stuttering uncertainty and edginess which fortunately for him got interpreted as anger and passion which again is the self fulfilling effect that a journalistically centered media enforces.
On a scale of originality he would fit with a fairly straightforward but entirely legitimate Marxist .
But originality should not be an end in itself for politicians who ought to be judged by practicalities so why are we applying different criteria to judge brands own “performance” rather than his words.
Actually we are always judging politicIns by their performance but it’s just more obvious with brand and it’s one level of honesty that is not within his immediately accessible conscious insight.
But his presence is ultimately a conventional form of rebellion expression through mainstream channels of raising awareness using style over substance which is the usual mode of raising revolutionary fervour and is in fact the same way that politicians also appeal to the masses and his very presence in new statesman guardian and newsnight is evidence of what the mainstream media have pre determined to be in the public interest and as such should be listened to and assigned airtime. nothing is any different because plenty of radicals have expressed themselves through such channels before and it is a the same class of political elites within media whose own biases and conventional and conservative self maintaining views on society that decide who and what warrants a voice thru such an outlet.
Brand won’t make waves thru this forum as within this forum he will only serve as a stereotype “unconventional outsider”speaking for the “proles”.
It is in fact now a formulaic slippery slope of decline that begins with this broader acceptance into the mainstream that heralds the withering away of the true revolutionary who can only make changes thru a wholly new way ie maybe social media etc.
Once you’re being invited to talk on these forums that’s an alarm bell that you’re hovering on dangerously mainstream conservative status and your days are numbered once your vanity succumbs very openly to the temptation and flattery of mainstream attention.
And of course he is the first man to submit to temptation which is exactly what many before him with far more traumatic experiences and passion who originally embarked into political territory eventually succumbed to.
Power corrupts.
Is he yet more evidence that power whether it be thru military soft or as a citeable influence or legacy always comes down to charisma and not much else
Unless we as humans evolve to a new more collective way of acting which may not nevessarily be conducive to survival advantage for now at least we still ultimately are influenced by style more than substance so brand is as much a maintainer of a tried and tested “paradigm” of common man leftist philosophy given airtime by the usual”corporates” and in the world of his description he would not feature much as an inspiration.
At least he admits he is not the ideas man in this field and admits thee are others that should be listened to and he should name them and educate instead of fall back on humorous trivialities and habits.
If he wants to make a difference he should point people in the right direction do his homework and give people facts
Otherwise we spend more time talking about him than what he said which s exactly why he is famous.
He would make more of a difference if he admitted that first and foremost he is a stand up comedian and social observer given some token airtime and that he genuinely didn’t care to impress but through repeatedly over elaborate rants and sermonising he reveals himself as ultimately being driven by not much more than the desire to impress.
At very best he could be a Byron or a Wilde of his times.
At worst he is the Jade Goody of politics.
The Madonna of current affairs.
He has shown himself to be a good cheerleader and mascot but is he a committed believer of a cause or a prostitute to the cameras.
Either way his way is unfortuntely not much more than entertainment and hopefully he makes the best of it for the causes he is so vocal about
If he achieves anything to that effect then he would deserve some credit for it.

Evidence for common sense

Airplanes flying over your house every minute can caue heart attacks.

Headlines in the BMJ.
Clearly Victorian medicine has a lot of catching up to do with the human race.
Because in this day and age you need an RCT to tell u something that millions of years evolution has made so instinctive that the common man does not even need to spend an iota of conscious effort to recognise the inherent obviousness of this fact.

What does it say about the huge misdirection of energy being spent to tell us something which even if it had been refuted most people would wisely have continued to believe..,that is,that stress causes heart attacks….!

Now I know that discoveries of Galileo and Einstein have had a huger cultural impact on making us sceptical about the reliability of common sense but extrapolating day to day experience to calculate the movements of stars is one thing that may be prone to error but substituting day to day common sense with artificially selected trials to I nterpreting day to day human interactions is a totally different and misguided use of resources.
The ephemeral nature of matter may not be accessible to human intuition but a million years of evolution has not got us thus far without making us pretty good at judging whether something is agreeable or not to our health.

Hippocrates understood the value of zen.the effect of positive karma.
Relief of stress is inherently a reliable physiological tool to guide us towards a healthier state of being.

And RCTs have got a long way to go before they can convince the public at large that they should be an authority over traditional common sense.

Because RCTs are prehistoric amoeba barely able to replicate even a fraction of the complexity of human interactions.

The Black Rabbit of Inle

nobel peace to an organisations.smells of IOC to me.
commitment means sacrifice….apt.
Julian Assange to become a cult via Benedict Camberbatch.
What is it with Irvine Welch’s current revival of slightly outdated movie adaptations of Ecstasy and now Filth…
Should have done it straight after trainspotting..dont get why the public needed the delay.
the subjective awareness of the history of a boson.
the will to procure ones own fate.
how much awareness does a flame of light have of itself through perturbations of electromagnetic radiation?
the metaphysic and empiricist divide over awareness is the question of whether uncertainty and multiplicity of inputs represents the calculated probability of the actual and concrete or the inherently fuzzy non concrete nature of reality.
IE Joe Edwards simply chooses to interpret the wave function as a probabilty calculating machine of the truth…something Penrose recognised.
But to the mathematical philosopher who questions the very nature of number logic it is a deeper question not a different question to ask why then do fundamental particles only observe probabilities?is there something fundamental to a probabilistic view of the very essence of reality itself that prevents it from ever being deterministically pinned down?

and maybe the joe edwards of this world are always catching the tail winds of the probabilities “downstream” and assigning this as reality without questioning the mystery of the original “unpin-ability”.

attractive idea about the piezoelectric,flexielectric waves and Fromlich waves as the “all sensing” wave of awareness that permeates every neurone via post synaptic potentials but how do those waves acts in concert with millions of other waves to then give a collective sense of the self Im not so sure.

guess the CSF in your ventricles would be too lumbersome a mass to constitute some kind of electromechanically conducted wave of self consciousness…

what if CSF in brain was more or less viscous or dense.
woud it alone affect thought?

do we have a clinical surrogate for such a scenario?
suppose hypotonic solutions could be injected intrathecally…
dont know how thatd get past ethics….
but hey theyve already been injecting thrmbolytivs intratheally for intraventricular haemorrhage so it aint that much of a stretch.

does density of CSF correlate with cognition?
Edwards tries to bypass the need for a listener of the aggegated inputs by suggesting that the cell through its own wave function is aware of itself and hence has its own individual awareness but that is contained in a finite space time locus and that implies that we are collectively a series of multiple beings one instant to the next…

if that is true would it change anything about our assumed outputs from the present model of an individual with unique identity?

suppose not because at each instant the collection of sentiences that is you has only an instantaneous quantum of space time to ponder about its own conflicts before more basic drives take over motivation.

hence it is only an eerie byproduct that we have the capacity to transiently reminisce on the strange paradox of our existence but for most evolutionary purposes this pondering hardly occupies us enough to have an influence over much more potent evolutionary and genetic pressures…a necessity in fact for life…

it is not a coincidence that the some of the more pensive of our race have been driven to suicide.

The Difference

Michael Mosley
Smiling in pain
Poison in hand
Injecting his brain
Anaesthetised soul
Flatlined and plain
Teaching his audience
The cost of their gain.

While Kevin Fong’s shadow
sharp and pristine
retreats behind voices
disembodied from scene
To the backdrop of footage
With Seventies hue
His TV persona
Too focussed to view.

No!Head for the laughing Mosley
On jagged wooden stake
Put some music to his troubles
Then set the oven to bake
And feel the juices start to churn
While splintered flesh begins to burn
And twisted knots in stomach turn
To the smell of acid Houssssse….