360 appraisal

What makes some of us choose a vocation?
Overwhelm ourselves with heavy shit 24-7.
Big life stuff that other people are going thru and you’re grabbing a free ride.
Think sometimes its a fear of having to make a choice for yourself.
Fear of the responsibility of making a decision and accepting the terms and the risks.
Afraid of only having yourself to blame when it doesn’t go to plan.

You take a stroll down a pleasant path.
You know the way back.
Thats what you tell yourself.
And then suddenly you worry about whatevers at the end and you’re too far to go back the way you came.

You can take a few steps back but you’re never gonna get back to the beginning and get to test all the options out.

But the great thing about life is that new paths lie ahead.
Many live in true fear of not knowing whats next.

I read Watership Down to the kids at bedtime.
Its about life,death,society,enemies,hope,loss and hraka.
You know…rabbit stuff.

While Im soliloquising Lawrence Olivier style in multiple regional dialects encompassing the breadth of these Isles I look up and my 2 year old is grinning at me with two google eyes popping out of a pair of Harry Potter bifocals he’s dug up from somewhere in the cavern of his blanket during one of my neo-Shakespearean forays…

“look at me daddy!”

You just gotta put the book down and laugh

The Borisogeckosaurus de Londinium

How did Germany become the powerhouse that Britain is not.
Marshall Plan?
Work ethic?
Emphasis on industry and education?
Focus on the sciences and manufacturing?
Social cohesiveness for a collective cause?(maybe the only example in the contemporary western world)
Different attitudes to property ownership?
Attitudes towards the elderly?race?sex?
Lack of frivolity?
State over individual?
Different socio demographic distribution?
Less income inequality and class division in society?
No elitist educational hierarchy deluding itself about its talent?

In short losing a war gave them a clean slate and unifying cause.

This post Thatcherite abyss where the highest expression of self betterment and talent is perceived to be the drive to rip off consumers…a misguided yet fundamentally egalitarian appeal to tradesmanship above all other drives.

Now synonymous with talent and proportional to sales.

And while the UK strangles itself to death with neo-Protestant conservatism (in all its leftist and rightist guises) the humble free thinking mammals will be the ones to take this nation of immigrants beyond this Crustacean Age of lumbering dinosaurs and into a new chapter of a post colonial post Cold War post Banking renaissance when Boris Johnson’s Gordon Gecko becomes a quaint prehistoric footnote emblematic of a peculiarly deluded age.

O you who turn the wheel and look to windward,Consider Phlebas,who was once handsome and tall as you...
O you who turn the wheel and look to windward,           Consider Phlebas,who was once handsome and tall as you…


Mix n blend

mix it up.

the new ideas don’t come from a vacuum ,they come from the combinations of the pre existing.

a well defined pathway won’t change things it.it just reinforces the status quo.

evolution came from stops and starts but it’s the different influences that spawn those incidental wildcards that truly define a new path for progress and give seeds for hope.

so listen to your instincts.play safe and define your limits .

or leap into the unknown and give life a chance to dazzle.