Life and zebra crossings

Passion is the precursor to achievement so the brain is remodelled pre neurally.that is emotion remodels the brain be it constructively or otherwise but it is a falsehood to seek structural anatomical or physiological macromolecular explanations for some successful mental facet or other.
Society follows suit with illusions of causes and effects for its particular predicaments seeking short sighted explanations in a public forum geared to political point scoring.

Society creaks under the weight od its own inconsistencies.
striving for rationality and justice is the drive for consistency is also the perpetual exposure of the inconsistencies just beyond.
The push and pull of change.
A country does not fail because of its structure.
Structure arises from the people and it is they that drive the successful and the failed structures.
Freedom in its flawed and inconsistent manifeststions is still I think the best tool to harness humankinds productivity thru allowing human nature to pursue and battle out its conflicting instincts from within.
Coming 21st in league table for education is all down to collective will.
We get what we believe in.a few fall by the wayside.
Churchill mandela and einstein.
The ivy league of raw believers in some damn thing.
Thats what made them special.
Not their brains that just followed suit!

The almost youthful curiousity or insistence to find a way is what keeps the right synapses firing.
Doesnt mean the same synapses make u happy.
Happiness is at best a useful side effect but is the herald of decline if it is an end in itself.keeping at bay and seeking more is what tells nature that u have something more to offer.
Once u think u have achieved all u can or u simply believe u have nothing to offer the mind and then the body will obligingly expire.

Its up to us.