Mah nayme iz ….’Arree Braaan.
A ‘aint into all that text messagin’ claptrap whats app snapchat talkback

Good ‘ol fashioned cockney Londoner kalashnikoving the kids in Heygate…naah thats what Ah call a propah night aahht.

Ah may be a retired marine but at least Ive been alive enough to feel remorse for the last 8 years unlike the part timers in some Israeli Intensive Care Units sheltered from embarrassment in a minimally conscious state only to be wheeled out in death onto a blood stained carpet to a hollow machine gun splatter of appalls appalls appalls for the appalls appalls.

A Fitting enough tribute if youre a self loathing Chomskyite.
Mandela’s winner is a dreamer who never gives up.
When Knowledge ceases it fungates into stale conceit.
Never stop questioning.Always be naive.

Book of Eli 7/10.Deja Vu 7/10 Man on Fire 7.5/10

ed and julian