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Germany led the age of Enlightenment leaving a legacy to the bold and the intrepid.the brave adventurer delving into the unknown in the name of nothing but his own curiosity.And most emblematic of the age..prepared to sacrifice himself in the name of science.
Now i know Humphrey Davy might have insisted that he was trying nitrous for scientific purposes..i get that…perks of the job if u will…work hard play hard and all that…but how you get from that to thinking about injecting your spinal cord with something is a leap into madness.
Karl Bier must have been a nut nut.
or just mayyyyybeeee its cuz cocaine had been around the block a while..or maybe it wasn’t or maybe they were trying the ultimate high??
now if you’re that desperate just go to an ENT outpatients with sinusitis and u can get a free squirt of cocaine up your nose.
i digress….now i know i was in a waiting room after having had elvis give me a shot with his little nasal nebuliser ready to go back in to clinic for a bit of a sinus clean up..
but in my mind i was at the gates of Dantes inferno speeding my head off with armageddon hot on my forked and bloody tail.

so anyway Bier there thinking hmmm spinals..seems like a good idea….what could i stick into it…ah ha of course why didnt i think of i sooner…bit of crack…great idea!

or maybe it was was…hay mann,this snorting coke shit just aint getting to my brain fast enough…i need it right in there…no fucking customs and excise please…ah ha.. a back door methinks…err of course in the naaaym of science.

but nevertheless there they are Bier and Hildebrandt ..intrepid pioneers sitting at the cusp of a revolution in surgery…or just another pair of German sadomasochists…u choose.

and Bier is like…mein Student,komm zie aus hier mein Tchuss hildebrandt.let us together in the name of our Vaterland…make ourselves paralytic.

now hildebrandt is obviously flattered cuz his boss actually offers his own back but he’s kinda nervous and strangely excited..the moment is at hand,in a moment student and teacher will be in union,the elder gently guiding his bairn over the soft smooth curves of his own back….
it was too much for hildebrandt and he spills his previous cocaine juice all over his masters rear.

terribly embarrassed hildebrandt hurriedly prepares to try again but the calm and reassuring hand of Bier is raised..”hush.worry not.let me show is after all your first time and you are nervous.”

so bier the man of experience approached hildebrandt from behind and ..hey presto!..he’s in there in one go and he definitely unloads the entire contents of his syringe into his students back.
hildebrandt feels a strange rush..a tingling sensation…and their place in history is secured!

needless to say..flushed with their success an evening of much revelry commenced..only to end the following morning when Bier,lying on ruffled sheets,cigar in hand turns to hlidebrandt and then stubs his cigar out on his students shin…
” what the fuck r u doing” (please bear with my historical embellishments)
“well u didn’t seem to mind last night when we finished mudwrestling naked mein Hilde” and he gestures to his students lower regions whereupon Hildebrandt is astonished to see multiple cigar stub marks all over his legs…and to make things worse…his shins have evidently been hammered with some blunt instruments and his testicles have clearly been groped with some significant zeal….

The first intentional spinal anaesthetic had been a resounding success…

Phylogenetic Gradualist Misfits

Newmans theory of evolution.

Fast paced information packed couple of hours laced with equally paced humour likely to leave one slightly overwhelmed with antiquated Latin taxonomy, physically entertaining interludes,a priceless Ronnie Corbett homage,some Russian and lots of anti Dawkins ranting which was refreshingly unrestrained.
Maybe they went to different rowing schools…
He did dive straight into the deep end opening with a hypothetical foray into turkey anthropology and risked leaving most people as dazed as his demeanour but if u stick it out his message is one most would empathise with…that cooperation may have as much to do with progress as the so called neo Darwinian idea of competitiveness embodied in Dawkins selfish gene…or cell…or quark…or whatever.
Sure he prob knows that fundamentally it is impossible to argue against any idea of self replicative attribute if the subject is,by necessity, a survivor.
So examples of sacrifice for the greater good can still be gotten round.
And the phylogenetic leap into existence of some highly developed prehistoric birds from out of apparently nothing could be simply indicative of the intermediates not being preserved well enough or located yet.
But the idea of survival of the fittest has not mastered the conquest of climate change or ice ages because the periods are simply too long.
Within each climactically stable period the fittest flourish but of course the scavengers of yesterday always have a chance by virtue of their relatively smaller dependence on fuel compared to the giants of the age that simply expand as much as the atmosphere can enable them to.
Too much success simply means the fall will be greater in numbers but percentage wise some remnants survive but we don’t judge the survivors as representatives of that age because by necessity again they were not the big guns of the age eg birds.
If you can speak in a different language fluently you can have a different version of you.
Too much success in one environment will draw disproportionate attention to your failures but it does not negate your success.
As Julie Delphi put it…the only time I get to think these days is when I am in the toilet…Now I am beginning to associate thoughts with the smell of shit…….

Clinging to the virtues of the Ephemeral

Take comfort from the Blindingly Light
Engulfed in the veil of life
Unknowingly floating in the tranquil eye of the storm.

Absorbed by survival
The nuts and bolts of a thousand of years of humanity
Weightlessly drifting around you
Faster than the speed of sound

This is It.
Its happening now.

We never learn
Thats how we survive

Life , as a Czech once put it, is inconsequential.
If it was meant to be of consequence
Then we should have an opportunity to have a second chance
And learn from our mistakes
But there is no replay in this cut

Just an accumulation of random and uncertain gambles.

Said that to a Hindu other day
He politely disagreed.
Sometimes you can try again

As an ant.

So when you laugh or smile
Feel the the laugh and feel your smile
and let it fill your belly
And taste it slowly
And let the essence of it linger on when your tummy is grumbling again.
Because while there is much to grumble
There are pearly miracles lighting up with every choice you make.

Because choices are the gift of life and you can’t get a refund or an exchange.

So grow with this trilogy and find humble comforts from this surrogate relationship and I, for one,thank Richard Linklater for his passionate quest for passion.

Lady longs to live for her kids
She remembers losing her parents when she was 12.
She remembers her sons voice that morning saying “I miss you mummy”

It chokes her but she is going to fight anything and everything to make it to that birthday
but if she doesn’t she doesn’t
hey….thats life

and she will happily lose her arm for a little bit more time.
Its only an arm,man.
and if she’s lost her beautiful hair…then so what.
And if she cant dance anymore
And if she thinks she’s “just” a housewife
And yeah she knows its noble and thanks very much but you know what I mean…its just not her

Cuz who wants to be in servitude and have no ambitions
But she will do anything for another day with her kids…
She would happily give up her life to continue living for them.

This life is nothing but blind passion…

Before Midnight
Before Midnight