Another stupid “scientific” survey receiving inexplicable airtime.this time it’s about the 6 personality types that form the majority of the voting public.
The categories are quite reasonable putting the major 1-2/3 in the calm persistent category.
But the suggestion that the “hard pressed” or “nostalgics” are essentially a fixed entity irrespective of their financial security is unbelievably whitehallish notwithstanding the tenuous assertion that such categories even qualify as personality types.

More sensible was the acknowledgement that small businesses are the UKs employment lifeline and deserve the support more than the historically monopolising and parasitic British financial arbitrage and legal services.
The art of obfuscation has driven the middlemen with no one left to screw but themselves and they will take it with the zeal of a herd of lemmings scavenging their own bones for that illusory return.

Tell the history that causes least pain and time will bless it.