Alcoholic retired engineer with withdrawal fits trying to give up but doesn’t want “to do an Amy Winehouse”.
Normal working day and people rambling around in public in their gaudiest baggy pyjamas and giant furry dog eared slippers…how do they get away with it.
For a traditionally reserved society we definitely seem to hang it loose once we’re in hospital.
The amplituhedron must be the blueprint for the shapeshifting madness of the NHS…
But when the basis of government is constant moving of goalposts
And the Freedom of Information Act is a big banner they can wave next to the Official Secrets Act.
And when the Chilcot enquiry manages to legitimise the use of the word “gist”…as if it has an official legal definition.
When the government see restoration of the status quo and exponential house prices that brought about the 2008/9 crash as evidence of success and rely on media to disseminate this fallacy to distract the public from yet another undermining of any semblance of democracy.
Scotland,UKIP and return of nascent rascism all sounds like ample fodder to keep the rabble busy while they get on with the business of deception.

Amosite or chrysotile

Choose this way or that.or don’t make a choice at all.
Does that sound like a choice at all?
Hawk or dove?
Alive or dead?
Married or single?
Myasthenic or cholinergic crisis?
On or off

So this pointless pseudo rhetoric brings me to the subject of autopilot.
Don’t know if anyone experiences that strange out of body sensation of listening to yourself talk to your own kids and amaze myself with my own capacity to engage and continue to converse quite fluently with my kids whilst not actually trying to go anywhere with it. In fact it’s like the answers and questions are coming out of my spinal cord with absolutely no limbic or cortical involvement.its like I’m listening on quite absently to somebody else’s rambling exchange.
I even find myself genuinely laughing and enjoying the conversation as much as an observer as a participant.

It’s probably not great to such hippocampal bypass if you hope to remember big chunks of these episodes yet the sensation of an observer might stick and you can be sure to be left with some warm hearted memories.
Nature seems nice that way and always seems to let the good memories mature with time into something altogether more esoteric and yet more meaningful than you thought at the time.
It’s the same quality that a good photographer or observational comedian has.
The ability to recognise the worth of a moment.
If it becomes too habitual you might lose touch with the visceral necessity of instinct and become immersed in a detached contemplation …which is fine if isolation is compatible with your life…
But the anti rationalists would argue that the value of your life equates with the engagement in the present and acting on your impulse is the truest state of human nature yearning for harmony between the mental and the external.

Not so distant

Apologies to Enduser for not posting this 10 years ago.
My faith is renewed and in the same breath belatedly aggrieved.
This is probably the Hindustani version of cheesy chipmunk rave disguised as the exotic Oriental otherness of India.
But is there any product of the Indian PR machine that does not include a pinch of some dairy deity?
But if you actually see thru Karl Pilkington’s eyes as he stumbles around during the Mela festival and other parts of the subcontinent it makes you think that the sustained drive to push an accessible Bollywood formula to the rest of the world has undermined the well deserved reputation that India had for being able to genuinely amaze and overwhelm the naive notions of Western democracy and remind us that there really is something uniquely and inspiringly weird about that nation.

Reclaiming History
Reclaiming History

And whatnot

Dystonic Bipolar electrical dipole moments have uniformly polarised the last decade of super zombies.
Starting with 28 days later these zombies probably just needed their pontine peduncular nuclei deeply stimulated to help awaken them from the student party when they gave MPTP a whirl.

And now the dopey levo sends them swinging on and off between Catatonia and wild debauchery

Just your average student

Night falls
The dark closes in
sounds muffled
Head heavy with dulled thoughts
In the Striatum
Guiding your body
When your mind is asleep
And the harmony of those frequencies
Falls into phase
Spikes and waves
BIS equals zero


forgotten the amount of groove that oozes from Prince’s spindles.
Old skool but most definitely not old fashioned
We know the famous ones purple rain ,sign of the times, love sexy, but bat dance and the symbol album were also really adventurous new ways for him to express his unrelenting funk.
Thought I heard he’d had bilateral hip replacements and was a shell of his former self…and looking at the triumvirate of Madonna and Michael Jackson such a demise seemed entirely plausible…
And then he turns up at the billboard icon awards and blows the place away with a true performance of a pop/rock icon.
Must be a covert op by Sony to discredit troublesome misfits messers George Michael and co

The guitar just purred in his fingers ,effortlessly brutal and all the time most definitely and uniquely him
Bit like photek…

The Ox in Oxytocin

Gaviscon is women’s big secret.oh yeah pregnancy must be pretty damn uncomfortable but having  seen a seemingly rational member of the human race transform into a ravenous hyper acute sensing semi nocturnal canine beast feeding off nothing but dried nuts and permanent bottle of gaviscon in one hand shunning even the thought of almost any other food or flavour sounds to me like more than  the result of a few bad nuts and oestrogen…

nope…I blame gaviscon.has any man actually ever tried it?…oh yes they have…u know who?…those fit and well 40 something’s who were suddenly found stone cold in their own beds with “you know what” on the bedside table…yup…gaviscon.

doctors  blame it on heart attacks but some of these guys had fairly good night of innocent indigestion,swig of Gaviscon and KA-POW BADA-BOOM. …fucking dead!

women on the other hand have got the very thing that protects them from this hit that men think is the cause for their metamorphosis.their hormones.

its the ability to absorb almost limitless expansion that renders them impervious to the more occlusive effects and enables them to almost unify with the white gooey stuff pretty much pouring in and out of every orifice…

post natal psychosis?

sham…think gaviscon withdrawal…