Pineapple Express

Just watched Pineapple Xpress and hence in suitably inspired  mood a couple of rare insights became self evident

)why does it take me to lie down in bed before I have a sixth sense house chores alarm bell ringing in my head telling me I haven’t closed the kitchen window and the food hasn’t been put in the fridge?

2)as I fumble to listen to my IPod in bed without wanting to overly distract other half how is it that I can disentangle the most complicatedly looking knotted set of earphones in the dark by feel alone???in fact probably better than I could do it by looking and

3) the weird moment as you slip into stage 1 sleep where you sense your body falling so much so that u startle yourself into waking…must be proof that the higher centres going on working but misinterpret the sudden loss of body tone as weightlessness ie the sense of ffalling.

this sensation is clearly as dramatic as a switch and it is the continuation of thought unfettered by proprioception that ffctively allows the free associations that comes with a wandering mind enabling occasional moments of non sequitor leaps of non logical truth.

so propriiception binds you to logic and the disconnection frees yoy from it.

the switch must be brsinstem led because the cognition vlearly continues and only aborts tge switch when yhere us enough ptoprioception eg in a train when your head lolls onto a strangers shoulder

so the switch myst be a combinatuon lock of peripheral stimuli eg

lying horizontal, a certain range of heart and respiratory rate, a change in alpha rhythms signifying eye closure and maybe a certain level of melatonin.

maybe thsts why melatonin diesnt jyst work on  its own in natural sleep deprived ITU patients.

but given the right autonomic parameyers a bit of exogenous melatonin may turn out to be themissing ingredient for an exexhausted cortex.

ependymal cilia influences near wall neural excitability

maybe lying horizontal facilitates CSF dynamics to promote more even distribution of ionic currents and fields than a daytime gravitationally dependent CSF flow and maybefaciltates a more repair and reinforcing modality of neural networking…

mmmm….pineappke expressssssssss yum yum.

The Curl Theorem


Just watched Terry Gilliams “zero theorem”.

not too moved by has an air of someone who has finally run out of ideas so he’s thrown in bits from all his  previous movies and they’ve amounted  to nothing more inspiring than the all too frequent conclusion that there is no point to anything and even more to the point is that there is no point to you if you are consumed by this fact…

just post the curl theorem Terry

…it’s doesn’t take mine craft dude.

till next time


Just Like Heaven

its always so simple
the aggressor is the one with more arms
Compassion won’t matter unless it comes from the one who willingly forfeits his arms
From anywhere else it will be seen as proof of weakness
Do we trust each other with weapons or do we need someone to shackle us?

Thats why the underdog will never stop fighting
And the powerful will remain paranoid

Protestantism brought the idea the peaceful accord of sorts (or a taut friction) can be achieved through individual pursuit of self determination.
Islam has been needing this Reformation for some time.
to overcome the Arab monopoly on islamic thought
Driven only by the same instinct for self preservation as all aggressors before and since.

The prophet was Muslim not Arab

personally my opium of choice is Buddhism.
First to internalise and introspect
Then re emerge metamophosised
Crystalline and Still,
Bound and blindfolded
at the centre of life’s blood stained carousel

The Cure
The Cure

The Dawn

Maybe we only believe in compassion from those who willingly forfeit power for the sake of it.
The highest (and lowest) virtues are played out in front of a blind audience.
The rabble can rarely rise above envy and the gratuitous pleasure of powerless spectatorship.
But there ,on the biggest stage, do we see , before all, and charged with all that responsibility,what motivates mankind.

What further self flattery such a legacy may serve does not matter.
What matters is that man chooses what benefits mankind.
And as long as that persists,in whatever covert and clandestine form,then there is something at the heart of life that seeks to share rather than self gain.

And in our children is that hope most evidently embodied

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes