History or Hysteria?

In anticipation of Kate Bush’s appearance in front of a “special” audience as opposed to the rest of us plebs I am struggling to cope with that inevitable phenomenon in commercial music and arts for sales to propel the protagonist to almost mythically hallowed status.
I’m not talking about being idolised or jealousy.
No it’s just the sheer misunderstanding that just because an artist is popular with a large number of people does not mean that any one of those unit buyers actually rates the work amongst their personal bests.it just means a lot of people get something from it.ok so it has universal appeal…so does a good meal…but universal appeal does not make it life changing to the extent that any historical/hysterical account of the artist seems to imply

Like the Thriller album ,I mean,what depth does that album really have?
Or Metallica’s Black Album
Or red hot chili’s Californication

Asking the band themselves to reflect on the album retrospectively just becomes a farcical account of ones own reinterpretation ….
by those less successful the appeal to the masses is often recognised as selling out but the cult album…that rare album where a large number of enthusiasts actually rate it as iconic or influential…seems never quite to earn the same overblown accolade that the entertainers get

Guess that’s inevitable if judging success by the parameter that the sell outs are designed to produce…sales.

Universal appeal is bigger money than depth.kind of obvious I suppose.

It’s the skew towards quantity equating with quality and why making your own fortune is elevated to the status of the modern raison d’ĂȘtre for the mainstream.
If you’ve made your millions and billions thanks to a crafty slogan or selling chocolates or designing an app or sticking a stupid cat video in youtube or selling cheap airplane tickets …you’re a genius.if it doesnt work you’re just another brick in the wall.
To be judged by your turnover.
At least it’s egalitarian.
Well unless you’re frank underwood and you realise that the peoples mandate gives you power that no tax bracket can match.
Then the pursuit is immortality.


And it’s just a convenient facade maintained by a self sustaining elite that the masses should be gawping at the rosbergs and hamiltons while those players hurl themselves like gladiators in a lions den for the feeding frenzy of the coveting crowds while the invisible hands of power juggle from above with lives in comfortable anonymity,able to buy the silence that the pawns spend a lifetime trying to break.
And in the world of showbiz the industry can sustain itself entirely on the back of its own hype because it is in the business of convincing everyone else to follow suit through embedding itself into the psyche of popular culture and ambitions selling itself as the golden ticket that any Tom ,Dick or Harry has a chance in.

Probably true

Nothing shocking really, is it?

My Captain

anaesthesia and consciousness are a function of electron spin resonance…
never mind the leap of faith in trying to interpret “spin” in a dimensionless particle…
multiple drugs means multiple mechanisms and definitely no “lock and key”!!
more like “jemmy bar come monkey wrench come sledgehammer…”

but i think it must be inevitable that when you get close enough to the source of consciousness it will get as grainy as ascribing dimension based analogies to probability fields.

thought which is different from consciousness ..may be more fathomable

but life is sentience is the awareness of oneself and that must be pre-thought…maybe a quantum entanglement of possibilities and probabilities that resemble mass and are forced to appear as such when probed….but when you stop and analyse it…it makes no sense…the paradoxes are multitudinous.

Like Jemma Khan going from Goldsmith to Imran to Russell Brand…

maybe the same mutation as anaesthetic resistant drosophilia is what predisposes some to decompensate so badly and others to be fine with comparably similar looking radiological and structural brain abnormalities.

is superconductivity possible in this nebulous state.

is that how quantum coherence can proceed until it acquires enough energy to turn into a massless motivational drive to “be” and to “do” and to “know”.

And if so many of us believe in the stark reality of the “come down” from a high and the inherently disturbed obsession with negativity that ensues…then how can anyone argue that severe depression should not be as real and severely debilitating an entity??

A truly pathological inability to see the positive in anything…it is the murky borderline between motivation and functionality that tempts us to blame it on the individual “needing to snap out of it”!

and what is it about the state of depression that leads to that peculiar sense that makes you feel as though even though everything is as you left it yesterday…today everything seems so utterly and totally pointless???

is that proof that we have some endogenous opium kicking about in our system dulling us to the truth of pointlessness most of the time??
that stark reality is actually too painful a pill to swallow ..and consciousness is paradoxically a sedating process that ever so slightly numbs us from “over self awareness”…?
and most of us by default or some us by canniness…know that the only way to survive is to seek this constant dulling of the senses by over distraction.

which is why those with too much time to think often fare worse for it
what is it about our precious neural physicochemical balance that sways us between coping and not coping one day to the next…

whatever it is it must be pretty fundamental to what makes us tick..and in there must lie some serious home truths.

but the sensation of coming down from a high needs to be looked at just like MPTP was a starting model for Parkinsons and now dopamine can be blamed for reckless gambling and schizophrenia….

we need to know more about 5-HT and noradrenaline
we need to know about the electron spin resonance in the mitochondrial chain
we need to know about free ionic currents
we have to keep needing to know
we’re depending on it

O captain my captain...we need to be the change!
O captain my captain…we need to be the change!

so here are a few unfettered thoughts

This will just confuses matters.the event.such as having to reorder this paragraph.it just flips back and forth in time for its own sake.there seems to be a misunderstanding that making a straightforward plot impossible to follow makes it a complex plot.and disorganising chronology is just lazy short cut to make an idea more challenging.

be Confucian.speak Chinese.choose you’re essence.Language and dialect are the key to intercontinental conflict.

Blue Jasmine was a disappointment.cate blanchett’s character didn’t seem to have many dimensions.she wanted to be an upstart.

Things don’t always go to plan…sometimes we f**k up.join the club.

You look for wheat.you find weeds….close.

Seconds is money is more seconds.

Preconditioning is a mock exam.
Gunther’s antidote to Parkinsons.If you love Rose gardens be happy that you might even have just one rose standing at the very end.
Or at least get 30 day cover for potentially shabby repairs.

had one of those magical moments of transcendence today driving to work the same way I’ve been doing for a while.

turned down this avenue and started to notice the trees lining it.

the way they’ve been planted there so symmetrically and artificially.

humans trying to imitate nature.not very convincing yet a touching reminder of how we cling to the vain notion that this makes a manmade conurbation feel like home…so we might hear birds twittering in the morning and feel safe in the sounds and sights of a living breathing Mother Earth around us.

Road after road I suddenly noticed all the trees.different shapes and species all along a busy main roads,town centres,roundabouts.

outside newly built flats,sheltering private houses and lining carriageways.

Townplanners love em.without them land looks derelict, devoid of life, uninhabitable artificial edifice of concrete blocks. So simple and yet miraculous.

and now we know that the noise of crunching leaves can be sensed by plants like arabdopsis that react by releasing glucosinolates and anthocyanins to ward away leaf munching parasites.

Trees are sharing our journey and have embedded themselves so firmly in our psyche that most of us don’t even notice them unless they’re absent and then you realise how much we need them.

for those of us who live in cities we can never feel at home unless we remember we are sharing this planet with many.

and then… Out of nowhere James Naughtie on the radio starts asking if I have any favourite trees I would like to nominate ?…and proceeds to talk about our emotional and historical ties using trees to commemorate occasions and events…

lucky for me my serotonin levels are fairly low or else the next thing you know Archangel Gabriel might have appeared …and I’m not ready for that kind of epiphany just yet….


The myth of being rarely gifted is an oligarchic conspiracy that justifies the bonus culture.

The rarity is in having that fortunate combination of circumstances to harness the individuals gifts.

Prosperity is even less related to it depending even more on the right combination of institutional frameworks in place to support that particular talent i.e. where the balance of economic power lies.

Thats why Renaissance artists and musicians died in relative poverty whilst now you can be an overnight hit thanks to a phone jingle.

And why scientists were at the forefront of the Industrial age and now spend most of their life tinkering with subgroup analyses to make their wasted PhDs count for something.

And also probably why the gift of manipulating people is the only gift that consistently seems to work to the benefit of the individual…