Pe Na Estrada Mack

Scotland outcome seems predictable in hindsight but my heart goes out to them.

Sort of like letting your kid have a go on a bike then just saving it before it falls..

But how fucking annoying to have the City go “yeah we knew that would nerrr”

Should they have found out the hard way and learnt from what could be an irreversible choice in the vain belief of like many regions with a strong identity that independence is a virtue in itself over any economic argument

Better to be a big fish in a small pond or small fish in a big pond?

Would any of this change the plight of those common disillusioned who by definition must want a change of status quo because thats what you feel when things aren’t going your way.

Here is my prediction…next time round when nothing has changed they’ll have the stomach for it.

Reminded me of the height of Tory incompetence,in the wake of Black Wednesday,cash for questions,dodgy arms deals and an inglorious coup against their own leader, a pre emptive celebration in Sheffield by a welsman was enough to spook the British electorate into bringing the Tories back in for another term in 1992.
After 13 years of Thatcherite waterboarding we were too mollified to think for ourselves.and it actually took our own stupidity for us to finally learn our lesson.

And when did Gordon Brown start resembling a messianic Mohammed Ali Jinnah ?.. “better in (but with me as boss)”…only difference-Scots were paradoxically sufficiently united to have confidence in the union unlike Muslims in post war India…and Brown’s probably drinks less.

Amazing how naive optimism can be but is it right to cynically dismiss it when ,without it,there really would be no progress.

Maybe just shows when revolution does come its just too chaotically unpredictable.Your money is always safe with supporting the status quo and it leads to a false confidence in statistics which ,like a deranged physiology,is easy to analyse once the disruption is apparent but how to predict that break from the steady state ,is the art.

And it is art.

And the tricky bit of science is how to build chaos predictably and yet randomly into a model.

Like medicine,trying to straddle that line between applying what you know to something that has very debatable applicability.

Like Alan Henning maybe being the catalyst to lose the silent backing of a body of sympathetic support which all movements not matter how extreme need for survival.

Oh plus the financial backing of a rich Arab state that has too much oil for the US to want to disrupt its relations with.

Bu when there is enough sustained public backlash these things can dwindle and Alan Henning’s kidnap by ISL/ISIS/Islamic State/bunchofrepressedindividualswhoneedagoodjerkingoff surely tops the stupid list.

I mean when the clerics start telling the terrorists to tone it down you know the wire has snapped.

If this can stir some nano conscious self reflection then Islam has a chance but once these nutters lose the hearts and minds of the anti-Israel camp they will realise they are ushering  a neo-Marxist demise of their own religion thanks to their preposterous brainwashed and ungratified male egos.The world is too connected for this movement to do anything more intelligent than kill people.

So in anticipation of that prospect I thank them for their idiocy.The most potent viruses self destruct by killing their host too quickly.


so as a nonsmoker trying to muscle in on the nuances of inhaling a cheap e cig I managed to puff my way into an Aldous Huxley moment.

Sitting in my backyard in my pyjamas staring at the darkness and a trampoline without registering any of it

Concentrating on how to avoid that shitty hit in the throat it dawned on me that the diffusion and convection dynamics are very different from a cigarette which the act of inhaling will result in an obvious redistribution of thermal energy driven by my own negative pressure and feeding back to prevent an abrupt overload.

Now igniting a fire and trying to inhale it once it is crackling seems in hindsight to be an obviously bad move not to mention a good way of disintegrating any mucous epithelium in the back of your oropharynx.

And then I realised you’ve got to start inhaling before you activate it,then the pressure is already negative and it prevents accumulation in the back of your throat and negligible sensation of any log fire in your mouth,

So theres me suddenly sucking gallons of this stuff in and then…hey presto

I focussed on the blades of grass that I had evidently been fixating on ,with a moment of crystal clarity …so thats what adrenaline is for…

And also for my subsequent decision to try and take out the Trident sized moth going bezerk next to the night light…with my son’s wooden Arthurian replica sword…

I dunno…it seemed possible- i even think I stunned it.

Its been an insecticidal week

After bendiocarbing the shapeshifting wasp nest at my parents house after months of speculative honeybee denial.

Thats agent Sarin for wasps,organophosphorous poisoning- carbamate actually.

they get “sleepy”…yeah… like the Indian peasant who got given suxamethonium by the local hospital janitor because he was having trouble “relaxing”.Thats deserves the WackoJacko hall of insomnia fame.

and then I brush aside my rotting bananas only to be encircled by a swarm of baby flies…nice…too bloody small for the electric swatter.

But there was one…one of those icky shiny blue-green ones that was just within range

So I swung at it…real bunker golf style..but managed to stun it.

Stunning seems the theme

It did that weird wobble that only electric swatters seem to cause.

Alive but apparently can’t fly anymore…so I stick the swatter over it as an act of mercy and see those Frankensteiny electric bolts shoot through it

Had another e cig epiphany moment and recognised that this was such concentrated heat that the air around it was essentially becoming ionised into plasma and the little bit of water underneath the fly was maintaining a dielectric surface boundary  that might be concentrating a surface bound current and charge density with a resulting magnetic intensity and electric displacement differential that resulted in an orthogonally directed circumferential motion in the plane of the surface sending this fly into a sustained  headspinning breakdance for about 10 seconds


And all of this without any driving current from the swatter presumably while the fields decay within the skin depth of the water defined by the imaginary wavenumber of the transmitted wave

It wasn’t trying to fly because when it finally stopped spinning it was evidently already dead.

Weird…think I should stop smoking this shit.

Kill fly with chopstick
Kill fly with chopstick

Complex Imaginary Attenuation

ok ok
I submit
me is liking this vurr vurr muuch
“after all” he leans back casually in his ebony moulded undercarriage “how indeed can anyone not?”
cutty ranks stabbing the decorum with his bugle call of police sirens,horns and pirate radio reggae.
I am officially too old
And so is he…

Scotland???…………..why not

Ice Bucket Challenge?…………maybe not.

Sea getting acidic at an unprecendented rate….like I said – 70 years is al it takes to be extinct.

The planet is conscious ,we are here because She lets us stay,didnt seem like a bad idea at the time.

All is most definitely going awry.

Like never before what goes around come around before the Van Allen Belt can bounce round the planet

Like Rosetta stone hitching a pretty shit ride.

What are the rules like on the other side of a black hole?

Look up,there are only clouds to keep us deluded.

ironic that the sentient Universe may prefer to clear its only conscience just a million years after it first became aware.

From above how can it be that these scurrying mites on this blue green wonder can actually be the essence of this entire dimension and yet so weak and hopelessly distractable.

If the Universe could do something for itself would it just gaze unblinkingly and try to be nosey in everyone’s business in that enchanted Isabella Garcia-Shapiro “Hi Phineas…whatchadoin??” kind of way…

Aaah the questions the questions

Need bed


"Whatcha doin'?"
“Whatcha doin’?”