Byzantium is Brown

Funny space that is occupied by contemporary English culture and its history of “healthy” antagonism to authority.
Because basically I think thats bullshit.
I think what that blind ignorance.

Don’t get me wrong I totally get it..thats the thing about being a second generation migrant…you totally get both sides in a way that no one will ever understand.

And so you get the concept of respect…it starts from respect for parents…and if you’ve got that far (which is a big IF) and if they actually respect authority …then you learn to respect authority…not in a deferential way but in a way that the indigineous culture can never get…gratitude…gratitude for where and what you have grown into….

a combination of seventies style institutionalised racism,the cultural barriers of being a muslim and seeing the stark reality of third world level poverty up close in your childhood years is enough to give you the tools to be pretty hard.

and the indigenous alternative of having a delinquent childhood of antisocial behaviour is just a weak substitute for supposedly giving you the same tools of “toughness” and in fact is proof that having a firm national identity makes you take “belonging” to something for granted.

The spirit of Rome and its greatness continued in Byzantium,Constantinople and Istanbul and the Maghreb long after the inhabitants of Rome had plundered and looted their own city of all its treasures and riches.

Likewise its quite possible that the spirit of the British Empire is strongest amongst the colonies where it is appreciated how much worse the alternative might be.
And the respect for law and order and Briitsh institutions has a totally different appeal from its British Council estate cousins.

But maybe the antiauthoritarianism is an appropriate and understandable response to the fact that colonialism has ultimately benefited and fostered an elite migrant population over and above the needs of an impoverished indigenous underclass who might understandably feel excluded and in fact less valued than the privileged “foreigners”.

its ultimately a form a being spoiled to be automatically part of a culture…that includes the migrants who moved here who can still fall back on their connections with their heritage.

But when you are a second generation migrant you truly have no identity in that sense and your peer group can only include similarly disenfranchised youths.

So for all the bombastic anti-pride displayed by those supposed “made-it-good” rebels of a bygone era with their chequered and invariably anti-authoritarian histories there are more effective and fruitful ways to gain the tools for survival and knowing the difference between fortunate and unfortunate,rich and poor, privileged and deprived than by having a a delinquent childhood which is surely why those few who survive that experience and learn from it do their level best to prevent their own children from having to learn things that way.

After all,despite all the rhetoric and retrospective philosophising,judge a person’s life by how liberal they are ,not just showboat liberal in a “i vote green” kind of way…but liberal in how many strands and levels they can mix in,commit themselves to, immerse themselves in, and ultimately discard the superficial remnants of what might have been considered their own “roots” for the sake of ruthless pragmatic practicality and there you have the insight into the breadth of their world.

The enlightened few who know the true meaninglessness of any rhetoric and dogma but still understand the concept of respect…

Now that takes real imagination and faith.

I don’t got what you want and I dont care what you think

So how do I say this in some subtle and clever way.
Council administration in the UK is like excrement.

yup that sort of conveys my sentiment about right.
Is there no law against being absolutely god-awful at your job?
No recompense for being a lazy fucker who clocks in and out to pay the bills.
Gets a child deregistered from 2 state schools just to avoid the emails from the school worried about the childs non attendance when the reaosn for that non attendance is the threat of physical violence from a known criminal making false allegations relating to a case that is fully closed?
Is there no option for a council responsible for the safety of its tenants beyond telling them they cant live in their house?
Is there no responsibilty on the Council’s part to ensure that they assign a council housing officer that actually exists to address a family’s crisis or to actually back up what they say in writing…or is just ok for the family to be homeless for 9 days before stating that no one is actually looking into their plight.
Is it ok to tell the family to declare themselves homeless and to tell them to “stop wasting their time declaring themselves homeless” on the same day.
or letting a kid waste away with no schooling or emotional support but continue to insist he must not go back to his home as that will make the family liable for putting him at risk.
Or dealing with any emergency in an automated 48hr basis via an intentionally brain dead Switchboard that has no clue that the most senior exec responsible for a council is the CEO and not the bloody mayor!?
is it normal for a CEO of a council to only be identifiable by invoking the Freedom of Information Act.

After months of analysis and years of experience my expert opinion is that red always turns blue over time and salaries turn humans into manure.

sink or swim?
or just flap away with your head just bobbing above water long enough to keep you alive.

Its like that with everything.
there is so much human waste.
Both waste of humans and human tripe.

we pull off this farcical illusion of order at the expense of some uncomfortable sacrifices that are now less hidden in the shelter of the underclass.

so many people are consigned to an existence on a whole evolutionary rung below the rest its a travesty.nature can seem bloody inefficient at times.or maybe it is the case that nature doesnt give a seminiferous tubule about the angsts of the human aspiration.

In answer to the question posed…no there is no law…only lawyers

So there you have it.We churn out waste.We become waste.Then we turn waste into a virtue.Like turning mud into honey….


F*** me I must have a real dearth of nicotinic receptors.
5 puffs into a real ciggy and I feel giddy??
giddy with ma ciggy

But mingled with the lightheadedness came another epiphany.
the big secret about smoking…its nothing to do with nicotine.
its just me hyperventilating.
hypocapnia and the consequent brain hypoxia triggering a sort of delirious dysinhibition.
Thats all it is.
And guess what…the harder you smoke the more you think you’re getting a hit.

No you wally you’re just blacking out…