the Fountain

The Fountain,for me, is what has been just beyond the reach of Terry Gilliam and what The Tree of Life was maybe trying to achieve.

The parallel plot even reminds me of the dream sequences in Iain Banks’s Bridge…and like the dawn that slowly materialises throughout that novel this movie actually accomplishes what so so many directors duck these days,or worse, try to excuse themselves of on the grounds of some lofty and sophisticated message….closure.

yes…an actual ending that gives the viewer some sense of not having wasted a couple of hours of their life with what is an ever earlier and earlier feeling of dread that starts to creep up on me whenever I watch an “art movie” these days.

yes…it is poignant…it is melancholy… is a journey and it does a laudable job of bringing you to some sense of peace in the face of powerlessness.

this guy did pi so next stop must surely be eternal wisdom!

even though some background between the main protagonists had to be forfeited for a relatively simple almost naive notion of love,nevertheless,the movie proves that through metaphor it is possible to generalise a message in a way that makes you forgive the simplifications and appreciate the well meaning intentions.

Lots of symbolism and star gazing but always managed to keep its feet touchingly to the ground.

Not URM computable

Lisac’s giant well grew as he hurtled deeper and deeper.
The wispy remnants of pseudo-intelligentsia continue to float in from the fathomless beyond.
That great pool of retrospective economists burgeoning at the gateway of epiphany,never really sure which is the way in or out of a recession but never short of incantations to feed their own self worth and never short of Whitehall’s attention.
Midway through the journeys of their lives,running in circles, forever retracing their own shadows,never looking up to see the path out of the forest and into the light.

The sense of crisis pervades.
Would bring tears of sorrow and happiness to Marx’s eyes.
Crisis is disempowerment is a crisis is freedom.
Having to entrust to mysterious powers…the native zombie tongue of finance-to assure the plebs there are powers greater then themselves at work here.
All is Or-well..Big Brother loves you.

“Well you can fuck with my money and my mind but you will never get my attention because you choose to speak in a dais,” he uttered silently,”and since I work shifts and you don’t want to…I will carry on working autonomously without any functioning memory
“I am the final automaton…otherwise known as..the shopfloor
“And you cannot,nay do not wish to take my place because you like to be shielded from your decisions

“And that is why you can serve yourself and worry about how many helipads you should have on your yacht…but you will not control me…because I am an uncomputable automaton creature borne of crisis and acting in crisis and only offering a thread of credence to your sense for power until it all collapses and then you can sit down and re analyse why you are unable to influence global ecological restructuring of a planet when you were convinced you had it figured….

Lisac stopped blowing bubbles at this point as the froth was beginning to seep out of his eyeballs.

“Peanut malt ,please…shaken but not deterred…”

“Drink with your eyes closed” said the Tinsel town bartender “Its easier to keep going that way”

Maybe the outcome will be better

Lisac beginning to fill with nitrous,to drift above the new rhetoric of desperation,rising above the absurdities
whispers echoing “Absence of evidence is proof you haven’t looked hard enough-get an electron microscope – look harder godammit!”

open your eyes
Look around

Belief is not controlled in an RCT
Psychology is not accounted for.

In the face of a multitude of potential confounders and consistently inconclusive outcomes in ITU why is it not recognised that any hidden benefit is effectively too small to give a useful picture of the whole and that there is a big missing other.
how and why is it that RCTs make no attempt to control for pre morbid psychological state,motivation and emotional intelligence?
Admittedly there are practical difficulties but it is surely worth it as it is a giant hole in all trials of acute care that have failed to inspire any significant progress for some time now.

“I shall be the pink rabbit with the waistcoat and the watch” mumbled Lisac’s intensivist ,as he guided his fibrescope into Lisacs right bronchus to fish out the giant nut
“I shall guide Alice out of Wonderland”

The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus
The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus