Interesting movie.

Favourite line : The past is a story we tell ourselves

How true.It can be a folk tale to give you strength like the Iliad to Alexander the Great,or it can be a Freudian noose around your neck giving you excuses for your predicament.

Its as relevant to your life as the history of the world,do what you want with it.

But if your story is something you have trouble letting go of then the present must be something you fear, even though it is the only reality that you can ever be in control of.

So no point getting sentimental about the way things were or how you think they should be.
Like Lenny Bruce said “There is no ‘what should be’,there is only ‘what is'”

and our inability to let go of some tangled undergrowth that we call “roots” is just some rotting weeds that should never have been there in the first place…

Your own ideas of what makes you special needs to be let go.Identity is a burden.Patriotism is a lie.Nationality is division.Religion is a conch passed from one hand to another.And power is exerted by keeping everyone tied to the above.

Unshackling those roots means you can fly away.

Peshawar – the day after

What is your drug of choice?

The conjecture that humans stand out as the most rational of living species is not as clear cut as it might seem.
The illusion of rationality stems from the apparent ability to choose.
But if the means to attaining an end is only through one option why can it not be that a plant has the rationale to choose the only option it has for pollination.
As species become more adaptable it has more methods at its disposal but all to achieve essentially the same ends as a plant.
And when humans deny their more visceral urges for some higher notion of control and rationality are they not succumbing to the same desires in a way that will be ultimately more profitable for their own sense of legacy or influence or other human equivalent of intra species success?
In fact we are a highly addiction prone species precisely because we find so many elaborate alternatives ways of gratifying our universally common needs.
Once we find a way that seems to work for us we really cannot stop.
Peacocks strutt with their feathers and humans like to demonstrate power to influence.
But it is all to the same evolutionary end.
And with such obvious human endemics of addiction be they emotional or chemical how can we believe ourselves to be capable of denying temptation for its own sake?
In fact pointless self denial is surely more irrational and we are as logical or maybe even less logical than a plant because we do not always even make the right choice in chasing a desired effect.
Whether we call a deterministic enslavement to instinctive and primitive urges a state of irrationality or rationality I am sure it is fundamentally a quality we have in common with all living things and the only difference is that the structure of human society dictates that those same ends may achieved quite differently from simpler biological organisms.
The zenith of human rationality from a leftist liberal point of view is then a state not yet achieved where humans can tie in their own survival biologically to the survival of the planet ,the solar system and even the universe to make our goals unified by a common desire.
When we sense our oneness with our surroundings .
In a sense we may usher our own extinction if it becomes irrelevant to the universe for us to fight for survival yet therein lies the weakness as we are clearly still to early in the scheme of living things to stretch the concept of our fight for survival to be about anything other than our own.
but therein lie the early signs that maybe the human race can attain the wisdom of the commonest plants and shrubs by being able to mutually harmonise our own survival through the sustenance of our environment.
and yet through the equivalence of matter and energy the logical conclusion of a universal rationality must be a common goal of all things to becoming “rational” immortal and formless waves acting towards a higher goal of dissemination into an ever more homogeneous universe..

The universe is one gigantic bong maaan..we r all going up in smoke…

Totally Fossilised
Totally Fossilised


Dear George

Ok.My latest fad.

Vascular grooves.No I ‘m not talking about Dracula’s record collection.Attended meeting about microvascular decompression and have decided it is the missing explanation for everything.

The clue has been there in the form of trigeminal neuralgia all along.A perfectly obvious paroxysmal lancinating pain when classical  and associated in no small part with the presence of an indenting groove in the trigeminal nerve due to apposition of a loop of superior cerebellar artery in most cases similar to facial hemispasm’s association with vessel pressure on the nerve.

NO scar tissue.just physiological pressure resulting in episodic pain.

episodes symptomatically associated with local stimulation and hence possibly alterations in blood flow+/or neural firing presumably causing dynamic alterations in vessel/nerve size and degree of contact.

point is contact causes cross firing,enhanced activation.

extrapolate to microscopic vessels in parenchyma and and you have almost limitless opportunities for cross firing and local enhancement of function which might actually be the physiological basis for non local cognitive function.

because the smallest vessels and nerve axons are arguably most intricately related in the more superficial “higher centres” of the brain that require multiple afferent and efferent coordination.

the same phenomenon on larger vessels at ,say the skull base,become manifest as more obviously pathological phenomenon.

And the regular pulsation of the brain could be a mode of transmitting the transmural vascular pressure changes to the neuronal tissue to maintain those essential cross links.

Maybe thats why non pulsatile flow in cardiac bypass results in post op cognitive defects.

And why any intracranial mass and most of all intraventricular haemorrhages have such far reaching effects on the critical global plasticity and network formation of the brain required for higher functions even though the exact locality of such masses rarely explains the global consequences on their cognition and why subsequent recovery may depend so much on the ability of collaterals to form a new global network of neurovascular coupling.

and since the facial muscles have such a high density of acetylcholine receptors and which is why suxamthonium appears to have a such marked effect on them and further more maybe also why patients recovering from a stroke have such a high frequency of what look like myoclonic facial jerks due to the higher centres trying to reactivate in the presence of dysfunctional efferents.

The tendency for seizures in an area of ischaemic damage is just revealing the hyper excitability of the nerves attempting to repair themselves and overfiring _ but maybe that firing is necessary to reestablish new networks and we are suppressing that healing process by inappropriately sedating them or treating them as seizures with anticonvulsants.

So seizures are a poor prognostic sign because they indicate the size of damage sufficient to be causing hyper excitable firing BUT the firing is not deleterious per se which may be why there is no evidence that treating them actually improves outcomes.in fact the theory that they place a strain on oxygen demand might again prove that they are trying to re-perfuse new vascular networks to try and replace the damaged ones.

hence there is no evidence that treating partial seizures is beneficial in terms of function and prognosis.

Generalised tonic clonic status epilepticus is obviously different as it is clearly a global over firing which suggests that there is such diffuse damage that there si diffuse excitability which probably is counterproductive to oxygen supply and demand balance.

and why melatonin must be better than temazepam but you cannot expect a physiological hormone to work in isolation without the other physiological cues of light and darkness.It takes teamwork after all doesn’t it Mr Gawande?

Eye patches and ear plugs are the way to go!

Tell that to the economists,Mr Soros

Pinch of Basil,dash of Zorba and a sprinkling of pine nuts

So I heard Andreas Wagner talking on Start the Week about one of the misunderstood aspects of the Evolution Paradigm that random mutations alone can give rise to complexity as fast as they have.
The “library ” of permutations for genetic codes of amino acids (and importantly metabolism itself) is so large that the successful mutation resulting in rhodopsin for vision ,for example ,is comparable to a needle in a haystack.
However his own argument is that the one dimensional view of what is a useful genetic code is missing an unmeasureable other factor : the undefinable drive to find a way no matter what : darehesay “intelligent design” (which of course he did his best to avoid ,being German and all that – dogmas don’t go down very well),nevertheless the view emerged that there are many more permutations of codes that are compatible with survival in the environment than is appreciated.Our insistence to be amazed by the fluke of our existence fails to realise that our presence was an equally weighted outcome that currently happens to be the dominant mode of life against a host of very different equally weighted alternatives.Take the “evolved” metabolism of bacteria capable of utilising poisonous dioxins for energy.Arguably even if there is life on different planets and atmospheres it may process and metabolise energy so radically differently we may not have a clue what sort of evidence to even look for.Obsessing about Earth-like planets is probably missing the bigger point about how life seems to be big on incurring entropy debt that it always has to pay back to Big Bad Universal Banker a bit later…a debt that is always collected.
It seems that even if entropy may ultimately like disorder it is still partial to travelling the scenic route first.Bit like life,eh (saw that coming?) : big hoo-hah,this ‘n that,all a big fuss-and then you die.Might as well make a song and dance of it…somebody up there is having a laugh…