Verite (or the existential crisis of being a second generation migrant)

The dark empty holes stare back at me
“You are my friend,brother”
Come join me beyond this silver lining
Reflecting on your facade
Home in disconsolation
Warm in the radiance of my ambience
As budding arms reach out from that surface
wiry and infantile then organic and fragile
But soon turn to stone
Locked in and critique proof
But still i look to my Zion for answers
With tears that might yet soften those bonds
As I whisper the only truths that I believe
“I am your only friend”
Let go so we may live as one in our new home!

There is no truth.only people who agree with you.
We have reached a collective recognition in our own society where we are perhaps ready to face the ambiguity of truth so much that even the conjecture that 1+1=2 can become a argument about self fulfilling definition vs solution to a question or equation.
In mathematics the ambiguity of such a conjecture is disguised as an “identity”.

When all logical extrapolations are self fulfilling closed loops and thus all robust conclusions that follow effectively become axioms in their own right and we remain none the wiser about the truth of their actual origin.

So the term “identity” is is what it is if you choose to believe the premise.

And who I am is anybody’s guess but ultimately all that matters is that I feel

Am I real?
Am I real?


Imitation game
All the emotion that makes Turing’s machine intelligence a plausible human reality.
Sometimes it’s the people you imagine least of that can do the most unimaginable

Reminds me of an Alistair Reynolds novel.interesting idea.not an action movie in any sense at all and probably does not need the space distraction at all.apparently book was not quite so focussed on the relationship aspect but you get the point.
Life is not about answers ,it’s about choices.


2001 meets Contact meets Gravity meets Inception.

Just saw DarkKnight the other day as well.

I mean Chris Nolan really minimises the dumbing down to pretty much the finer details of quantum gravity.

He gives 4-5 dimensions a 3D stab.

He has a stab at worm holes and black holes.

And he keeps it real and human.

So respect.No space for light humour in pretty much any of his movies but he takes concepts as far as they can physically go on the silver screen at the moment.

The only bit that risks losing credibility is when these highly trained scientists suddenly have an epiphany and decided that love transcends dimensions – err,what?oh yeah i forgot this is hollywood for a moment – well at that moment its almost Bollywood but anyhows it was serious entertainment and when I look back i dont think it even tried that hard with the otherworldly stuff – other than the graphics for the actual space travel and the 5 dimensional tesseract thingumajig but there werent any big bad aliens or particularlt unfamiliar looking landscapes or images.Most of the movies was really around the austerity of the backward looking future world with its return to agrarian ways of living.

Personally I think that was partly just to accentuate the sense of contrast with the subsequent spacey bits.

Anyway ..a good romp and best space movie Ive seen since Contact.thank God it didnt have “Mars” in the title…

Lets wait for Star Wars.

Looking inward
Looking inward



Linklater’s patient cataloguing of a fictional boy’s transition into adolescence.
If the movie was profound then that wasnt immediately obvious at first.
Have to chew on it.
Most of us are wandering aimlessly …some more obviously than others…but it seems if you don’t feel or see sustained joy in your formative years when you most need to know that there is something that can come out of blind uncertainty then you can be left wondering “whats the point?”
“of what?” enquires Ethan Hawke
“well..anything?…everything,I guess?”

its kind of profound in its prosaic portrayal of a character that you never quite understand but can’t help sympathise with.
he’s just like anyone,talented but not exceptionally,not massively motivated but will go through the motions..just wondering if he’s falling into a preordained slot of false purposefulness through a coincidental inclination for photography…just for the sake of keeping him occupied rather than to expect any answers to come from it…hes happy enough but is that it?

or would none of this have mattered if he could have believed that his parents were happy and in love.