Institutionalised Luvvies

so Addenbrooks is in special measures

and predictably the interviewer asks : “could it be….could it just be…..that….maybe,just maybeeeeee the WHOLE system of judging the quality of an institution/hospital …is actually at fault here….

after all…it cannot possibly be the case that one of the most prestigious institutions in the UK could possibly fail a hospital quality inspection process??

cant it just be that …its because of freakishly abnormal ageing population in the Cambridge area…or the cost (which is of course the reason it failed) of expensive agency recruitment fees to make up for staff shortages and long waiting times ….?

“lets not forget” pleads CEO draped in mandatory hair shirt “the outcomes from the hospital are head and shoulders above most of Europe”…so no no…its a flaw in the system…and a flaw in the inspection process to be looking at financial robustness…

Unlike the rest of us…some of whom have actually emerged out of special measures…and could offer a tip or two to help Cambridge out…Salford Royal,maybe??

Oh no! says the Professor CQC inspector (rubbing his bloodied hands together and wiping the sliver of red from his lips,the taste of it still teasing his tongue)… “there are no issues that single out Cambridge as a special case….”

the government paradigm that the CQC inquisition enforces….the paradigm that problems are same everywhere…only difference is the way people try to solve them….management…that great panacea.

for every great problem there is a ….. great manager

somebody who says ..we can fix that..we just need to change…people!

but lets not adopt any universal working solutions because deep down ….(sssshhhh!)

we know they don’t actually work everywhere…

thats why we don’t stipulate any nationally coordinated solution…we treat each Trust as sheriff of the town left on his own to come up with the solution and let the problem bury him if necessary….

we just dish out trite banalities reminding people that the solution must involve a partnership between hospitals and the communities they serve……….



government didn’t vouch that their thug would go and take out the darling of the institutions….Oxbridge.

Remember when John Radcliffe was in the spotlight for similar failures.

The government is employing a social experiment to create doctors that are libertarian universally benevolent super beings who are oiled annually  through an appraisal and revalidation process that requires self reflection so vast and introspective it would make Socrates look like an impulsive,temperamental brute….

We need to reflect on how every breath we take makes us better,kinder,pastoral mentors…guiding their universal children by the hand when necessary,mopping their brow,massaging their pain whilst whispering soft comforting words,being firm when necessary,gentle when they are weak,strong but able to guide their babies to learn to stand on their own two feet….

the nanny state needs doctors to be godparents………..

but when some nasty disembodied agency corrupts a broken soul and tempts one innocent prof to the darker side of truth,recognises the genocidal tendencies in him/her then lets him/her loose to kill his own brethren then those career politicians can sit back and say “well..its your own guys criticising you….so we can hardly intervene can we???”

but who is the CQC serving…the government ,the public, the doctors….or itself???

amidst Staffordshirian scandals one might see an opportunity to let an expensive,demanding monster destroy itself….blame CQC for the inspection failures that let the “public” down,impose impossible targets in the name of “quality” and then sit back and let the entire NHS self implode in a frenzy of fanatical sadomasochism…after all we,the government speak for the people…don’t we?

Ok…say CQC…you wanna know the truth?

you want these unsustainable demands enforced on all want 1000s and 1000s of pages of paperwork drawn up by every hospital without pre trained people dedicated to the sole process of drafting reams of reports about every blurry second of data in the life of a want to audit every word uttered in a meeting and guidelines to scrutinise every thought that comes to the mind of these super benevolent love machines when your own process of deliberating democracy has been through ephemerally wispy remnants of conversations  uttered secretively in halls and corridors of Westminister for hundreds of years.

you didn’t bank on the very institutions that produce the self proclaiming experts to come under fire did you??

because when the public suddenly realise that their perception has nothing to do with what the government is doing then this whole process might backfire…

you can fail any other hospital but if you fail Addenbrooks then youve shot yourself in the foot and the CQC will continue its bloodlust and massacre across the country,leaving those Etonians scratching their heads wondering how to reinstitute their covert subversion of a hard and adamantly fickle population who they thought they were just beginning to bring onside against a nationalised health service.

It might even be trendy to start failing CQC inspections …such is the power of the Oxbridge illusion that the media and the public believe.

And when Addenbrooks takes its cue from Great Ormond Street’s strategy and generates that necessary extra cash (that the government say is not necessary) through populist appeals for sympathetic charity and gets out of the red again,the rest of us plebs will reminisce fondly and accept that the established order cannot be allowed to fail for the sake of prole obsessions such as fairness and consistency….

How often did your mommy tell you….



The Hour Cometh

How strange that the idealism of youth should come spouting out of aged establishment.

Can you be mainstream fringe?

Sound like a haircut from the 90s….no no wait,it’s……..

Jeremy Corbyn!!

every dishevelled, protest marching, monarchist hating, tree and extremist hugging, non anthem singing, baby killing, England bashing ,nanny state loving, tax hiking,anti business ,refugee loving, defence hating,IRA condoning,pragmatic son of the devil bit of him…..

Phew!….Didn’t realise how anti democracy I was until Daily Mail,Telegraph,Times,Sun and rest of Fleet Street convinced me that Ive always loved Fascism…..

Please accept my application for Media Mogul..I promise to continue the fight for (y)our cause….us.

eye can see now

Everything becomes dust
Everything becomes dust