The shudder
The weightlessness
The fall
As outside world slips away
And you are left with the only world that truly exists
Inside yourself
The loss of inhibition
And the disconnect at the medulla
Is it the GABA
Is it glycine
The serotonin
The limbic
The amygdala
The hippocampus
The pre frontal
Is it acerylcholine
Is it dopamine
Is it gates opening
Or closing?
That myoclonic farewell to control
To proprioception
That combination lock
That melatonin and cortisol tussle over
In our lipid laden spongy creases
Furiously working away without any distraction from the sedative of interaction and sounds and sights.
A brain whose raison d’être is to find patterns and connections from randomness and meaning from the intangible.
Why some more than others.
What about those who lie in emptiness
Whose other worlds are completely hidden even from themselves?
And those who remember every detail from birth?
What about the good dreams and those who feel fresh in the morning?
Is it a self fulfilling prophecy for everything to make sense?

you know the score
You know the score!