The New Normal

The world has reached a new normal when you find yourself being surprised by your own nostalgia.

When 20th century intolerance seems a ridiculously simple walk in the park compared to the self made entrepreneurial terrorists of today
Where left field hipsters and Archbishops alike show their progressiveness by out bearding the seditionists
When Iran is hailed as the way forward for international relations between East and West
Where Europe is the squeezed middle in Syria between a despotic and dysfunctionally megalomaniacal Russia and an Arab funded ISIS that is so self assured about its own twisted sanctity
When the only resistance that the real victims can express is by resisting the pressure to take sides.

The only relevance Europe can ever achieve is through how it chooses to handle the refugee crisis.

If Europe isn’t a place people actually want to come to how does it actually expect to survive?

In the New Normal numbers count more than ever

If Europe cant show that Enlightenment values actually mean something that should be able to transcend cultural and historical differences because it is about the common human spirit,then it has nothing to offer to the world at all and it becomes a dogma like any other whose time and relevance is truly numbered because unless you can export something you will cease to matter.

The refugee crisis could be a cultural victory that Europe could harness and galvanise but it may need the shedding of more prejudices and hypocrisy than it can realistically accept.

Weird times – this new normal