Random Walks in my Morris C Minor

Honey on crown
Glazed waxy syrup
moonshine helmeted by fishy net
Drowning said beehive on head

But still the buzzing goes fucking on

Spanner to cranium
Like pancake to brake disc
Because head not egg enough
To fry

the stephening drilling moans on

Like Oscar gone wild
Despite glycerin and phosphate
And valsalva sighs

The shitus quo stays very put

His spiralling eyes
Likes circular dice
Spinning his world
To syncopal demise

Ectatic rose spiders
Webbing ye buccinators
to yon gillespie nest
Dizzily free
To withering heights

“this is mine to deal with”
Lisac mutters thru oedematous sulci
“the last vestige of intention…
my cortex,my cortex
Heel to thine master!”

And with an almighty push
He committed history
To the consequence of his synaptic whim

“Because nature favours the brave..”leaked his amygdala
“And invents cowards for their consumption…”

His pituitary grumbled for its addisonian gyro

“Failure is a self fulfilling prophecy

“ICNAARC is a tally of self fulfilling fear driven job insecurity and lack of bed capacity from its majority stakeholder- the humble District General HospiTAl” muttered Shutit,Lisacs most industrious alpha wave

Ah…he’s waking up doctor..shall we extubate him”

Lets see…Mr Luton…are there fish in the sea???”

“Will it be negatively marked like your mortality score?” answered Lisac through his fenestration

Ahh ..clearly delerious…ramp up the propofol and suppress these insightful bursts nurse….lets wait another day till he conforms a bit more…”

“you shouldn’t admit if you think you’ll withdraw”

“yea I know that came up on my CRB..that’s why I work in this shitty hole…”

“Beds per heads equals inverse pressure to be dead”

And in a moment of peak BIS

off his head” yelled the dr to the bed

because stats favour the brave…and rely on the fearful to exaggerate the fall

turn the tilt table straight up again….up on yer feet Lisac we’ve tipped you the right way round again!”

and thus did the doctor surely resist the seductive allure to extend his ITU’s LOS score

POTS doing ones head in