Corbyn is a metaphor for the EU.
The political class of media,journalists,public experts and politicians is being completely rejected whenever the the mass has a say in it.
And that proves that all the political class are ever doing is pretending to know what the public will do.
And as much as they make their intentions and expectations known ,so do the mass even more try to counter the experts.

Its an expert rejectionism.
And for the behavioural sciences of politics and economics that mood is fast exposing the thin veil of stability for what it is ,that politicians spend their life espousing and warning about (whether they believe in it themselves or not)

And the news pundits and journalists who enjoy the verbal spats as much as the politicians ,speculators and exerts now spend as much time analysing their own failure.
Navel gazing extremis.

Its like watching a fish in a bowl going round and round and round clueless about whats outside.
There are parallel narratives which fleetingly rub shoulders.

The TV news narrative and your life.

And the two are drifting apart very fast and national broadcasting has essentially morphed into the same blinded institution that it attempts to be reporting on.

The blind reporting to the blind about what we ,the visually bestowed ,are up to.

So the more everyone gangs up on Corbyn the more popular he will be amongst those who wish to dissociate themselves with the Westminster commentators -which,given,Brexit, is probably 52% of the population,a bizarre alliance brought together despite diametrically opposing positions on the traditional political spectrum (racists and liberalists)

The open house climate for racially inciteful and emboldened confrontation is now directed at white people as much as dark skinned who have been hearing this all their lives.

The anarchy and madness that follows progressive liberalisation before complete self combustion?

Maybe not..maybe just the final death cry of the nascent racism that is now being lanced and exposed for the foul smelling pus that it is – is the necessary exposure that the institutionalised state of affairs needed – to bring it out for what it is – not to help us non Anglo Saxons – but to bring home to those amongst us who walk about oblivious to the reality of this tension in this country and complaining about having to be “PC” which had become the growing undertone for expressing the uncomfortable friction of differences in culture,language,appearance and heritage ,now coming to the fore.

So now tell me we are in a new age of “openness”.How its all gone mad and “politically correct”.How foreigners get all the special treatment and you “cant say anything in your own country”

And maybe the hate crimes and acts directed against a whole racial group not coming from islamic terrorists might actually be an eye opener for those who were wavering about whether hate and irrational terror is the province of “foreign cultures” when now there is open “white against white” hatred as well as the usual …

welcome to our world…the real one

Self fulfilling anomaly

Few years ago Boris was a  Churchill imitating mock parody that managed to shine in the face of Ken Livingstone’s dour and parched Socialism.

Populism proved the winner and now having moved on ,he proves the rule that such creatures are immune from any prolonged condemnation.

Like the one who can get away with the cheekiest comment because by definition they have a manner that makes you think they dont mean it badly…but what it might also mean is that such characters dont really mean anything they say.

Thats why they get away with it surely?

hone it comes to elections though some bizarre central limit theorem of conglomerated consensus seems to back the “safe” guy…or the safe option?

So really we are just like the very big businesses and corporate banks that support the Remain status quo.

“Vote leave” is not the herald of a revolution if its conclusion does not change the leaders whether they be in Westminster of further away.

What it does do is leave a populist memory for the aftermath of when the Remain camp win proving after all the hype,the people are given the choice,they will choose the familiar.

We are already in the EU after all.

And there is something suspicious going on when the Vote Leave is comprised in large part of middle aged opinionated (and slightly self assured) men who have too much time to bang on about sovereignty,  and immigration.

When the mascot is a chameleon who you can see will do well either way, so how can it not be calculated position, when an ex Broadsheet editor famous for punchy headlines,comes out with soundbite after soundbite, having left the office of London Mayor with very little actual sense of revolution.

No,he is precisely the stereotype of Churchill, a mascot British Bulldog who will fight another day because he stuck up for Britain against the establishment, so who better to represent the values of the British than the guy who fought hardest to keep Britain with its own terms?…will be the PR line…obviously.

So it is a win win of Boris and he really doesn’t have much to lose as he doesn’t know failure even when it hits him.

Because failure in politics is of course a self fulfilling prophecy determined only by the politicians own hunger.

Actually getting things done or not done has got nothing to do with it.

Its a hierarchical system of which all politicians are part that maintains its own survival and people  just turn the cogs of different forces on the planet.

Forces that are barely tangible yet drivers of change on scales bigger than human lifespans.

The planet is a chinese doll with different forms of life and we just inhabit one physical layer between the more deterministic and primitive and the ephemeral life of “ideas” like Oligarchy  and Social Justice,Anarchy and Despotic.

Tv pundits argue for their own sake of existence.

The public insist they need more facts.

The papers maintain the story

The politicians appease and then obfuscate and discombobulate because that is the mandate that the electorate understand.

Its really a mess and the older you get the more you might feel exhausted by the chaos and enlightened by the knowledge too of how remarkable it is that we create any illusion of stability at all when the drivers seem to be through appeasement to mass consumerism and fundamentally the realisation that someone made not too long ago that the peoples yearning for stability is so strong that they will happily exchange a piece of paper with a number on it as fair representation of the worth of something

Fundamentally the sheer weight of people carries an unknowing consensus almost God like and greater than the sum of its individual parts but I often find that when I am torn and divided over an issue then this is often reflected in  a finely balanced ballot because if there is to be any truth at all then it should come from as many as possible of we who create such concepts as “truth” in the first place.

So truth ,like most human constructs designed to be approximations to some Platonic thing, is a self fulfilling anomaly that will be arrived on no clearer a manner than the same tortuous back and forth that happens in a single conscious mind.

And even on the largest scales, as a matter of proportion ,the determinant of referendum will be the weight given to the familiarity of Remain ,which will be enough to swing it but close enough to serve as reminder that this simply will not go away within one lifetime.

Because the idea of nationality is strong,and while it will ultimately be irrelevant we are just not built to look further than a few generations for the impact of such fleeing phenomena as “borders” and “countries”.