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Random nuclear decay occurring in identical nuclei may mean non identical nuclei in some extra space time dimension eg maybe the relativistic light like dimension ct is the variable responsible for 3D randomness in a deterministic 4D universe suggesting that a 3d zero may also have infinite different values in space time and yet be a kernel in any 3d calculation but predicting the future means understanding its 4d time evolution which could be a complex exponential.

so collapse of a wave function may be a case of incorporating space time into  schrodingers wave equation to isolate why and when an apparently random abrupt discontinuous change seems to occur – has this already been done?

And is the ubiquitous use of  infinity in calculus and fourier series essentially the reason for conceptual failure  of quantum relativity unification ie behaviour at a singularity ,given the evidently infinite behaviour of a complex function according to casorati weierstrauss theorem that can be arbitrarily close to any value as it approaches an essential singularity and is this not the complex analytic equivalent of the Russell paradox unallowable set of all sets that are not members of themselves ,effectively barring it from legal use in set theory like dividing by zero as such self referential sets are like 2 mirrors taking an image of each other ad infinitum which will ultimately not give you practical answers hence one applies an arbitrary constraint to compensate for ones Godelian incompleteness.this is tantamount to explaining all leaps that are made to bridge the gap between mathematics and experimental physics eg the additional term in Maxwells equation for curlB which applies the simplest form for dE/dt from an infinite choice,or the decision to omit a reflected wave on the opposite side of a barrier when calculating wave transmission.

ockhams razor may be the human leap from Godelian algorithmic limitation to higher dimensions not just of space and time but beyond knowable mathematical axioms

or maybe it’s the shackle we are tying ourselves to that is preventing us from coming to terms with the pre determined nature of our unknowable 3d life and the multiverse that breathes alongside us parallel but always untraceable to us.