Valerian Footrot

Love,Time and Death
Like Will Smith shouting down your ear that he’s a serious actor and in case you didn’t notice – make the title of the movie so hubristic that the only way to follow it up is to state as clearly and as soon as poss that there is a dead kid in it – just in case you’re thinking ..Will Smith?surely a comedy…no?

No…i think…just a movie version of what the X Factors and ‘(whoever’s) Got Talent’ shows have perfected.i see it more clearly now for its gratuity.

That slippery slope from tacky to cheesy to kitsch to outright cynical.

When its become less about the naked parading of the hopefuls be they singers or actors but the shallowness of the message itself – that your personal tribulations are only worth something if you can make them sound genuine…

And if you can hold back the tears yet make everyone around you cry…if you can suffer pain and loss…or make it seem so when you haven’t….if you can gag for fame and fortune ,yet convince all around you that you’re somehow different,if you can absorb all the insults and judgements and continue to play for the camera.If you can take your own soul,wrap it up in a ribbon and remarket it as “real”. If you can do all these things and not breathe a word about others except about what matters to you and yet convince others to love you just the same…then yours is the telly…and whats more…youll be a celeb,my child.

ETA billion AD give or take

The rocks merged with the sulphurous horizon.
The blazing red giant,his sole companion, witness to the fireworks
Collision on M31
The air rising with the dust
If he could shed a tear it would have dispersed like the final rain scattered for all the time
That was left
As he looked thru those dry and weathered eyes
Lit by the spiralling purple glow
Of an atmosphere consumed
In a whirlwind of ablution.
So lay Lisac
The last mortal speck of humanity on spaceship Earth falling into Andromeda’s glittering oceans.