My monad and my meme ,butt Y?

At the heart of the celebrity and five minutes of fame culture pervading our social media driven times is the deep rooted tradition of the personality cult

That there is no right or wrong way ,only ideas of how to live a life.

Here is one way,there is another, here is mine…

As Jim Morrison said (maybe) “what kind of idea are you?”

And the question and your answer never come under more scrutiny than when trying to espouse your idea to your children…not necessarily thru some formal and articulated sermonising but by exposing your life to these open minded blank canvas sponges called your children…who -whether they ask it aloud or not- are always wondering …


Double bind theory of the Schizlamophrenic

Blue lights flashing
Cops frantic
People screaming
Building and cities shutting down
Champs-elysees in melt down
Declarations of war
A day of reckoning beckons
As battle cries demand for penitence

Elsewhere a schizlamophrenic has shot someone and said something.

And other news…scientists have found a way to make a circle fit in a square…just down a box of trazadone and utter “allah hu akbar” and several non connected regions will suddenly fit.

Trumpton town has denied that this can be done…shortly after having been the first to release this story…on Twitter…although they deny this too, preferring to highlight leaks in intelligence about demented rats mysteriously stealing the world supply of trazadone…which they are considering to deny or not #twitteringratstakingover

Smoking,Easter and the Afterlife

Clouds of gunpowder, heroine fumes and goat hair gently rocked him from pothole to pothole.

Clouds in the sky seem to be falling down like feathers

Plaited Snakes stretch out their frayed sinews in front of him beckoning him to rise before falling back in a tangled heap on his lifeless head all in a deafening second that lasts a lifetime.

Blue getting blacker the harder he stared and less sure that his eyes were open.

Lisac,hitherto unaware of the developments of the last 40 years had taken a field trip to the mountain tribes in Afghanistan to survey changing attitudes towards women.

“I feel therefore I am and must be.

“This must be the posterior non REM sleep where I see and forget everything

(He reaches for his dictophone,a token from his days in the asylum,to help talk over the Voices)

“As I lie I see the yolk trickle down my eyes and focus my vision

“I see new beginnings, a razor and my kebab enmeshed hair fall from chin to ground as my mouth gapes open and I see it spit the guttural ¬†meme one last time.

“Allah hu Akbar”

Stoned by the walls of the caves in which he had dwelt,now raized from that underworld and up to the effervescent surface ,amongst the 36 smoking cinders of the Mother of all Bongs he lay

5/10 for revealing IS’s promotional video


On Elms

So what is mental illness?
When you suddenly discover the dual identity disorder is real and delve into a 20 page rant from a manic..or watch This Is It about Michael Jackson..and realise maybe people are just born a certain way.

Ok.Maybe not straight from the womb..but not far off.

Actually ,Who isn’t mad?…probably a wierdo

To be in an industry where you constantly need to reinvent yourself.”Here today,gone later today” is a phrase I heard the other day.
Now thats not a recipe for bipolar disorder is it?

Music and movies is something for the older generation anyway…the kids dont even know what we’re talking about anymore…other than the fact that we look as bewildered by present reality as our parents did by rave music.

But its so normal now that the concept of conservatism has been cornered into an extremely dubious backwater of Brexitville,something almost elevated to the mystical heights of eccentric nostalgia.

Now the madness is plain to see everywhere.You can look at footage of Michael Jackson and see the innocence of that age about TV and fame.
With social media the quest fro originality has become an end to itself.The desperation to stand out in order to mean something.

So there you go..why not the latest -ism in town…Islamosadomasochisticism—or something

Something to feed that voice –and the beard

So maybe originality is overrated?Certainly the uber cool element of it has only taken off since it became something that pays…and with that it has brought about its own demise as fast as its own rise….The post world war disinhibition has been short lasting cuz theres only so far you can go with reality until reality starts parodying itself.Money has a habit of bringing the end of something.

So you have self declared heroes on Youtube responding to that desperate need to eek something out of their lives because to be no one is now so much worse than death itself

Never before have so many people sought so desperately for immortality and had so many ways of getting it