Ill Manors is art – discuss

To James O’ Brien on LBC

For wondering whether by conditionally reacting to discuss on the radio about the Manchester Art Gallery’s stunt to remove Waterhouse’s Hylas and Nymphs Victorian porno painting to generate a discussion about art ,might not actually be evidence that the media cannot help but flock like mindless lemmings to publicise stunts by the very virtue that stunts attract attention and therefore become news worthy for that very reason – as judged by someone from within the lemmings trying to figure out what is considered newsworthy to non lemmings (aka the common people) whom he/she has nothing to do with.

The ultimate navel gazing soul staring at itself staring at itself (yes ,ad infinitum) and talking about talking about it and expecting everyone else to care.

In the UK we’ve learnt to turn shit into a commodity because we’ve got so much of it we’ve turned it into a virtue and learnt to sell it to the rest of the world…to survive….but I digress.

Welcome to Plan B : that frightening “other” in the beyond where the rest of us inhabit ,where we dare to think that media deserves less trust than it thinks and when it howls flabbergasted at the supposed stupidity of the people who question it’s purpose…not consciously acknowledged by most of its proponents…and similarly ,the common people,unable to express why they choose not to get swept up by headline after headline..but they are disempowered and voiceless after all other than thru their supposed spokesmen,the media themselves…see where this is going.

One big circle and lots of little circles inside it,some overlapping ,some completely separate,all giving their own version of reality of what ,within their own frame,is perfectly obvious but equally oblivious as each other.

Just different metrics for different spaces.

So well done James O’Brien for taking your first tentative little baby steps into the complement of your closed little ball and please bring your friends too.

In the mirror theres a hero




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