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Goldie – Timeless

Goldie - Timeless

 Its hard to separate Timeless from the almost legendary reputation of its creator.
Already deserving credit for pioneering his distinctive chopped beat and timestretching Rufige Kru sound under the wing of 4 Hero’s forward thinking Reinforced label he had been producing music that had been at the forefront of the rave scene
But then he grabbed the mantle and took things to the next level.
So this album deserves the accolade for being maybe the first jungle album that reached out to the mainstream masses without compromising on its roots or its ambition
Inner City Life was the sound of rave turned sour by Thatcherism.
Hard,pissed off,sticking its chest out and spewing out gut wrenched blood spattered unadulterated soul.One of the first (maybe only) jungle tunes you could watch on MTV but despite that it did not try to soften its vision or message.
So maybe it was natural that Goldie would continue his ambassadorial tendencies and make his own persona more accessible to the masses.
But like his metalheadz label which has remained uncompromising to the day this album was the perfect fusion of hard but accessible.
It was not the most innovative album of its time and maybe its not an album for the beats purists.But thats not the point.Tracks like the title cut,Jah the Seventh Seal snd Kemistry encapsulated the dark machine at the heart of Goldie’s soul.Still Life,A Sea of Tears and You and Me showed a more reflective emotional side.This album is all about feeling.
To understand the rise and fall of Jungle you have to have to centre yourself on this pivotal album

Patrick Moore morphs into Marlon Brando and the universe gently rolls on

 The statistical odds against your existence make you a living breathing miracle

whatever and wherever you came from is where you will go back to and that is your home

the energy that culminated in your body has existed since the birth of the universe and materialised from the heart of a dying star to reach you.

you are infinitely embedded and you will forever be part of the cosmos

that energy has coalesced over 13 billion years and like the most spectacular aligning of the stars these constituents merged and became you.

and the you of now grows,suckles and replenishes itself from  the earth which gave you its own carbon seeds.

you might have come from a rock,a tree,a leaf.that drop of sunshine.that heat in space.that electromagnetism.

like a god sacrificing his flesh to give you life.

you grow He withers.but He will call you back


so wherever you are if you have found the time to read this then stop and listen to the sound of your existence

"I prefer to squeeze my butter from sunflowers"



 for those of us spending late nights in a small darkly lit room with a computer.

add the weight of burdensome thoughts and you will feel this heavy heavy heavy on your shoulders.

do not add pakistani black.

its heavy enough

night night kiddies.don't let the bed bugs bite...


A Guy Called Gerald – Black Secret Technology

Black Secret Technology

 Gerald Simpson is well and truly his own genre.
This album is called a drum n bass or a jungle album and hence gets cast in the shadow of Goldie’s Timeless released in the same year.
This album is not a drum n bass album.Ditch the labels.
This album has barely got a single snare drum in it.
This is that weird paranoid in-between world you occupy in your twilight state.
Beats sound like insects.
Disembodied time stretched vocals drift in and out of some ether.
Theres a tribal thing going on.
Everything is hazy.Did he mean it to sound like this?
Jungle’s answer to U F Orb if you must.Does that help?
Some might moan about the low-fi production but all you gotta do is crank up the volume and you will swear you can hear things youre not supposed to.
Like echoes materialising eeriely from the mist hinting at some life form just beyond
This album stands on its own like a lone cactus on the Skeleton Coast.
It is the sound of Gerald Simpson silently f***ing your mind.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

november.darkness.rain.windscreen wipers spreading your own icy breath all over windshield revealing more blackness.
time of day..or night.god knows.
hour commute.
bills to pay.whos making dinner tonight?job not a cert.tired
bitterly cold and still two mugs of coffee away from starting the day.

UKitis - Citalopram for the Road


Fanu – Daylightless

Fanu - Daylightless

 Utterly brilliant.some may consider this a dark me this album hits like a swirling hurricane of  twisting filtered breaks,haunting nordic vocals and strings echoing to the backdrop of rain,thunder and lightning – you can almost see the silhouette of awesome fjords through the repetitive 2 step here,every track and every break has been worked on and just carries you along like a tidal wave swirling in your head.and the downtempo side is no less track here is a filler.every track asks something from you and in return it gives you food for your brain.
testimony to the great paradox,seba,klute,photek,metalheadz genre.artists whose beats are cerebral.
these beats are where the anarchy of jungle music came from.a classic that is out of unrecognised masterpiece.maybe most people like meat and veg.this is caviar.
breaks for your brain.

No Pain No Gain

 I have ended an arduous journey.A self-imposed exile of confinement and immersion in Lawrence-Moon-bardet-Biedl syndrome and the subcategorisation of pseudoxanthoma elasticum.Like a well known American ‘performer’ starving himself in a box above the Thames for 6 weeks ,2 fairly obvious facts are particulerly pertinent.
1) to experience elation one must truly know misery
2) Like David Blaine a period of isolation has deprived me of my ability to count.
3) British cynicism is a very ugly thing and I am not proud of it.
4)Paul McCartney shoud do something more useful with his time.(he was heard one night underBlaine’s box hurling abuse into the night air)

If u wanna know what i think i respect David Blaine for doing what he does and all these tosspots saying its insulting to millions of starving people in Somali should:
1) save the eggs and send some fucking money to Somalia
2) realise that starvation at their own doorstep makes them uncomfortable.
3) be a little less hypocritical and stop throwing the mantle of working class reverse snobbery in making you feel bad for doing something in your own self interest if u can afford to

Geez the guy has clearly lost weight and can barely stand and has been under surveillance for 6 weeks and some fucks think he’s hiding some food somewhere…tell me…WHERE?
there is an english determination (albeit refreshing in small doses) to deny respect for anything done as an exhibition…because the english have historically been insecure about themselves collectively and they cant cope with showmanship which is characteristic of all things american.
I dont believe exhibitionism is necessarily something to be sneered at and like any performance art i would give him respect for carrying out what he said he would do and if we wanted to watch we were welcome 2.
at the end of it all he says:
” a sense of humour is a precious thing because at the end of the day,and in the face of madness,all we can really ever do to stave off hostility is laugh in its face.”
sometimes its all we have when faced with our own powerlessness.

might not work in brixton,though ,where a magnum might work better and i dont mean the one you put in your mouth (unless youre kurt cobain)
but I think I get his point

6 weeks in london must have rubbed off on him

Blaine - "I see dead ketones everywhere"